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JUBILEES 6.12 And Noah and his sons swore that they would not eat any blood that was in any flesh, and he made a covenant before the Lord God for ever throughout all the generations of the earth in this month.

EDITOR: Why did God make a covenant with Noah in making Noah and his family sware that they would not drink the blood of an animal or any creature, including mankind? Was it just possible that ‘drinking blood’ alters the D.N.A of people and actually makes them into vampires or even ‘eventually cannibals’ as happened to the Giants, the sons of the Fallen Watchers before the Great Flood.

We know that since this time the Dark side of the spirit world often require ‘human sacrifices’ to ‘curry the favour of the gods’ so to speak. Maybe there is a lot of truth to that ancient concept. For this reason God made strict laws concerning the blood of both humans and animals, in the hope that mankind would not slip back into the type of depravity that had happened before the Great Flood.

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AFTER THE GREAT FLOOD OF NOAH, Noah began to admonish his sons about the danger of the 'disembodied spirits of the Giants', otherwise known as 'demons' coming to seduce and harm his descendants, especially if they gave in to 'demonic influences' of 'shedding blood', 'eating or drinking blood ' and 'idol worshipping':

JUBILEES 7.27 For I see and behold the demons have begun (their) seductions against you and against your children and now I fear on your behalf, that after my death ye will shed the blood of men upon the earth, and that ye, too, will be destroyed from the face of the earth.

JUBILEES 7.28 For whoso sheddeth man's blood, and whoso eateth the blood of any flesh, shall all be destroyed from the earth.

JUBILEES 7.29 And there shall not be left any man that eateth blood, or that sheddeth the blood of man on the earth, nor shall there be left to him any seed or descendants living under heaven; For into Sheol (HELL) shall they go, And into the place of condemnation shall they descend, And into the darkness of the deep shall they all be removed by a violent death.

EDITOR: I was just reading about how the wealthy can buy young people’s blood by the litre to drink - for $8000/L. Why do they want to drink this blood? They believe that it will help them to stay younger!


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This reminds me of an article where the author had a hellish NIGHTMARE about exactly what is happening TODAY! It was written back in the 1970’s and is called ‘THE BLOOD-SUCKERS-The scientific Vampires’:

'BUT THE NEXT SCENE WAS MORE LIKE A NIGHTMARE! They were rounding us all up in this huge barn like warehouse--there must have been several hundred of us inside like prisoners. But our captors seemed to be trying to avoid the impression that we were prisoners but that were voluntarily taking part in some kind of experiment, a scientific experiment, and they were asking who'd like to be next to volunteer to demonstrate somebody's new scientific discovery some kind of physical regeneration. I remember the scientist's name was definitely mentioned and so was the name of the new method, but I can't remember either one of them now.

SOME GIRL WAS THEN STRAPPED ONTO THIS SLANTED OPERATING TABLE it was slanted at about a 45-degree angle from her head down to her feet on a sort of platform, apparently so we could all see, and the small tubes about the size of your little finger were running from various parts of her body into this little machine which seemed like a pump. And these two very well dressed but cruel-looking, almost bestial-looking men were sitting on either side of the machine at her feet, with similar tubes in their mouths, each one with one tube running from the machine into his mouth. And the scientist said,

"ARE WE READY TO BEGIN THE EXPERIMENT? Be sure all the windows are closed and doors are locked so we won't be disturbed." But I had the feeling we were being locked in more than that others were being locked out, and that we were actually captives and these so-called scientists were our captors. Anyway, the demonstration began and we were all supposed to watch while the scientist lectured on what was going on. He said,

 "YOU WILL SEE NOW THAT AS WE START THE PUMP THE BLOOD IS BEING DRAINED FROM THE SUBJECT SLOWLY, first from her brain and head as she is gradually losing consciousness quietly and peacefully, so that she no longer even knows what's happening. It is all very painless and pleasant and she no longer has anything to worry about." And sure enough as we watched, right before our horrified gaze the blood was draining from her head, and her face went white and she obviously became unconscious! Then her neck went white and her shoulders and the whiteness seemed to move down her naked body from her head toward her toes.

