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Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world

Hollow Earth Asgard
Hollow Earth Asgard

Video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards

This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies the city of the Ases. At the bottom left, we can clearly see Neu Schwabenland with the capital Neu Berlin. The small hook crosses indicate where the navy bases had set up bases. The main poison here is the Valkarischer Ozean. Further you can see the Pyrenean Sea, the Kartar Lake and the Amadak archipelago. (Source: Hollow Earth Blog )

Hollow Earth Asgard

Digitized version of this card:

Hollow Earth Asgard

This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere called Liberia. The main poem is also called the Valkarischer Ocean. In the center, on the far left, we can see the connection to other hemispheres. There the Asgard Sea is represented, one can cross over to the other continent, namely the continent Asgard. Just to the right of the Asgard Sea are the Gal Islands, the Guerney Island and the Gal Lake. A little to the right of Gal Lake is the Septaradas Sea and the Septaradas or "Seven Countries". In the middle lies the Aran Sea. The Aran archipelago is a little to the right of the Aran Sea. Further to the right is again the Valkarischer Ocean with the Mey Islands, the Verbotene Island and Mallard Island something about it. In the center, on the right, are the Fera Islands. Below is the city of Shambala (city of the gods). The Tibetan monks still say that the city of Shambala really exists but not on the surface of our planet but inside the planet. So here it is confirmed by the map that Shambala is a real city in the earth, on the inside of the crust. (Source: Hollow Earth Blog )

Hollow Earth Liberia

Digitized version of this card:

Hollow Earth Liberia

This is a close-up view of the official authentication of the map. It shows the Reichsadler and shows us how we should proceed with the map. It is in red:

Return from the mission in the Secret Division!

Next to the Reichsadler is:

Confirmed by the command of the submarine fleet of the Kriegsmarine of the German Reich.

Under the signature H. Kohlmeier and under the signature field is in very small letter:
Printed for the Kriegsmarine in an edition of 1300 copies in the special laboratory of Dachau concentration camp. January 1944.

This means that the RDs already had the colony Neu Schwabenland in January 1944. New Berlin was already established at and then expanded. In another part of the map it is said that they need men and women to expand the territories of the Third Reich.

Hollow Earth Liberia

This is a description of an underwater path indicating how to get to the inner world of Agharta.

Here in the upper left is:
... I recommend, within the next six months, a careful and covert selection of volunteers for the development of the new territories of the German Reich in Neu, within the next six months with the powers of the specially formed commission for recruitment in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and SS units Swabia.

Instructions on how to reach Agharta

This part of the Reichsdeutschen map from the Cave Earth gives a step by step guide how to reach the Inner World of Agharta using a U boat. The German U boats of type XI to XIII were very advanced for their time. The Reichsdeutsche were free in their thoughts and in the spirit. They were no intellectual slaves like the billions of people today in this world. When people's thoughts are free, creative work becomes the norm. That is why the free citizens of the Third Reich could construct these incredible devices like the Haunebus and Andromeda devices. This map shows us the exact coordinates where you can find the corridor to the Inner World of Agharta. It is also said in the document that the packet number 3 is to be opened only upon arrival in Agharta.

Instructions on how to reach Agharta

Google Maps Coordinates of 68 ° South latitude and 1 ° East longitude

Google Earth Coordinates


The instruction is strict to follow!

1. Descent. From the point of descent with half-ride, a starboard slope of 10 ° with a bow load angle of inclination 5 °. Distance 188 nm. Preset depth: 500 meters (Due to the corridor running, pressure on the ship's body is less important during maneuvering.)
2. Appearance. Ballast with a tail trim, angle of incidence 23 ° with a port position of 22 °. 190 meters upwards. Distance 75.5 nm.
3. Difficult maneuver! Pop up. Ballast with a tail trim, angle of incidence 41 °. Drive straight ahead. 110 meters to the top, distance 21.5 nm. Then starboard slope of 8 ° until the surface emerges in the grotto. Distance 81 nm.
4. Drive on the surface inside the grotto with a starboard slope of 8 °. Distance 286 nm.
5., 6 Difficult maneuver! Descend. With a bow load, inclination angle 45 °. At a depth of 240 meters, distance 60 sm. Then with a port of 20 °, the dive is continued up to 310 meters to the corridor. After the mark 310 meters the dive with a bow load is to continue. Descent angle 7 ° up to 360 meters. Distance 70 nm. Further starboard slope from 31 ° to a depth of 380 meters.
7. Descent. Bow thrust, angle of incidence 22 °. 100 meters to the top with a port angle of 26 °. Distance 43 nm.
8. Emergence. Tail restraint. Angle of incidence 45 °, always straight ahead until reaching the surface of Agartha. Distance 70 nm.
9. Drive to Agartha. Full speed. Look straight ahead until the new light is settled. Change of magnetic poles. The movements of the compass needles and measuring instruments are negligible!
(For further instructions, see package No. 3. Open only on arrival in Agartha!)


Letter from Karl Unger, crew member of U-209

English Letter Karl Unger

Dear old comrade,
This message will be a surprise to you. The submarine 209 has done the earth is HOLLOW !. Dr. Haushofer and Hess were right. The whole team is doing well, but she can not return. We are not prisoners. I'm sure this message will reach you, it's the last link with the U 209. We'll meet again comrade. I am anxious for those who have spent their lives on the surface of the earth since the Fiihrer has gone.
God always bless our Germany.
With kind regards,
Charles Unger


Haunebu 1 skyline schema from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu I
secret commando operation
Gyroscope Testing, Stand / was standing Number of tested flights:
Haunebu I Available 2 pieces 52 E-IV
Haunebu II Available 7 pieces 106 E-IV
Haunebu III Available 1 piece 19 E-IV
Vril 1 Available 17 pieces 84 (Schumann)

Recommendation: Accelerate completion and production "Haunebu II" + "Vril I"

Scheme of the Haunebu I:

Diameter: 25 meters
Antrieg: Thule Techyonator 7b
Control: Mag-field impulser 4
Speed: 4800 kilometers (hours to 17000)
Range: 18 hours
Armament: 2 x 8 KSK in turrets and 4 x Mk 108, rigid forward
Exterior Armor: Double Victories
Crew: 8 men
Spaciousness: 60%
Stopping capacity: 8 minutes
General flight: day and night
Basic application: 60%
Availability: Not before the end of the year .44

Note: The SS E IV considers concentration on "Haunebu II" already under investigation to be more meaningful than on both types in parallel. "Haunebu II" promises decisive improvements in almost every aspect. Higher manufacturing costs seem justified - especially with regard to the leader's special order, regarding the gyro.


Haunebu II sketch scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu I
Haunebu II

November 7, 1943
SS Development Center IV

Diameter: 26.3 meters
Drive: "Thule" Tachyonator 7c (armored TT disc 23.1 meters)
Control: Mag-field-impulser 4a
Speed: 6000 km p. Hour (up to 21000 possible)
Range (in flight duration): approx. 55 hours
Armament: 6x8 cm KSK in three rotary towers, below, an 11 cm KSK in a revolving tower, above.
Exterior armor: Dreischott "Victalen"
Crew: 9 men (transportable up to 20 men)
World capability: 100%
Stopping capacity: 19 minutes
General aviation: day and night, weather-independent
Basic usability (V7): 85%

Availability "Haunebu II" (with further good trials as V7) from October. The series production from the end of 1943/44, but still without improved power cannon "Donnar IIIV". Their front maturity can not be assumed before the spring of 1944.

Fuehrer demanded 100% full-scale deployment, but can not be expected before the end of next year. Only from about series 9.


Haunebu III flight diagram from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu I
Haunebu III

Diameter: 71 meters
Drive: Thule Tachyonator 7c plus Schumann-Levitators (armored)
Control: Mag-field impulse 4a
Speed: approx. 7000 kilometers. P. Hour (up to 40000)
Range (in flight duration): approx. 8 weeks (with SL flight 40% more)
Armament: 4 x 11 cm KSK in rotary towers (3 down, 1 up) 10 x 8 cm KSK
In turrets plus 6 x Mk 108, 8 x 3 cm KSK remote controlled.
Exterior armor: Dreischott-victalen
Crew: 32 men (maximum transport capacity of 70 persons)
World capability: 100%
Stopping capacity: 25 minutes
General aviation: Weather-independent day and night
Basic use: Approximately 1945

Note: SS-E-IV would indicate the need for the "Haunebu III"
A great work of German technology has emerged. Because of the general
Material position but all forces should be placed on the faster Available Haunebu II.
Together with the light "Vril" roundabout of the Schumann Group "Haunebu II" could be the demands set by the leaders


Haunebu IV sketch scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu I

Scheme of the Haunebu IV

Diameter: 120 meters.
No further information available.


