15. Aug, 2018

SUPER-RACES IN PRE-FLOOD TIMES    Written & compiled - by S.N.Strutt- 10.08.18

We know as a fact that there existed a Super-Race of giant gods in ancient time such as The Atlanteans, The Lemurians, and others. 

The Book of Enoch Chapter 10.9  explains how that God told his angels to provoke these races of Giants to fight the one against the other and the end result was a terrible super-war well before the Great Flood followed eventually by the worldwide judgement of God in the Great Flood of Noah’s time.

The Indian Books of Ancient History place these SUPER WARS which involved very modern technology including what was called VIMANAS*1 (U.F.O’s today) . They apparently obliterated each other using some sort of lasers and crystal power. Atlantis sank beneath the waves as a direct result, and the empire of Lemuria sank of the coast of Japan. There is today absolute overwhelming evidence that a super-race did in fact exist on this planet long ago with technology similar to that of today and perhaps somewhat more advanced than the present time. *1 VIMANAS were also mentioned by the NAZIS of Germany and they experimented in making them in the 1922. By 1938 Germany had several very interesting U.F.O type crafts flying around. Imagine how far this technology has advanced by today in the hands of NASA, who after the II World War took many of the top Nazi scientists over to the U.S.A to work for both NASA and the CIA. Much of the most modern technology has been hidden from the masses. There is evidence that the Elite of the planet have already created a secret Space Fleet and that the Apollo programs for rocket flight to the moon were just a ruse for mankind to mask the real advanced space program which is still kept secret. There is evidence that these advanced races of the far past also had the ability to travel into space to the moon, Mars and even beyond! So what happened to that technology. Apparently they had mastered  anti-gravity technology. Like today they kept most of their technology to themselves, ruled over and enslaved the masses, and kept them largely subservient to themselves as is shown clearly in Indian, Chinese, Mayan, Red Indian and many more cultures  ancient history books.

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My new books 'ENOCH INSIGHTS' & 'EZDRAS INSIGHTS' both prove that the earth is in fact HOLLOW. I AM WORKING ON MY 4th book called 'JASHER INSIGHTS' which is also one of the APOCRYPHAL BOOKS which also alludes to the earth being HOLLOW! [ HOLLOW EARTH: http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/421040248 ]


The following is taken from one of the brochures to 'ENOCH INSIGHTS' which came out in MAY 2018 at AMAZON both as a paperback and on KINDLE.



Published- May 2018. By S.N.Strutt

We have all read the very exciting books of ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’ by R.R.Tolkien and the ‘CHRONICLES OF NARNIA’ by C.S.Lewis at some time or another. Or at least we have seen the films. There are many mystical things, as well as mythological things mentioned in these books that are both very strange and almost seem magical. In Lord of the Rings we have massive Giants and Ogres. We have Dragons in both Lord of the Rings and a Hobbits tale. We have Wizards in the Chronicles of Narnia & we also have a ‘Wicked Snow-queen Witch, who makes the world cold and snowy all the time and does not allow Christmas anymore. Anyone who crosses her is turned to stone. She also has an army of hybrids, trolls, chimeras of all sorts including Centaurs and Minotaurs.  In the Books of Narnia, we also have the strange ‘Windows to other worlds and different Times’ through such things as paintings.

What if I told you that an ancient story of such places and strange happenings has already been written long ago in the very far past, upon this planet. Or let’s say very similar happenings. In my book ‘Enoch Insights’ we will indeed go back to the land of ‘MIDDLE-EARTH’ and find out that a land almost identical to that described in the Lord of the Rings happened on the earth before the great Flood of Noah and is mentioned in great detail in the Book of Enoch, which was written around 5000+ years ago. It is credited to be the first book ever written by man. C.S. Lewis books mention ‘lapses in Time and Space’ which in the Book of Enoch are simply called ‘Portals’. We are told that the earth is solid by modern science. Did you know that up until 1950 and for millennia before that, people on earth used to believe that the earth was hollow including some of the world’s greatest scientists, such as Sir Isaac Newton the discoverer of GRAVITY, and Sir Edmund Halley the discoverer of Halley’s Comet.. There is much evidence that there are races living below the ground and inside a Hollow Earth beneath our feet. It is in these lands below our feet, that we find places and creatures very similar to those mentioned in the books above. There are indeed many secrets about our planet that most people today are totally unaware of, of which I have  mentioned but a few.

‘ENOCH INSIGHTS’ gives great insight into the ‘Book of Enoch’ itself.

The book of Enoch was banned for 1000 years during the Dark Ages, on the threat of one being burned at the stake. Why was it banned?
Enoch lived in a Prediluvian world where ‘Fallen Angels’ came down from heaven and were seduced by the most beautiful women who had ever lived.
The fruit of this ‘forbidden union’ were the Giants and Titans, who became cannibals and devoured mankind. Perhaps that is why we find many prediluvian cities underground? Were the prediluvian peoples hiding from man-eating giants and other monsters, such as dragons, dinosaurs and also chimeras of many types? How did the human chimeras come into existence?
During his lifespan which reached 365 years old, Enoch had many visions and dreams of heaven. He also visited hell and other dimensions. He prophesied about the entire ‘7000-year-History’ of mankind from the beginning to the very end with stunning accuracy.-  The author S.N.Strutt

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