MEANWHILE WE COULD SEE THESE TWO MEN SITTING AT HER FEET SUCKING ON THESE TUBES FROM WHICH WE COULD SEE HER BLOOD FLOWING INTO THEIR MOUTHS! They both seemed to get almost demonically gleeful expressions of great exhilaration and excitement, becoming very excited and as though they were exploding with energy! And I thought to myself, "My God, what a horror! How awful! They're killing her right before eyes and drinking her blood right in front of us and claiming this renews their energy and their life forces and helps them to live longer by drinking human blood like vampires, but making it all look very very scientific and sound very very humane!" I thought,

 "MY GOD, WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE SOMEHOW OR THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL AND DRINK OUR BLOOD SO THEY CAN LIVE!" So I began looking around for a possibility of an open unguarded window through which some of us might jump. But the scientist, almost as though he had read my mind, spoke to some of the men who were standing around the doors and windows obviously as guards, he called out again, "Be sure all the doors and windows are shut tight so that no one can interrupt our demonstration."--But I knew what he meant of course: So that nobody could get out and get away from the demonstration! And I just can't remember any more right now. It seemed like then I woke up and remembered the whole dream.

I WAS SO HORRIFIED IT WOKE ME UP! You know how sometimes when you have a nightmare you get to the most awful scariest part and mercifully you awaken! I was so thankful that it wasn't really true, it wasn't really happening!








Written and compiled by S.N.Strutt  -  03/09/18

(This is an on-going article, and I will fill in the details over the next few days)

According to the Elite who run the planet: the truth is whatever they say that it is! (That was quoting former president George .W. Bush- showing how arrogant the elite are!)

This is certainly true of modern science, which alters the truth to fit the Elite’s agenda when it suits their purpose:

THE ELITES GOAL: to destroy faith in the creator by inserting randomness into all science and in fact all the Arts as well.. Science today teaches that there is no order to things, just randomness and chaos. Supposedly, according to modern science, the whole universe was created out of absolutely nothing.- "Poof-Hey-Presto!- Voila!”

Even to a small child that sounds crazy! (Romans 1). According to them, ‘Everything just happened by accident’. Their crazy logic however is not borne out by the facts, as there are many proofs of the Absolute in both the nature as well as in physics and mathematics, astronomy and all the sciences.



SOLAR YEAR=365 ¼ Days?

LUNAR YEAR=354 Days?


WHY the difference in measuring the length of a year, and in fact the length of the months also?

Both in the book of Enoch and the bible it states that the sun revolves around the earth and NOT that the earth around the sun.

It would seem that RELIGIONISTS in their constant battle to try to please ‘Science falsely so called they often end up compromising their faith in the actual Word of God. So, if science challenges the Bible and suddenly states that the Bible must be wrong, and that in fact the earth revolves around the sun and not the earth around the earth, then the religious system just gives in and compromises instead of standing up for God’s Word through his many prophets who all stated that there are 360 days in the year from Pre-Flood times mentioned in the Book of Enoch to the prophets Daniel and John the Revelator.

We have today the Solar calendar which tells us that there are 365 ¼ days in a year. We also have to add one extra day every 4 years which is called a leap year.

My question: in ancient times before Christ there used to be what is referred to today as the prophetic year containing only 360 days in the year as quoted in both the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelations.

Why did God through His prophets refer to the year as having 360 days, unless it was TRUE?

In the Book of Enoch and the book of Jubilees it states that there are 364 days to the year, but is it just possible that the number of the days have been deliberately tampered with in both the books of Enoch and Jubilees? In reading the Book of Enoch repeatedly you will see that Enoch also describes the year as having 12 months of 30 days, which is the PROPHETIC YEAR. So why one announcement in the Book of Enoch as to 364 days? It is inconsistent with most of the text. Again, in this book of Jubilees it states also 364 days I THINK THE NUMBERS HAVE INDEED BEEN TAMPERED WITH, AGAIN TO MAKE DISORDER IN CREATION.

Example: Consider an object rotating around another in a perfect circle. How can we describe this action other than stating the object rotates in a perfect circle of 360 degrees. If one was to therefore to use the rotation of the earth to put a number of days in the year, it would be logical to put exactly 360 days to the year; which is was used to be called an Absolute number. Why would Science deliberately want to alter the number of days in the year, you might ask? Simple, because if the number is 360 it proves the existence of God, as it proves total order, and shows a reliable constant. However, the scientists in their desire to disprove the existence of God tried to alter the days to 365 ¼ so that we now have the messy add-on of the leap year; meaning that we have to add on a missing day every 4 years. ( N.B Whether 360 days or 365 both are CONSTANTS showing clearly that in fact the orbits of the sun and moon DO NOT ALTER- THAT SO CALLED MODERN KNOWLEDGE OF ASTROMONY IS SIMPLY FABRICATED FOR CONVENIENCE: TO DUMB DOWN THE MASSES.)

I am sure that the MODERN TIME-SEQUENCE is NOT how God originally created the Time-Sequence.