Andromeda device scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Andromeda Device
Andromeda device
EV 2. Dec. 44

Length: 139 meters
Diameter: 30 meters (in the middle, calculated)
Propulsion: 4 x Thule-tachyonators ||, 4 x Schumann-Levitators (armored)
Control: Mag-field-impulser 4b
Speed: Unknown, theoretically would almost 300'000
Kilometers per second.
Range: Unknown, purely theoretically unlimited

  • 2 x rotary towers m. 2 x 2 x 11 cm KSK
  • 1 x rotary tower m. 1 x 1 x 11 cm KSK
  • 2 x rotary towers m. 2 x 3 x 7 cm KSK
  • 4 x R100

External armor: unknown, presumably Dreischott-Viktalen as in Haunebu III
Crew: 130 men
World capability: 100%
Stability: Unknown, presumably 25 minutes as in Haunebu III
General aviation: Unknown, presumably as in Haunebu III, weather-independent by day and night
Basic usability: Unknown, but probably in 1945/44 planned.
Dinghy: 1 x Haunebu II, 2 x Vril-1, 2 x Vril-2


Article in the newspaper of the National Examiner of 27th January 1988

National Examiner


UFO secret solved!

The solution to the UFO secret was finally found. The aliens are actually Nazis who want to build a fourth empire. And the governments of the world know about this issue, but they are panicked, says a researcher. Nazi Germany has already built a small fleet of UFOs in 1940 says Christof Friedrich, author of UFOs: secret Nazi weapons? (Samizdat Toronto Canada). Friedrich claims that German UFO scientists have escaped from the war zone in the homeland while the Allies were invading. Friedrich: "That some scientists were missing was clear, and although some of the installations and installations were localized, the staff and their machines and prototypes had disappeared. Even the test pilots had disappeared. "And Friedrich claims that Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, deceived the world by letting them believe that they had committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin during the last days of the Second World War. Friedrich presents the following evidence that Hitler was still alive: the bodies of Hitler and Braun were never produced. The items introduced as proofs are just indications, two of Hitler's hats, a pair of underpants with the initials EB, and a pair of bones. The blood spots found on the furniture in Hitler's quarters were not of his blood type. The most important witnesses and men closest to Hitler were never found. There are simply too many reports of sightings, testimonies, and even evidence that the suicide scenario was a brilliant, successful scenario. The researcher says that Hitler and Braun were flown to Norway in one of the world's first jet aircraft. The couple then entered a U boat and drove to a secret base in South America. Friedrich claims that Hitler's U boat convoy was related to a fierce battle with the British War Navy, and the Germans destroyed a British blockade with secret high-tech weapons. Friedrich: "It looks as if the miracle weapons of which Göbbel had spoken in such glowing tones only a few days before, were now used for the first time in a real battle situation. The result: A single survivor of a British destroyer and of him, the captain, came the words: If God should help me, I shall never again meet such a force. The report on this statement came to the Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio". "Friedrich argues that Hitler's secret agents used fake US dollars and British pounds to build secret military bases in South America and UFO bases in the Arctic. "Hitler had planned long and took measures," says Friedrich. "Obviously also led with the possible occupation and loss of Germany itself, he has been looking for land for the possible colonization and has found it in Antarctica. (Where the opening is to the Inner World of Agharta Note the translator) At that time, that was the only country that was not yet claimed.
Friedrich added: "The Secret Nazi expeditionary force was headed by Captain Ritscher and took a seat in 1937-38. The force landed near Queen Maud land and established bases there. Over 11,000 photos were taken for cartographic purposes. "
Incredibly, the researcher says that the US and Soviet governments have known about the secret Nazi bases for over 40 years, but they do not know how to deal with it and have therefore suppressed the truth. Friedrich claims that Nazi space ships have become so demanding with the help of extraterrestrials that the Nazis have befriended because they were in Antarctica there. Writes the researcher: "Did the scientists of Hitler achieve the unbelievable without extraterrestrial forces? Or have extraterrestials helped Technological Development? Maybe people from another galaxy? The aliens helped the Germans possibly because they were at a certain technological development stage. Perhaps they were technologically speaking a similar language? Friedrich believes that Hitler's Last Battalion will come into action when the world is deep in an economic crisis, then the space Nazis will occupy strategic points in this world and will rule the world.
George Glidden




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 1) “The Book of Enoch and commentary” and 2) the “Book of 2nd Ezdras and commentary”, both books seem to clearly point to our planet being HOLLOW.  Stay tuned and I will be writing in detail as to many reasons why I, and many others, including many famous scientists and top military personnel, truly believe that the earth is HOLLOW, some of them, from actual personal experience


 © S.N.Strutt Sept 2016

 (The following is a rough draft on the INTRODUCTION to my up & coming new book:-)

The Book of Enoch, is in my opinion, one of the most interesting of the Apocryphal books, that I have had the privilege of studying.

Why? Because this book is in few words both miraculous, supernatural & inspiring!

Contrary to what others have stated, I believe that this book is an accurate account given by God to Enoch, through His angel Uriel, as well as some short passages by Noah.

It is stated by Enoch himself that he alone would see the visions that he saw (Enoch 19.3 “And I Enoch alone saw the VISION, the ends of all things; and no man shall see as I have seen.”)

That is very similar to the Introducution to the book of Revelations 1.1 : "The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him and signified it by His angel unto His servant John..

The Book of Enoch,  is probably the oldest book known to man and was originally written about 5300 years ago, or around 700 years after CREATION, and well before the FLOOD.

I propose, that unfortunately in our modern times, many Christians are conditioned only to believe the easy to believe topics, and most people do not embrace the truly miraculous, which used to be much more accepted in the “less enlightened days” of man’s wisdom.

I am reminded of the cryptic bible verse “For the things of the Spirit of God are not always understood by the mind of man, for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.”

I have heard writers dismiss most of the Book of Enoch as purely allegorical, with no real meaning to it.

This is very often the modern way, ie scepticism instead of simple faith.”

Another bible verse comes to mind:- “I fear lest by any means, even as Eve was corrupted by the Serpent, through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ” (Colossians 2.8)   

Those who write sceptically about the book of Enoch, obviously have not taken the time, to really study what Enoch was saying. It also takes faith in God to understand it.

Some facts about the book of Enoch:-

1)  It was read by many of the early Christians, including those who were willing to be martyrs for Jesus.

2)  I have read an interesting lecture by a lady pastor, who stated that she has also studied the book of Enoch and other books of the Apocrypha for many years. When asked, why was the Book of Enoch not included in the cannon of the bible, she simply stated that the council of Laodicea, which was responsible for which books would be part of the original canon in 300 AD, decided to exclude any books deemed too radical or supernatural in content.

As I mentioned in my first book “Out of the bottomless Pit”, that Jesus himself, had nothing good to say about the compromising Laodicean church in his day, except to state that it was a luke-warm church, and he would end-up spewing it out of his mouth. (Revelations 3.15-16)

Obviously someone back there in 300 AD, did not like the radical and supernatural ways of true Christianity and the teachings of Creation, and wanted to water down & compromise the message, probably in an attempt to become more accepted by the majority of the people of those Roman times with their idol worshipping.

The Book of Enoch has 108 Chapters, some of them being very short. It would seem at times in reading the book, that certain portions of the book are sadly missing. As mentioned before, it becomes apparent in reading the  Book of Enoch and other Apocryphal books,  that most of the information given is most definitely inspired from God.

However, it would seem that for whatever reason, some details and in particular “dates” have been deliberately altered, as though someone wanted to hidethe complete truth concerning the matter.

I will list some of these discrepancies eventually when comparing the 4 APOCRYPHAL books of Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher and II Ezdras with the Bible as to time frames and dates of events.

I am convinced that certain books were black-listed in the past because of the content.

