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6th May 2018


I want to thank you for having had the guts, perseverance and valour to publish the truth in your book of ‘Enoch Insights.’ As I read your book, I find that it's enlightening incredibly my comprehension of the Universe and Creation.


Your book is to be read little by little, and that's what I'm doing, because it's also my pace of reading books.  I am also discovering "New Truths", but all of these new truths fit perfectly with the Scripture and are very well backed up! Fantastic! - Andre- Columbia- S.AMER.


7th May 2018

My friend and brother in Christ,

My name is Jerry, and I have been reading your book. As for me, your verse by verse comments on what Enoch wrote are right on, because they obviously come from your full of faith background, which gives you the ability to associate them with numerous verses of the Bible. That very thing is what feeds my faith as I read it. I'm pretty busy, so I've been reading your book part by part and I haven't finished yet. Also, I'm a slow reader but I'm really enjoying it. 

I'm of the opinion that the Book of Enoch came with Noah on the ark and was passed down through the shemite lineage, possibly being  the holy book for those generations that followed Shem, the son of Noah, and those generations can be traced by anyone that reads Luke 3:23-38. And a little later, Jude pulls a prophecy out the Book of Enoch that refers to the Endtime. (Jude 24) That detail says to me that the book was still referred to long after Moses wrote the books of the Law and even shortly after Jesus' crucifixion. So your comments and related verses add a new perspective and new  information to my repertoire of Godly information.




REVIEWS from back page of 'Enoch Insights'    “Enoch Insights is extremely interesting and revealing… very well explained with much food for thought.

It’s a very in-depth study of the mysteries of God which are now being revealed to us. The interpretations are accurate and you will find amazing knowledge which has been kept hidden from us until now. For sincere seekers of the truth I highly recommend this book.” — Estrella (Spain) - April 2018

“I’m really enjoying the book Enoch Insights. Not done yet.
You really have an anointing for writing.” — Joseph Candel, writer and author- Hungary -April 2018

“I’ve started reading Enoch Insights and have found it a great treasure. I’ve always wanted to read the Books of Enoch, but every time I started, I got bogged down in the terminology and couldn’t get a handle on it. Now, with this handy guide, plus commentary, from a trusted source; I can tackle this important project and have a fuller understanding of the Bible and ancient
times.”J. Beverly Greene, artist and writer/author, Far East

“Congratulations on your new book Enoch Insights. What a monumental project! I have read the first 10 chapters and found them extremely interesting and informative. Especially helpful is the corresponding verses from the Bible and other books.”Simon Peter, radio broadcaster, Uganda- April 2018




 on 24 April 2018

 'I thought it was wonderful and spiritually encouraging and deep for those who are interested in learning more than what the average Christian learns in Church or from Christianity in general today. I think you did a good job of explaining and commenting on the meaning of what Enoch was saying, some of which was quite difficult to understand. I also think you did a wonderful job of explaining the book and providing the history which I found very interesting and I’m glad that you took the time to study and pass on'.-Carl Arnold, Indonesian NGO project manager


'A detailed and intriguing study of the book of Enoch, thoroughly cross-referenced with the Bible and other historical books. A fascinating glimpse into ancient times and realms of the spirit. Proposing answers to many mysteries and raising questions of the future'.- Claire Wilkinson- (Author) - (UK)    

 'First of all, I really like the format, easy reading, handy, well-documented and enlightening comments .Everybody should know about it; not only because talks about the past

and the root of evil but also for recognizing that Jesus is the holy and the anointing one. Moreover," Enoch Insights" enhances the understanding of others bible test.- Carmen (Spain)

 'ENOCH INSIGHTS' by S.N.Strutt                 APRIL 2018


Back page write-up:-

'ENOCH INSIGHTS' gives great insight into the book of Enoch itself, which is an ancient book of around 5000 years old and apparently the very first book ever written. The book of Enoch was banned for 1000 years during the Dark Ages, on the threat of one being burned at the stake. Why was it banned?

Enoch lived in a Prediluvian world where ‘Fallen Angels’ came down from heaven and were seduced by the most beautiful women who had ever lived.

The fruit of this ‘forbidden union’ were the Giants and Titans, who became cannibals and devoured mankind. Perhaps that is why we find many prediluvian cities underground? Were the prediluvian peoples hiding from man-eating giants and other monsters, such as dragons, dinosaurs and also chimeras of many types? How did the chimeras come into existence?

During his lifespan which reached 365 years old, Enoch had many visions and dreams of heaven. He also visited hell and other dimensions. He prophesied about the entire ‘7000-year-History’ of mankind from the beginning to the very end with stunning accuracy.-Author S.N.Strutt