I know science tells us that the rotation of the earth is slowing down, but is that actually TRUE? Isn’t the whole universe created perfectly and governed by absolute Maths, of which the so-called Ancients were actually well aware of.

Stating that orbits are decaying or that the spinning of the earth is slowing down could be just a method of ‘controlling the facts’. After all most people don’t understand science that well!

We know from scriptures that there uses to be 360 days to the year, which wee 12 x 30 day months and not like modern times with some months only having 29 days or even 28 as in the case of February. Man has really ‘messed up the days and times and seasons’. It used to be very simple with 360 days to the year; 12 months of exactly 30 days each. 24 hours to each day.

So how did the powers that be manage to alter the length of the year?

Simple they added the minutes and seconds and SET the exact length of the second and minute to fit THEIR ALTERED CALANDER to become the confusion mentioned above of 365 ¼ days to the year etc. However, in their desire to prove that TIME IS RANDOM they still left traces of their errors.

The fact that every 4 years they have to add one day to the calendar and not 2 days also shows a CONSTANT

With modern science insisting on the Big Bang Theory and no Creator, their whole theory is build on RANDOMNESS AND DISORDER. For this reason anything in nature that proved ORDER and specific constants in MATHEMATICS has to be destroyed or altered as the Powers that be didn’t want the General Public to both believe in ORDER and thus the CREATOR. This has not only been done in MATHEMATICS but also in every other branch of SCIENCE as they did not wish to retain god in their knowledge they became fools Ro.1

ANCIENT MATHS stated that the whole universe is governed by ABSOLUTE CONSTANTS. This being the following numbers: 7:360:pi

We find that the orbits of the stars and planets are all governed by these numbers in great detail including the distance to the sun. The distance to the moon. The weight of th sun and the moon etc. ALL governed by ABSOLUTE CONSTANTS proving that the whole universe was by DESIGN and

In the bible it mentions years, months and days and hours. Notice however that both minutes and seconds are a relatively modern invention and could be randomly set to given standard. Let’s find out where minutes and seconds came from?The concept of needing to divide up the day seems second nature to even the smallest kid who asks, “is it snack time”.   The reality is, even though we’ve decided that there is a need to divide up time, the actual process and the way we go about it has been changing for millennia.  The cruel irony is that even though we know we need to measure time, there has never been a consensus on what time really is.’- It wasn’t until about the 14th century, when mechanical clocks were commonplace, that a fixed length for an hour became widely accepted.-‘ Hipparchus himself, and other astronomers, used astronomical techniques they borrowed from the Babylonians who made calculations using a base 60 system.  It’s unknown why the Babylonians, who inherited it from the Sumerians, originally chose to use 60 as a base for a calculation system. However, it is extremely convenient for expressing fractions of time using 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30.’-‘ The idea of using this base 60 system as a means of dividing up the hour was born from the idea of devising a geographical system to mark the Earth’s geometry.  The Greek astronomer Eratosthenes, who lived between 276-194 B.C., used this sexagesimal system to divide a circle into 60 parts.  These lines of latitude were horizontal and ran through well-known places on the Earth at the time.  Later, Hipparchus devised longitudinal lines that encompassed 360 degrees.  Even later, the astronomer Claudius Ptolemy expanded on Hipparchus’ work and divided each of the 360 degrees of latitude and longitude into 60 equal parts.  These parts were further subdivided into 60 smaller parts.  He called the first division “partes minutae primae”, or first minute.  The subdivided smaller parts he called “partes minutae secundae”, or second minute, which became known as the second.’- Advances in technology and science over the centuries have required that there be a more precise defined value for the measurement of a second.’-Currently, in the International System of Units (SI), the second is the base unit for time.  This then is multiplied out to get a minute, hour, day, etc. etc.

The first accurately measurable means of defining a second came with the advent of the pendulum.   This method was commonly used as a means of counting time in early mechanical clocks.  In 1956, the second was defined in terms of the period of revolution of the Earth around the Sun for a particular epoch.  Since it was already known that the Earth’s rotation on its axis was not a sufficiently uniform standard of measurement, the second became defined as; “The fraction 1/31,556,925.9747 of the tropical year for 1900 January 0 at 12 hours ephemeris time.” Now look at this that follows, here is where science falsely so-called high-jacked the time & to be more precise the timing of the second to no longer be related to the revolutions of the earth around the sun ( or vice-versa for the geo-centrists)- With the development of the atomic clock, it was decided that it was more practical and accurate to use them as a means to define a second, rather than the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Using a common-view measurement method based on the received signals from radio station, scientists were able to determine that a second of ephemeris time was 9,192,631,770 ± 20 cycles of the chosen cesium frequency.  So in 1967 the Thirteenth General Conference on Weights and Measures defined the second of atomic time in the International System of Units as; “the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium-133 atom.” –‘ A uniform second was produced in 1977 by correcting the output of each atomic clock to mean sea level.  This, however, lengthened the second by about 1×10−10. This correction was then applied at the beginning of 1977.’- ·  Because the second is based on the number of times the cesium atom transitions between the two hyperfine levels of its ground state compared to ephemeris time, and the fact that the earth’s rotation is slowing down, it becomes necessary to add periodic “leap seconds” into the atomic timescale to keep the two within one second of each other.