In the case of both the books of Enoch and II Ezdras, it  was because they both prophesied about JESUS centuries to millennia in advance of His 1ST and 2nd COMING.

Both of these Books, one around 5300 years ago and the other around 2500 years ago, were given in visions and dreams, and brought to firstly Enoch and then Ezra by the same Arch-Angel or otherwise known as, one of the angels of the Presence of God, called Uriel, or as sometimes called in Jewish writings Ariel.

Some very influential people influenced the putting together of the cannon of the Bible, which constituted what was inspired by God and what was not in 300 AD at the counsel of Laodicea.

As I have mentioned before, Jesus had nothing good to say about the church of Laodicea, so why was the council of Laodicea the ones ultimately responsible to decide the cannon of the BIBLE?

It is also important for bible readers to understand that there used to be 14 more books in the current King James bible until the late 19th century.

Why were those 14 books also taken out from the Bible? (See videos below about this particular topic)

The fact is that the early Christians all referred to the “Book of Enoch” and the “SEPTUAGINT” version of the Old Testament.

The Septuagint version of the Old Testament is more revealing, and has more details of the events.

Who would not want a book like II EZDRAS available to the public?

I would venture to guess those who are not in favour of Christianity, and especially ancient texts which prophesied directly about Jesus, proving that He was in fact the SAVIOUR hundreds, and even thousands of years before he was actually born on earth.

 3) There are 108 chapters in the Book of Enoch, with some of them very short. The whole book only occupies around 120 pages. However the content is jam-packed with very interesting visions of heaven, Hell and Tartarus, Angels good and bad, God’s throne.

The Book of Enoch directly talks about Jesus and gives a panorama of the sequence of Events from Creation until the New Heaven & New Earth or around 7000 years of World History.

4) It is claimed that the Book of Enoch was written or compiled around 200-300 BC. I would agree that it could have been re-compiled at that date, but not originally written at that date. Why? Because if you study the book of Enoch in detail, and at length, you will come to realize that many of the things described by Enoch, could not have been “created as an original writing” almost 4000 years after creation. There are simply too many exact details of people, places, creatures, which no longer existed in 300 BC.

My take on the book of Enoch is that it was written originally before the FLOOD, and was written on stone tablets, from around 700 AC to 1000 AC or around 300 years before the flood at the latest, and taken by NOAH onto the ARK. The book was preserved until it was eventually re-written around 300 BC. You will find that there were lots of Jewish books which had both the written texts such as the Torah and also the oral versions of the Torah passed down from father to son. I read recently that according to the Jewish tradition, it was necessary to have both the written texts and the oral texts. Why? Because the written texts only gave a general idea such as the 10 commandments. i.e “Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image”. The oral text would specify exactly what that meant, and how to personally apply the law..

 I would thus hold to the idea, that the Book of Enoch was both in written form and probably also remembered orally by some, and the whole amount of information available at the time that yet remained in 300 BC, was finally reassembled into the known book of Enoch of today. I say that because some parts of the book of Enoch are missing.

There are many things in the book of Enoch that simply could not have been known in 300 BC which you will have to study in depth for yourself, in order to also be convinced of this.

It is a wonderful and much neglected book, in this modern world; as it disproves many of man’s modern ideas, as it is indeed both radical & certainly points to the supernatural.

There are also some fantastic anomalies in the Book of Enoch to find answers for. For example according to bible time charts of which I have one in my possession, Noah was supposedly born around 90 years after Enoch, who was taken up to heaven or translated. (Hebrews 11.5) So how could Noah have communicated with Enoch, as stated clearly in the Book of Enoch itself in chapter 65?

I will attempt in this book to answer this question and other interesting anomalies like it.

I will type a chapter of the Book of Enoch and follow each chapter with my commentaries, which are just that, my opinions and speculations. Some of which could prove to be true, and are written with the express intention to motivate the reader to do more thorough investigations for him or herself, to prove whether correct or not, as I am sure that some of the ideas, speculations and conjecture and inspiration will be quite far out there to some people. I will also put cross references to the bible and other Apocrypha books where appropriate.

I have also  in thoroughly studying the books of JUBILEES, JASHER, II EZDRAS,  found them absolutely fascinating, and wondered why were they NOT included in the Bible?

I intend to write about each of these books, given time.

The book of Jasher is mentioned twice in the Old Testament, and covers the time period from the Creation until the days of Joshua. There are many connections between the above-mentioned books, with both similarities and differences. I would say they are all very fascinating, and interesting books, and a must for serious readers of scriptures, and not ones to be neglected. As one Jewish Rabbi has stated, those books fill in the gaps or sometimes give greater details than even the bible itself. After all, as John said at the end of the bible, in the gospel of John, that if everything that had happened should be written in a book, even the world itself could not contain the volume of the books that would have to be written.

So maybe it is just as well that the bible itself is not any larger in content.

I personally believe that the Bible is the most essential to know, especially for the basics.

However, for seasoned Christians, it is essential to broaden your vison & horizons in the knowledge of ancient texts, (both Jewish and non-Jewish) which parallel the bible so well.

I will attempt to show how there has been a massive COVER-UP concerning the meaning of these books, and the dates given often differ from one book to the other about the timing of the same events. Why? Did those of the past try to HIDE certain information and were certain books for the public and others only for the INITIATED?

I highly recommend eveyone to read the APOCRYPHA BOOKS OF ENOCH, JASHER, JUBILESS & I & II EZDRAS in particular.

You will find many verses quoted from "THE BOOK OF ENOCH" in my book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" :-

AVAILABLE as a paper-back and on KINDLE at AMAZON:-




Good compilation Stephen! Wishing you all well.

 -Robert (


Dear Steve & Lisa,
GBY! Thank you for your article  about the Hollow Earth. I am beginning to read it, and it's so fascinating and revelatory.
When I first began to read the Book of Enoch it all made sense to me. I thought "Why can't God be a highly organized Creator as shown in the book of Enoch with a great and highly structured universe and earth, with angels in charge of certain areas, each with assigned responsibilities, having names, etc., yet simple enough for us humans to understand at least the basics of it?? For me, all of this is so much more believable than what evolutionists are trying to "prove" with their complicated theories and coincidental guesswork like the Big Bang Theory, etc., that it all happened by accident or now they say Aliens created all things, but then, where did the Aliens come from? Isn't it so much simpler to believe in God and His messengers and prophets?

I pray for your and Lisa's health. You are both such fighters.


Sunday 18/12/16
Tks so much dear Steve,  It gives light about the reality of the Hollow Earth!
Best Wishes,

Andre Vida (Columbia, South America)



Dear Steve,

I wanted to let you know I bought both the kindle version and the paperback. I am old fashioned...I I just love holding a book. 


 Anyhow it was difficult to buy the book in the states. So I did order it from the UK.  It arrived yesterday. Love it. And you are wonderful for writing it.


 Now about your information you have learned since this book was published. I am very interested in EVERYTHING that you have to say.  I have a hard time following on your website though.  


 I will buy your new book when it is available.  


Thank you for taking the time to put all of this info together. I am always in learning mode and in search of truth. 


 Margaret Hamilton 











Tweeted astronaut Buzz Aldrin had a mysterious tweet. “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”

After some time it was removed, but a few people have managed to make a screenshot.

Do you think that he wants to say Buzz Aldrin and what to warn us?

Why he attached a photo of the pyramids found in Antarctica.


All News Pipeline

Something Very Strange Is Going On In Antarctica - Reports 'Operation Deep Freeze' Has Been Ongoing For 60 Years!

By Stefan Stanford

December 7, 2016

The new story from Life Science reports a gigantic, 70-mile long crevice has recently opened up in the ice in Antarctica. At least as wide as a football field at about 300' and plunging down more than a third of a mile to the ocean below, we're told once the crack spreads across the entire ice shelf, it'll create an iceberg about the size of Delaware at over 2,400 square miles. You can see this crevice in the first photo below and in the first video at the bottom of this story.

And while NASA Ice tells us this relatively new rift just showed up on satellite imagery this year, it's clear that something very strange is going on in the Antarctic with globalists such as John Kerry recently visiting the 'bottom of the Earth' at a time when one mysterious event after another has been unfolding down there as outlined in the stories and videos here within.

As we read in this recent story from Mysterious Universe, Kerry's visit came soon after Wikileaks released a large set of photographs of Antarctica via leaked emails. "Does this mean that there’s a worldwide cover-up...?" their story asks.

You can see the Wikileaks Podesta Antarctica pictures here (hit attachments).

And now has published a new story in which they tell us about "Operation Deep Freeze" and the US Air Force's 'vital mission in Antarctica'. What is really going on down there? We're told in their story this Operation has been going on for 60 years!

During the late 1930's, Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany made at least 3 documented trips to Antarctica. While establishing New Swabia, they made no formal territorial claims to that Antactic land. With Nazi Germany showing a very strong interest in the 'bottom of the world' more than 75 years ago, those trips also have launched great speculation.

According to Steve Quayle's book "Empire Beneath The Ice: How The Nazis Won World War II", the truth about history has long been hidden. Revealing to us why most of what we have learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is wrong, even the Daily Mail recently published a story asking if an 'alien base' is hidden within a pyramid there after a huge, triangular structure was recently spotted on Google Earth.

As Quayle told us in an SQnote while linking to that story, SUGGEST YOU ALL ACQUIRE MY BOOK 'EMPIRE BENEATH THE ICE' TO GET A FEEL FOR THE EVENTS SOON TO BE RELEASED FROM THE ANTARCTICA. You can hear Quayle along with Derek Gilbert discussing “Empire Beneath the Ice” and the esoteric connection between the Nazis and the occult quest that drove Hitler and German elites to find an underworld location of the gods in the final video below.

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin also recently visited the South Pole though he had to evacuated due to a medical emergency according to this story from Time. Why is there suddenly so much interest in this world of ice? And might there be evidence of an advanced, ancient civilization at the 'bottom of the world' as argued in this recent story from Ancient Code?

The recent story from Tales From Out There that Quayle had linked to on his website called "Strange Goings On In Antarctica - Did They Find Some Sort Of Lost Ancient High Technology Out There?" reported that Lockheed Martin, a key corporate defense contractor and player in the military-industrial complex, also has a contract for 'scientific research' at the Antarctic.

We also recently learned via the Daily Mail that mysterious blue clouds have been seen at the earliest date ever in the Antarctic this year as also seen and heard in the 2nd video below.

Why has there been so much interest in the Antarctic recently and might we soon learn and do these 'ancient pyramids of Antarctica' hold secrets that are still being hidden from us? In the 3rd video below, our videographer takes a look at the recent trips made to the Antarctic while asking what is being covered up down there while giving us the historical background of Nazi Germany's exploration of the Antarctic and the US response to that via Operation Highjump in 1946/1947.

08/10/15 COMMENTARY by S.N.Strutt:- A very interesting video. I have heard of these things many times before, but this video does give some extra interesting details, to add to the over-all picture of the HOLLOW EARTH theory. Concerning the ALIENS mentioned discovered first by Hitler's NAZIS. IT IS MY PERSONAL CONVICTION and OPINION, as a bible-believing Christian, THAT THE ALIENS ARE NOT FROM OUTER-SPACE, but simply from the INNER EARTH, and more akin to DEMONS masquerading as aliens, in order to DECEIVE MANKIND. The following is a fascinating passage from the book of ENOCH chapter 17.1 "And they took and brought me to a place in which those who were there, were like a flaming fire, and when they wished, they appeared as men" In modern lingo? SHAPE-SHIFTERS. The heading for the 17th chapter of Enoch is:- ENOCH'S Journeys through the earth and SHEOL(Inner Earth)




The following is an excerpt from the book, from chapter 3:-


© Oct  2014

Establishing and determining a factual Geophysical model of planet Earth’s interior has been a considerable challenge for the intellectual community. Given our rapid technological advancement, one would think that determining the makeup of Earth’s core.would be simple, but it’s not. Earth’s core is the most inaccessible part of our planet.




 Several prominent individuals have supported the hollow Earth theory, and it is no joke of a list.

A number of physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and high ranking military personnel share the same belief. They share their stories through experience, research and more. There really is some mind blowing information that suggests the Earth could actually be hollow.

Our current understanding about the makeup of Earth’s core is a theory, based on assumption that is taught as fact. The evidence for the composition of the Earth’s core is decent, however indirect. We have no means for directly sampling the deep interior of the Earth, humans (apparently, if they have we have not been privy to that information) have not been able to access that part of our planet. Often we fail to recognize that what we so often regard as truth is based on theory and assumption. We take these theories and put them in the category of truth until another theory comes along to replace it. The individuals who proposed the theory of hollow Earth might shock you. They are some of the most influential, intelligent, innovative and creative minds of all time -many of which are at the backbone of science and math. The intellectual arena is not the only one, the hollow Earth theory is also prominent in military history, the hub for global control and concealment of information, known today as the military industrial complex*.

Geophysical methods provide the only direct measurement for the properties of the Earth’s interior. The most popular methods used today are:

  • Seismic wave velocity and free oscillation frequencies

Earthquake waves behave differently when they encounter material in different states. This is the best way modern scientists can conjure up some type of structure for inner Earth. Saying the Earth is hollow does not necessarily mean there is no land mass! Some of the waves go through liquid, some of them go through solids, some of them go through both and some of them go through one or the other. This is why I state we have very weak evidence for the structure of the Earth’s interior.* It’s almost as if we have more evidence for the hollow Earth theory.

  • The moment of inertia

  • The distribution and secular variation in magnetic field

  • Laboratory data on mineral physics

The most popular theory that stands today is that the Earth consists of a solid iron inner core, and an outer layer that is molten. It proposes that the interior is layered in spherical shells, inner core, outer core, stiffer mantle and then crust as you head towards the surface. The moment of inertia of the Earth indicates that there is a concentration of mass around the centre, seismic data has also shown that the centre of the Earth is a solid sphere. This is interesting, because the hollow Earth theory proposes the idea of a central sun. Modern science has even determined that the Earth’s core could be just as hot as the Sun’s surface(16). Again I would like to re-iterate that the theory of the Earth’s core is largely based on seismic activity(4), we’ve never actually been able to probe the Earth’s interior. We cannot guarantee, model or map the Earth’s interior based on seismic activity alone, but logical theories can be developed.

Modern day science has not been able to establish the physical structure of Earth’s interior as a fact. The hollow Earth theory proposes the idea of a central sun in the middle of Earth’s core, which does correlate with what scientists say today. So let’s examine the hollow Earth theory and where it comes from.

The Hollow Earth Theory*

The hollow Earth theory suggests that planet Earth is either entirely hollow or contains a substantial amount of interior space. This isn’t a new theory, its existence has been proposed throughout human history. Buddhists believed that the inner Earth was made up of a race of people they called super men and women. They allegedly came up to the surface via tunnels that led to the inner Earth to oversee what was happening on the surface. The Buddhists apparently had lamas guarding the entrances to inner Earth in Tibet.


Ancient texts from India like the Ramayana describe the story of a great blue being, the Avatar Rama. The Ramayana depicts Rama as an emissary from “Agartha” that arrived on an air vehicle. The vehicles were commonly known as “Vimanas.”* The fact that both Buddhist and Hindu religions separately refer to inner Earth and its civilization is quite fascinating.

Ancient cultures all over the world, from Mayan, to other recent native populations and more all have stories of beings that live and come from an underground world. I had the privilege of spending a year in Northern, Ontario, Canada and was made aware of stories of “little” people that lived underground. Let’s examine where ancient history meets scientific exploration.

Edmund Halley*

Edmund Halley was an English astronomer and mathematician who was the first to calculate the orbit of a comet that was later named after him, the popular Halley’s comet(5). He lived through the scientific revolution, an age that was frowned upon by the Catholic Church, where scientists were seen as heretics and even killed. Was this to suppress information already known by the Catholic Church? Maybe, maybe not. Halley’s star catalog published in the late 1600′s was the first of its kind that determined the location of the southern stars, and established his reputation as an astronomer. In 1678 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society and with the intercession of the king he was granted a degree from the University of Oxford.

As you can tell, this was a man of high reputation and intelligence. Halley is also known for his conversations with Isaac Newton, and played a prominent role in publications on the theory of gravitation. Newton was encouraged by Halley to expand his studies on celestial mechanics which led to one of the greatest publications of all time, the Principia(5).