  • Since 1972 to 2006 there have been 23 leap seconds added, ranging from one every 6 months to 1 every 7 years.
  • The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) is the organization which monitors the difference in the two timescales and calls for leap seconds to be inserted or removed when necessary.-

i‘ In astronomy, the Julian year is a unit of time, defined as 365.25 days of 86400 SI seconds each.

ii It is thought that the moon was used to calculate time as early as 10,000-28,000 BC. Lunar calendars were among the first to appear, either 12 or 13 lunar months (either 346 or 364 days). Lunisolar calendars often have a thirteenth month added to some years to make up for the difference between a full year (now known to be about 365.24 days) and a year of just twelve lunar months. The numbers twelve and thirteen came to feature prominently in many cultures, at least partly due to this relationship of months to years. Look what it stated at the very end of this article: Disclaimer: Guest Articles are written by various people and, while I do my best to make sure they are factual by checking their sources and as well as weighing the plausibility of the thing before allowing them to be posted, I do not guarantee that everything in them is going to be 100% accurate as I myself didn’t do the research for these articles and it’s possible their sources, even if they are reputable, are themselves inaccurate!!!



ii The 360 Day Prophetic Year of the Bible

by Grant R. Jeffrey

It is vital that, if we are to correctly understand the precision of biblical prophecy, we must determine the precise length of the biblical (or prophetic) year which is used in Scriptures.

Our modern word calendar is based on the solar cycle, and consists of 365.25 days. The modern Jewish calendar is calculated according to both the lunar and solar cycles. Their twelve months are currently calculated as containing 354 days, which leaves their year eleven-and-one-fourth days short of the true solar year. This is corrected by adding a "leap month," known as Ve-Adar, seven times during a nineteen-year cycle.

However, when we turn to the Scriptures we discover that the biblical-prophetic year consisted of 360 days. Abraham, the father of Israel, continued to use the 360-day year, which was known in his home in Ur of the Chaldees. The Genesis account of the flood in the days of Noah illustrated this 360-day year by recording the 150-day interval till the waters abated from the earth. The 150 days began on the seventeenth day of the second month, and ended on the seventeenth day of the seventh month (Genesis 7:11,24 and 8:3-4). In Other words, the five months consisted of thirty days each; therefore, twelve months would equal 360 days (12 x 30 = 360 days).

Sir Isaac Newton stated, "All nations, before the just length of the solar year was known, reckoned months by the course of the moon, and years by the return of winter and summer, spring and autumn; and in making calendars for their festivals, they reckoned thirty days to a lunar month, and twelve lunar months to a years, taking the nearest round numbers, whence came the division of the ecliptic into 360 degrees." ( Anderson, Robert. The Coming Prince. London: Hodder & Stroughton, 1894. )

The truth about the biblical 360 day year as mentioned by Newton was quoted by Sir Robert Anderson in his book, The Coming Prince, page 68. This was not a new discovery by Sir Isaac Newton in the late 1600's or even by Sir Robert Anderson in 1895. It was clearly discussed in detail by Christian, Julias Africanus in his Chronology in his explanation of the fulfillment of Daniel's Seventy Weeks, written about A.D. 240.

The book of Esther (1: 4) indicates the same 360-day length of year by recording the six-month-long feast of Xerxes as continuing exactly 180 days.

The Prophet Daniel recorded that the time of the absolute power of the Antichrist over the nations will last three-and -one-half years (Daniel 7:25). John, in the book of Revelation, described this same three-and-one-half year period (Revelation 13:5-7) as consisting of forty-two months of thirty days each, totaling 1260 days (Revelation 11:2-3; 12:6). The biblical writers used the ancient 360-day biblical year in both the historical and predictive parts of Scripture.





Rare, ancient maps show—thousands of years ago an advanced civilization MAPPED the entire planet

(26/03/17) Introduction by S.N.Strutt (Author of this website)

I will be writing in detail about this topic, and filling in some of the gaps, as this is one of the topics, that I do know something about. So watch this space for much more information about the following, mysterious ancient maps of our world, showing the Antarctic long before the ice was there! How was such a thing even possible? That is certainly not what we have been taught in science?