The Royal Society decided that Mr. Halley undertake the business of looking after it, and printing it at his own charge. He consulted with Newton, tactfully subdued a priority dispute between Newton and Hooke, edited the text, corrected the proofs and saw it through the press in 1697

It seems that the Royal Society was keeping a close tap on scientific discoveries. In these times, scientists were coming out of the era in which they were branded as heretics, and marked for death. It seems scientific exploration during the scientific revolution was under the watchful eye of the elite. Edmund Halley proposed that the Earth was hollow and well capable of supporting life in his publication:

An Account of the Cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetical Needle; With an Hypothesis of the Structure of the Internal Parts of the Earth

This paper was published by the Royal Society. Halley believed that the Earth was a hollow shell about 500 miles thick, with two inner concentric shells and an innermost core about the diameter of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury. The shells were separated by atmospheres and each one had its own magnetic poles. The spheres rotated at different speeds. He suggested that each sphere was capable of supporting life, because each sphere was bathed with light from the atmosphere that filled each of the inner spaces. He suggested the possibility of a “more ample creation” within the Earth. ...


Admiral Richard Byrd*

If we fast forward to more modern times, inner Earth garnished more attention in  the 1940′s and after, when Admiral Richard Byrd supposedly journeyed to the hollow Earth. This man was a medal of honor recipient, and a very high ranking (one of the highest) officer in the United States Navy. He was the very first man to fly over the South Pole, Admiral Byrd also flew directly over the North Pole and noticed an opening in the top. His diary describes his adventure into the opening where he was witness to lakes, rivers, green vegetation and more. He participated in many expeditions to the North Pole, with one being an official government backed program called operation Highjump. It was a US Navy organized by Admiral Byrd, the primary goal was to establish an Antarctic research base. He claims to have been greeted by a flying machine and this is when he first interacted with the beings that existed in a place that is known to many as “Agartha.” The beings told him they were concerned with the development of nuclear weapons*, and the overall well being of the planet based on how humanity was affecting it. Admiral Byrd apparently claimed, like many before him, that the North and South pole are actually two of many openings to the center. He also claimed that Inner Earth has a central Sun, like Euler did. His theory is that both poles of the Earth are actually convex, rather than concave. This means that ships and planes would be able to fly or float right in.

After his expeditions, the American press announced Admiral Byrd’s discovery to the world. After the release it was immediately suppressed by the government and Byrd was made out to be a man known to make false claims. His story was quite popular, and was published in National Geographic . It’s also worthy to note that his son, Richard Byrd Jr, lived a very difficult life. He died a very mysterious death, he was found dead in an empty warehouse. It’s worthy to note that he was 6 years old when he accompanied his father on his expeditions.

The story of Hollow Earth has not solely been tied to science fiction. I wanted to present some available information out there as it is a very intriguing subject. It’s worthy to note that UFOs are constantly seen coming out of the water*, maybe some of these objects are from advanced civilizations that live in the Earth’s interior? Until we actually penetrate inner Earth, hollow Earth remains a strong possibility.


Dr A.W. Bernard*

If we, for sake of argument, accept that the earth is hollow, then it would readily explain, as Dr A.W. Bernard in his famous book “Flying Saucers from the Earth’s Interior published in 1960”, that many strange phenomena on this planet, such as the migration of birds, going north in winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and being found near the Antarctic the following spring.  A Hollow Earth can also more readily explain the waves of sea and the direction of the currents of the oceans. For more on this please see Dr Raymond W Bernard’s 1960  book “Flying saucers from the centre of the earth”* This book contains amazing information and has been used by many writers and websites. It has been stated that there are two big openings into the hollow earth. One opening can be found where the North Pole should be, and the other at the South Pole. Another phenomenon is the Aurora Borealis, seen only at the North Pole. Why not at the South Pole? If the earth is hollow and has a central sun as claimed by many people, then the Aurora Borealis is merely the reflection of the central sun on the ionosphere. It is alleged that the explorers such as Amundsen, Peary, Scott of both the North and South poles all stated that they could not actually “reach the poles”.* This is plain, as apparently they simple do not exist. According to many experts, the earth is generally round, but slightly flattened at the poles, a bit like a doughnut, where the seas slowly and gradually descend inside the earth, and reappear on the inner surface of the earth. If one thinks of the earth rather like the shell of an orange. The centre of gravity is not in the centre of the earth, but in the middle of the shell. If the earth is hollow, then what is inside the earth? Are there inhabitants inside the earth? If so, who are they? Are they friends or foes?

Another subject matter is about the explorers who have already ventured inside our hollow earth. Two very famous stories which I recommend all to read are 1) the voyage of Olaf Jansen to the Centre of the Earth in 1829.* 2) The Diary of Admiral Byrd* and his adventures of 1927 and 1947.

The first story was of two Norwegian sailors who allegedly travelled inside the earth by boat and claimed they met 12 feet high friendly giants. They said that they also saw a technology much more advanced than what ours was in 1829. An example of this would be that they saw electric cars and mono-rail trains which could travel horizontally along the side of cliffs. These sailors also mentioned how they heard mentioned the names of places and rivers mentioned in the book of Genesis in the bible. An example of this was a town called EDEN and rivers with names identical with the rivers supposedly coming out of the garden of Eden such as Hidekkel. (I have a fantastic article,  from Jewish mystics and students of the Jewish Kabala or old testament books, also claiming amazingly that the earth is indeed hollow and furthermore that the Garden of Eden was originally inside the centre of the earth.

 (The following is an excerpt of an article which was sent to me by a friend:-)

 The Location of

The Garden of Eden*

 What I am speaking about is the Garden of Eden being a real physical place and the secret of its actual location.

So, where is the Garden you may ask? And who is living there now?

In order to answer these questions, let us delve into Torah, to the time of Sarah's death and to the place of her burial, the “double” Cave of Makhpelah in Hebron.

The Torah story is well known; Sarah, Abraham's beloved wife, mother of Yitzhak passes away at the ripe old age of 127. Abraham, wealthy as he is, still does not own any property in his newly adopted homeland then called Canaan (modern day Israel). In those days, there were no cemeteries. The dead were usually placed in caves which were sealed and protected as family tombs.

Now, of all the caves in the area, why did Abraham choose this specific one, which we know as Makhpelah.

 The Oral  Torah relates a story retold in many Torah commentaries. It goes something like this.

According to the Midrashic legend, which may or may not be historical, ........

Now, let us put legend aside and ask the necessary questions. If there is any legitimacy to Makhpelah being an entrance way to Eden, how it this physically possible?

Torah Sages have forever acknowledged that the Garden of Eden is a physical location somewhere here on Earth. Since the earliest times, Makhpelah Cave has been associated with the Garden and is acknowledged to be the entrance way. Again, if there is more than legend to any of this, where is the Garden? To answer

this we must delve into one of the greatest secrets guarded by the Sages of Torah. There is an Inner Earth and the Garden of Eden is at the center of the Earth hundreds of miles down, directly underneath the Cave of Makhpelah. The astounding proclamation is stated every so clearly in the Zohar and in other ancient sources.

The existence of Inner Earth should come as a surprise to no one. Such knowledge has long been known in ancient cultures for thousands of years, even expanding across the oceans. Even the ancient Native American Hopis know of these places. Even in the realm of science there have been some famous names who embrace what has become known as the Hollow Earth theory. Such scientists include amongst others Sir Edmund Haley, famous for the comet named after his discovery Haley's comet.

The existence of Inner or Hollow Earth is much more than a mere theological statement made by the Torah Sages. There have been numerous encounters between surface dwelling human beings and the numerous other types of life that inhabit the inner realms. These are enumerated in detail in the Zohar

…. They are either not reading what our Sages have taught or they are lying about what our Sages have taught.

The Garden of Eden is said to be only one of the many locations in Inner Earth. The Zohar teaches that it was here that Adam materialized on Earth; it was from the center-most domain (Eden) in Inner Earth that he was cast out; it was in other domains in Inner Earth that he lived and that Kayin and Abel were born. It is

even stated that Adam left numerous other progeny throughout Inner Earth over the centuries of his life.

The Zohar says that many who escaped the destruction of the Tower of Babel did so by relocating to Inner Earth. Inner Earth has long been said to be the domain of the fallen angels and the Nefilim mentioned inGenesis 6. Inner Earth is said to also be the domain of many animals which we have long considered to be

mythological, such as the unicorn, the phoenix, the minotaur, centaur and dragon (ref. Hesed L'Avraham 2:4).

Inner Earth inhabitants are said to come in many different shapes and sizes, from what we would call giants, to the likes of what would call hobbits; indeed, there is even said to be some sort of two headed human beings.

All these things are proclaimed by our Sages to be physically real.

The Zohar states that the Garden of Eden is a real physical place existing in Inner Earth. In the “Garden” there are said to be numerous “palaces.” This indicates that the Garden is no mere botanical location. It seems to imply that the Garden might not be a botanical domain at all, but rather a built-up domain similar to a modern city.

One of the “palaces” in the Garden is said to be the Palace of Mashiah. The Zohar teaches that Mashiah resides here and from here receives “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.” It is from here in the Garden that Mashiah sets out to Outer Earth to there fight the wars of HaShem and to conquer the

surface for Him. As is clear from Zechariah 14, Mashiah comes from out of the sky with an army of angels.

Ye, if Mashiah is coming from Inner Earth, from where come the angels with whom he meets and takes their lead? Do they also ascend with him from inner Earth? If so, when then is their means of their transport?

Questions abound. Answer are plenty throughout the many works of our Torah Sages. One point that our Sages make is certain. WE ARE NOT ALONE ON OUR EARTH.

There are many races of indigenous intelligent sentient entities living in Inner Earth.

Many of these species know about us and many of them have interacted with us for a very long time. Some of these races are benign or even benevolent. Others on the other hand are nothing but trouble.

The Garden of Eden is thus accepted by our Sages as a physical domain deep inside Inner Earth.

Yet, just as the Garden is located there so are there other domains, even the physical location of Gehinnom (Hell).

 They are accepted as being physical inhabited domains, whose inhabitants very much interact with us on a regular basis. They know all about us.

It is we who live in ignorance of them. If there really is some sort of conspiracy of silence “out there” somewhere, then it is this that “they” are trying to keep secret. Maybe, they have very good reason. *


​ A truly bizarre Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today on the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) “asset” arrested yesterday by Germany’s National Intelligence Service (BND) for spying states that this German national has provided to Russian officials “compelling evidence” that the United States has entered into a “secret pact” with “unnamed forces” inhabiting our Earth’s interior regions for the purpose of ruling the world.

Western media sources reporting on this incident state that BND forces arrested a man identified only as Manfred K., age 60, stating that he intended to give the information he acquired over to a “third party” unconfirmed reports say was, indeed, the SVR.

Manfred K., according to these reports, was a civilian worker at the United States-NATO Ramstein Air Base located in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz, which is the command and control hub for the Western alliance’s European missile defense forces and headquarters of the US Air Forces in Europe, and who had access to many top secret documents.
According to this FSB report, some of the intelligence turned over to the SVR by Manfred K. included maps produced by the German Nazi Regime in the 1930’s and 1940’s detailing their underground bases located on the continent of Antarctica, the most shocking of them being one that details in great depth our Earth’s hollow interior and the lands that exist there.

Important to note is that Germany has long been fascinated with Antarctica after noted German scientist Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855), who is ranked as one of history's most influential mathematicians, stated that all of Earth’s history, physics and geography could only be explained by our planet having a hollow, and populated, interior with the entrances to it being located at both the North and South Poles.
From 1901-1903 Germany conducted its first exploration of Antarctica in what is called the Gauss Expedition where they claimed for themselves vast areas of our planets southern most continent.

Being fascinated with the discoveries made by German scientists during the Gauss Expedition the great American explorer Admiral Robert Edwin Peary, Sr. (1856-1920) embarked on a similar mission and in 1909 became the first man to reach the North Pole after which he was awarded the Imperial German Geographical Society Nachtigall gold medal, among many other international awards and honors.

Based upon the discoveries made by both the Gauss Expedition of Antarctica and Admiral Peary’s of the Arctic, the famous American scientist Marshall B. Gardner in 1920 authored a book titled “A Journey to the Earth's Interior-or- Have the Poles Really Been Discovered?” which he then presented to both the US and German governments asking them to explain many things including:
“How do scientists explain the fact that when we go north it becomes colder up to a certain point and then begins to get warm? How do they explain the further fact that the source of this warmth is not any influence from the south but a series of currents of warm water and of warm winds from the north - supposed to be a land of solid ice? Where can these currents come from? How could they come from anything else but an open sea? And why should there be a warm open sea at the very place where scientists expect to find eternal ice? Where could this warm water possibly come from?”

“Why also should explorers find the inhospitable ice cliffs of the far north covered in large areas with the red pollen of an unknown plant? And why should they find the seeds of tropical plants floating in these waters - when they are not found in more southern waters? How should logs and branches of trees, sometimes with fresh buds on them be found in these waters, all being borne down by the warm currents from the north?”

“Why should the northern parts of Greenland be the world's greatest habitat of the mosquito, an insect which is only found in warm countries ? How could it have gotten to Greenland if it came from the south? Where do all the foxes and hares go which are seen traveling north in Greenland? Where did the bears go? Was it possible that such large creatures as bears could find sustenance on plains of eternal ice?”

“How do scientists explain the fact that practically every competent explorer from the earlier days down to Nansen has admitted that when he got to the Far North his theories of what he should find failed to work and his methods of finding his positions also failed to work? How do scientists explain these passages from Nansen which we have quoted, showing that he was absolutely lost in the Arctic region?”

“How do scientists explain the migrations of those birds which appear in England and other northern countries one part of the year, in the tropics in another part of the year, but disappear entirely in the winter?”

By 1938, with the Nazis now in control of Germany, none of the questions asked by Gardner had been answered where upon Chancellor Adolf Hitler ordered another expedition to Antarctica that lasted until 1939.

What was discovered in Antarctica by the Nazis during the 1938-1939 Antarctica expedition remains to this day highly classified among all the top world governments, with many speculating that a “deal” to end the war in Europe (World War II) was made between Germany and United States that allowed the Americans to gain German technology (atomic bombs, missile technology, jet fighter technology, etc.) in exchange for allowing top German leaders (including Adolf Hitler) to “retreat” to their massive bases they had built in and under the Southern Continent.

In 1946 the Western allies led by the United States apparently attempted to retake Antarctica from the Nazis in what was called “Operation Highjump”.  Though this mission was purported be for scientific reasons, numerous other reports state that these American led forces were forced to retreat after having lost over 1,500 troops and suffering massive military material losses.

Returning in 1947 to the United States, Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1888-1957), the commander of Operation Highjump, is said to have warned that “the largest menace came now from the South Pole because they had observed airships that could fly to impressive speeds.”

The importance of Admiral Byrd leading Operation Highjump was noted by American scientist Dr. R. W. Bernard who in his 1964 book titled “The Hollow Earth-The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History” credited Byrd with discovering both the North and South Pole openings to the inner reaches of our planet and in his dedication stated:

“To the Future Explorers of the New World that exists beyond North and South Poles in the hollow interior of the Earth. Who will Repeat Admiral Byrd's historic Flight for 1,700 Miles beyond the North Pole and that of his Expedition for 2,300 Miles beyond the South Pole, entering a New Unknown Territory not shown on any map, covering an immense land area whose total size is larger than North America, consisting of forests, mountains, lakes, vegetation and animal life.

The aviator who will be the first to reach this New Territory, unknown until Admiral Byrd first discovered it, will go down in history as a New Columbus and greater than Columbus, for while Columbus discovered a new continent, he will discover a New World.”

To if this FSB report is true, and the United States has now entered into a pact with those who inhabit our inner Earth, it bears notice that the ancient symbol associated with these inner Earth peoples is the oldest on Earth dating back to very dawn of time from the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, but more well known for its last incarnation as being the hated and feared symbol used by the Nazi Germans called the swastika.   




Ancient Aliens? Fallen Angels? Demons? advanced civilizations? Annunaki? Hollow Earth Theory? Could an advanced race of beings actually be influencing the human race from under our feet? What did Admiral Richard Byrd really see in the South Pole? And why did Adolf Hitler feel he could locate "Shangri La" at the North Pole? What is the truth behind "Operation High Jump"? Where they really searching for a place to set up a military base? or was America really looking for the New Nazi base?