Countless maps suggest that before written history, ancient explorers had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today proving that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before.

Have you ever considered the possibility that thousands of years ago, before the rise of some of the greatest ancient civilizations on Earth; the Aztecs, Maya, Olmec, Inca, Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerian etc., a much older, and far more advanced civilization existed on our planet?

Earth’s history is shrouded in mystery. The giant puzzle we call origin of life is filled with gaps mainstream scholar have been unable to fill. Adding fuel to the mystery of our history are countless discoveries that have been made around the globe.

In addition to curious monuments, megalithic sites, and ‘out of place artifacts’, experts have come across dozens of maps that suggest an extremely advanced civilization—capable of great feats—existed before the rise of some of the greatest ancient civilizations on Earth.

Some refer to this civilization—however, I’m more inclined to think that many civilizations could have existed—as the antediluvian predecessor of the most important ancient cultures on Earth.

How can you explain—from a logical point of view— prehistoric, ancient maps, depicting regions of our planet like Antarctica without ice?

By doing some simple research you’ll come across not one, but countless maps that depict the same thing: The continent of Antarctica presumably without ICE.

But… how is this even possible? We’ve only ‘found’ Antarctica recently. So how can there be maps of the continent depicting it free of ice?

According to experts, Antarctica separated around 160 million years ago from the Gondwana supercontinent, beginning to cool down again. By 23 million years ago, Antarctica was mostly icy and for the last 15 million years, it has been a frozen desert under a thick ice sheet.

Today, scientists estimate that 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice averaging at least 1.6 km (1.0 mi) thick. The continent has about 90% of the world’s ice (and thereby about 70% of the world’s fresh water).

An ancient global-scale ‘mapping project’

A look at the ancient Piri Reis map

Piri ReisThe fact that there are maps that depict Antarctica free of Ice, and other parts of the world that were not discovered until recently gives rise to MANY theories—some of them somewhat controversial.

Interestingly, many authors—including myself—will venture out and say that these maps may very well prove that in the distant past, ancient explorers had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today.

These maps could also ‘prove’ that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before. The result: numerous ancient maps that according to many prove our history is not what we’ve been told.

The Zeno Map. Published around 1380, the enigmatic maps accurately depicts the coasts of modern-day countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Scotland. This ancient map also happens to depict—somehow—the EXACT latitude and longitude of a number of islands on our planet.

The Camerio map, created in 1502 uses a spherical grid, even though people in the middle ages still believed our planet was in fact… flat.

The Iehudi Ibn ben Zara map, drawn in 1487 displays remnants of glaciers in Britain. The map also includes extremely detailed depictions of islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Today, these islands still exist, but due to rising water levels, these are now underwater.

The Hadji Ahmed map, published in 1559, shows incredibly accurate delineations of the western coast of Northern America and Antarctica.

The Buache map—created around 1737—is believed to be the result of much more ancient maps. This chart depicts Antarctica well before the ‘icy’ continent was in fact discovered. Interestingly, like many other ancient maps, this too accurately illustrates Antarctica without ice.

Another shocking map is the King Jaime World Chart. Created in 1502, the map accurately depicts parts of the Sahara Desert displaying it much differently than it is today: with fertile land, huge lakes rivers and what appear to be ancient cities.

The Oronce Finé World Map created in 1534, is an early cordiform chart which displays features of Antarctica when the continent was not covered by Ice.

1534: The Oronce Finé World Map. An early cordiform projection which features the Antarctic continent splayed along its southern edge some 300 years before it is believed to have been discovered. An inscription spans the width of the continent, “Southern land newly discovered, but not yet fully explored.”

Just as the Buache map, the Piri Reis Map—one of the most famous ancient charts—is supposedly a collection of even older maps, displaying the correct coastline of Antarctica as it was under the ice. The map was composed around 1520 and in addition to displaying Antarctica without ice, it accurately depicts the geography of the American Continent with such a precision that it looks as if it was put together with the aid of aerial photography.

Is it possible that all of the above maps are the result of an advanced ancient civilization that somehow managed to map the entire planet thousands of years ago—perhaps before the last ice age?

If so, who was this mysterious civilization and does this provide enough ground to venture out and say advanced ancient civilization—like Atlantis—may have existed on Earth, terns of thousands of years ago?


Concerning HISTORY, perhaps what we have been taught at school is much less accurate than we have hithertofore realized. As someone once wisely stated, "The history books" only tell you what the new conquerors want you to know and think is correct! -Author

The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race


October 22, 2014