Could the biggest cover-up of all time be that there in fact is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose civilization's name is known as "Agartha" (variations: 'Agharta' & 'Aghartha'). This may be very hard to believe, but could actually
be true. The first public scientific evidence occurred in 1947 when Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew directly to the North Pole and instead of going over the pole, actually entered the Inner Earth. In his diary with other witnesses, he tells of entering the hollow interior of the Earth, and traveling 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life. He tells of seeing monstrous animals resembling the mammoth of antiquity moving through the underbrush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization.

His plane was finally greeted by flying machines, the type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing place and he was graciously greeted by emissaries from Agartha. After resting, he and his crew were taken to meet the Ruler of Agartha. They told him that he had been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral and ethical character.

They went on to say that ever since the United States had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they had been very concerned for their own safety and survival. They had decided that it was time to make greater contact with the outside world to make sure we didn't destroy this planet and their civilization with it. They had been allowed in for this express purpose, as a way of making contact with someone they trusted.

When Admiral Byrd returned and explained what he had seen to his superiors, he was told to never speak on the indecent again.
In January, 1956, Admiral Byrd led another expedition to the Antarctic and/or the South Pole. In this expedition he and his crew penetrated for 2,300 miles into the center of Earth again. Admiral Byrd states that the North and South Pole are actually two of many openings to the center of Earth.

What did Admiral Richard Byrd see? Who were these people, and how was it that they were able to take 100% control of Byrd's aircraft? Could this be why airspace over both poles is highly restricted?

Xenophilia - Hollow Earth:

On the 4th of October, 2002, a bizarre guest arrived on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with Art Bell. The host had a reputation for analyzing mysterious themes with intriguing guests, but only few had ever sounded as amazed as this one.

The guest – Dallas Thompson, was a legally blind personal trainer who spent his boyhood in Hawaii, but now lived in Bakersfield, California. Five years earlier, his life had changed forever after a terrible car accident.
He was driving along the Highway during heavy rain when his car hydroplaned at 70 miles an hour, spinning four times before falling from a cliff about 250 ft. When he was found, the top of his car had been crushed almost to the floor. The fireman who responded to the scene was astonished that he hadn’t been decapitated. But miraculously, Thompson survived.
Thompson had had a vivid near-death experience. He claimed to have seen a “light so bright that it burnt my eyes” and made him “legally blind” and to have had bizarre knowledge about the world poured into him. When he regained consciousness, he was convinced that the Earth was hollow and had an opening at the North Pole. He’d come on Coast to Coast to discuss his mission to locate and explore it.
“There are cavern systems and caves that traverse the whole mantle,” he told Bell, whose skepticism often took the form of slightly extended silences. Because of the special atmosphere in the hole, Thompson explained, living creatures were protected from pollutants and harmful rays. There were herds of mammoth and ancient tribes down there, the members of which lived to be around 1,700 years old.
“How do you know all this?” asked Bell.
“I just do,” said Thompson. “I remembered stuff that has been forgotten.”
Later, Bell asked after his mental health.
“Are you manic?”
“I’m just excited,” said Thompson.
“… I can tell.”
Perhaps most incredibly, Thompson revealed he’d secured funding to travel to the hole with a helicopter backpack called a SoloTrek, which he’d use to descend into it. He even had a date for the trip: May 24 2003.

Over the next few months, news of Thompson’s expedition spread. He began to receive emails from media companies keen to report the story and many more from both critics and admirers. The sprawling book he’d written, which included his theories about Hollow Earth, began to sell.

In December 2002, two months after his radio appearance, he posted a message on his Yahoo Group page describing an inundation of “over 5,600 emails every few days”. He said his book, Cosmic Manuscript, had become a bestseller but he was pulling it from sale. “I have requested the book be discontinued even though it’s still at the top of the charts in Canada,” he wrote.

And then, the most mysterious event of all took place. All of a sudden, Thompson disappeared…
For many centuries, humankind has dreamt of inner worlds. Numerous writers have been inspired by the idea, not least Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs (At the Earth’s Core, 1914), Edgar Allen Poe (The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, 1838) and, most famously, Jules Verne, whose 1864 novel A Journey to the Centre of the Earth has been adapted numerous times for both stage and screen.

​ Thousands of contemporary theorists discuss what is commonly referred to as “the greatest ever secret” on internet forums. On YouTube, videos claim that the satellite images on Google Earth have been altered to cover up the existence of the holes, while other videos claim the holes are there for all to see.
Maybe Thompson is in hiding. Maybe government forces or evil bankers made him disappear, terrified of the world-changing truths he was about to unleash. Maybe he did journey to Hollow Earth, descend into it with his helicopter backpack and is now prancing joyfully with the mammoths, and the ancient tribes, living in a paradise of pure air, warm climes and abundant food that will sustain him for another 1,657 years.
Or maybe he forgot to pay his phone bill.
May 21, 2016

NASA Busted Hiding Something At North Pole Again! Does This 'Entrance' Or 'Hole' Support The Hollow Earth Theory?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Videographer SecureTeam10 published an extremely interesting video, showing from NASA's own footage an apparent attempt to cover up or hide "something," which appears to be an entrace or hole, at the North Pole.

The question of what are they hiding -Why are they hiding it, and last but not least, an entrance to what ... are questions we have seen over the course of decades as the videographer details, at length, along with past footage and images captured showing a "hole" or entrance, always in the same place, never moving nor changing size, bringing about the theory of a Hollow Earth.


As is pointed out in the video below, from Admiral Richard E. Byrds alleged accounts of visiting the "inner earth," to historical maps and documents created by the Nazi's about  Agartha, the legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core, to a whole host of of other details,  has led many to believe in the Hollow Earth Theory.

Related: The Hollow Earth Theory

(Nazi map purporting to show secret passages or "entrances" to Inner Earth)

The Hollow Earth theory proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space.

As is pointed out at the website Ancient Code, in a piece titled "The Hollow Earth maps of the Third Reich: There is an entrance to the Hollow Earth", throughout history going back to ancient times, multiple civilizations have referred to what many still believe is the Inner Earth:

The Babylonian hero Gilgamesh visited his ancestor Utnapishtim in the bowels of the earth; in Greek mythology, Orpheus tries to rescue Eurydice from the underground hell; it was said that the Pharaohs of Egypt communicated with the underworld, which could be accessed via secret tunnels hidden in the pyramids; and Buddhists believed (and still believe) that millions of people live in Agharta, an underground paradise ruled by the king of the world.

What is not theory is the over-abundance of visual evidence that there are "entrances" or unexplained "holes" at the top of both the North Pole and the South Pole, with significantly more visual images regarding the ones at the North Pole being available, some of which are shown by Secure Team 10 in their May 20th video, and some shown below:




Whether one believes in the Hollow Earth theory or not, there is definitely "something" being hidden by NASA, something that governments refuse to offer any official explanation for, found in countless images from NASA itself and satellite images, referred to by multiple people throughout history and now again, SecureTeam10 claims that NASA has been caught red-handed attempting to hide information from the general public.

What are they hiding? What is down there that they don't want us to know about?

Note- Pay attention toward the end of the evideo to the images which appear to be pyramids.





Arctic anomaly! Warning a circular opening has formed in the middle of the arctic ice pack!

 03/12/15 SOURCE:-(

An opening has formed in the middle of the Arctic Ice pack!

It seems that for some unknown reason ice is melting in the middle of the Arctic.
At first i thought it might be an error or a glitch for that matter but the opening shows up on 3 different maps 

  1. The Sea Surface Temperature map of the Arctic
  2. The Sea Surface Salinity map of the Arctic
  3. The Ice Thickness map of the Arctic

It has started to show up at the end of september.  It is still there at the moment of writing. 
It has grown in size then got a bit smaller and now it is growing again in size!

I have honestly no idea as to what could be causing this sudden melt in the middle of the Arctic Ice Pack.

But first let me show some images of the opening in question.

The images can be found at:


It can also be found as a fresh water spot and thinner ice spot!

Images from:


So how on earth is this possible?

Well there are actually a few possibilities the most logical is the assumption that a polnya is forming in the middle of the Arctic.  It has happened before in Antarctica and this is a well know fact.

The only problem with this theory is that Antarctica is a landmass surrounded by warmer sea water.
Mixing is perfextly possible in those conditions. The geography of the ocean surface also makes this possible as well as strong prevailing winds around the Antarctic region.

But the Arctic is the complete opposite of that: it is an almost completely enclosed basin surrounded by landmasses with virtually no weather on top of it.  And i forgot to mention that the arctic basin is actually pretty deep!  Can't seem to know how an upwelling of warm water would be possible in the middle of the Arctic region.

Furthermore i have been watching the Arctic since 2012 and this is actually the first time i see something like that.  I haven't checked it daily but let's just say regularly.

So i thought about the recent gulf stream slow down but what would be the mechanism behind and upwelling mechanism that would form in the middle of the Arctic?

Then there is of course the more esoteric explantion like for example the wandering magnetic North Pole and the entrance to hollow earth maybe some gravity distorion pulling up warm water over there i don't know.

Lastly there is a very slim chance that some lunatec is using haarp like technology as target practice in the arctic warming that portion of the ice pack with elf waves.  This is probably far fetched and unrealistic but hey who knows crazier things are happening in this world anyway.

I would love to hear some opinions about this phenomennon which hasn't been reported by anyone on the web.

Maybe in the end it is just a glitch or is it?

Well i seems that i overlooked an important theory: underwater sea volcanos.
I have to look this up to see if the opening is located underneath a volcanic ridge under the arctic.

But here is an article of februari 2015 about underwater sea volcanism in the arctic.


- See more at:

Earth and Underground



Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.

There are many rumors surrounding these underground portals. We have only to remember the mysterious stories that revolve around the tunnels and galleries of the Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador, or stories about entrances to underground worlds, supposedly located in the Andesthe Himalayasthe Gobi DesertTurkey, and even below the Sphinx of Giza.

The Hollow Earth Theory and an Expedition to the Arctic

The Hollow Earth theory states that the Earth is a hollow planet with ancient entrances to the subterranean world scattered throughout it, including near both polar caps. This theory has been reported since ancient times and scientists such as Edmund Halley have defended it throughout history.

From 1818-1826, the American John C. Symmes passionately supported the theory as well. According to him, there was a subterranean world inside our planet illuminated by a tiny sun, and that included mountains, forests, and lakes. Symmes launched a national campaign aiming to raise the necessary funds to send an expedition to the Arctic to search for an entrance to the subterranean world. He even sent a proposal to the United States Congress, with the intention of getting government assistance to find the entrance to the inner world. 

Unfortunately for him, he died before the government did allocate funding for his purpose and the expedition departed in 1838, although, in truth, its goals were not so altruistic. In reality it was part of the ploy as world powers were trying to learn the importance of the only land not yet conquered the world: both polar caps. Regardless, commanded by Charles Wilkes, the expedition lasted four years. It served to discover the vast geographical extent of the Arctic, but no sign of a passage into the earth was found.

The entrance to the Hollow Earth according to Symmes, as he believed we would see it from the moon with a telescope. Illustration of Harper's New Monthly Magazine October 1882

The entrance to the Hollow Earth according to Symmes, as he believed we would see it from the moon with a telescope. Illustration of Harper's New Monthly Magazine October 1882 (Public Domain)

Nonetheless, the idea of Symmes remained anchored in the minds of a handful of writers (who tend to love the search for attainment of seemingly impossible dreams.) Thus, Edgar Allan PoeJules Verne, and HP Lovecraft, among many others, paid tribute to the fascinating theory of the Hollow Earth.

Illustration drawn by Edouard Riou in 1864 from the original edition of

Illustration drawn by Edouard Riou in 1864 from the original edition of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by the famous Jules Verne. (Wikimedia Commons)

Interest in the Hollow Earth theory did not end there. In fact, in twentieth century, with a knowledge of geography and geology of the earth, that was still lacking, there were those who continued trying to access that mysterious world under the earth’s crust. For example, some of the Nazi leaders, the lovers of ancient myths and the occult in Germany, showed a marked interest in these types of theories.

History of Hollow Earth Theory

Edmund Halley (1656 - 1742), the English scientist who studied the comet that bears his name, may have been the first to develop a scientific hypothesis about the Hollow Earth. After a series of observations of the Earth's magnetic field, Halley concluded that the anomalies observed could only be explained if the Earth was composed of two spheres: an external solid one and an internal hollow one, each with its own magnetic axis.

Edmund Halley with a drawing showing shells of his hollow earth theory.

Edmund Halley with a drawing showing shells of his hollow earth theory. (1736) (Wikimedia Commons)

Later on, another American, Cyrus Teed, became convinced that it is mathematically impossible to discern whether we are inside or outside of a sphere, so we could live inside a hollow universe. In the center it would be the Sun, with the planets and stars only appearing bright to us because they reflect sunlight on the surface of the concave Earth. This land was called Koresh - which is the Hebrew translation of his own name, Cyrus. Teed even founded a church and its adherents remained active and defending these ideas until at least 1982.

With the dawn of the twentieth century other scholars, such as William Reed and Marshall Gardner, also believed they could provide evidence of the existence of an inner world. One of the most curious facts wielded as an argument, made ​​by some Arctic explorers, was that air and water temperatures warmed as they approached the North Pole. Based on these and other observations, they also claimed that mammoths were not extinct, but still inhabiting the interior of the Earth.

Mammoth model exhibited at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada. Some scientists believed that warm temperatures near the North Pole could be evidence that the mammoths lived on…in the hollow earth.

Mammoth model exhibited at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada. Some scientists believed that warm temperatures near the North Pole could be evidence that the mammoths lived on…in the hollow earth. (FunkMonk CC BY-SA 2.0)

As previously mentioned, there were Nazi leaders who supported the hollow earth theory. Adolf Hitler also believed in the hollow earth theory, but for him it provided the location where the “pure” and “perfect” Aryans who he thought dominated the world would meet. What is more, the German Thule Society - the main esoteric circle of the time, held a very close hypothesis, although theirs was related to the myths of lost underground kingdoms of Agartha and Shambhala.

Adolf Hitler and several of his colleagues firmly believed in the Hollow Earth Theory.

Adolf Hitler and several of his colleagues firmly believed in the Hollow Earth Theory. (Wikimedia Commons)

Meanwhile, the first man to fly over the poles, Richard E. Byrd, in his report said he “inspected about 26,000 km (16,155.7 miles) around and beyond the Pole.” This simple sentence with the words "beyond the Pole" are the foundation on which many advocates of the hollow earth theory accuse the US government (who funded Byrd’s flight) of a cover-up, saying that Byrd went into the Inner Earth.

The arctic continent or Hyperborea as shown in the Gerardus Mercator Atlas of 1595

The arctic continent or Hyperborea as shown in the Gerardus Mercator Atlas of 1595 (Public Domain)

Shambhala Myths and Agartha

Myths are as old as humanity itself, so are the myths of beings that inhabit the depths of the Earth. In contrast to the angels of heaven, tradition generally sent demons underground. A clear example is the Christian hell. 

In contrast, Central Asian Buddhists believe in the wonderful land under our feet which is known as Agartha (or Agartta). Agartha is supposedly a place where beings are more beautiful and much wiser than we are and which has a king that has the power to read the human soul.

For thousands of years Tibetan scholars, besides teaching about an inner world, say they are in contact with this "King of the Inner World" or supreme ruler for the entire planet, for whom the Dalai Lama is a representative for the outside world. They also speak and write about tunnels that connect Tibet with the inner world (which they protect), saying that there are many others scattered across the Earth, such as those found under the great pyramids of Egypt and South America. Entrances to subterranean cities also are said to exist around the vast Amazon Basin, for example connecting the lost city of "El Dorado"  with the rest of the ancient world.

The capital of this inner world - and therefore of the whole world is said to be a city called Shambhala where the King of the World resides and his court of advanced beings teach some of humanity about science, art, religion, and philosophy.

According to ancient Tibetan myths, pyramids of Central and South America (pictured, Tikal in Guatemala) are settled on vast networks of underground tunnels, connecting the ancient cities with the sacred kingdom they refer to as Agartha.

According to ancient Tibetan myths, pyramids of Central and South America (pictured, Tikal in Guatemala) are settled on vast networks of underground tunnels, connecting the ancient cities with the sacred kingdom they refer to as Agartha. ( Wikimedia Commons )

The Shambhala Tibetan headquarters of the "spiritual government of humanity," may be located in the vicinity of Balkh, a former Afghan settlement known as "the mother of cities"  according to the prestigious scholar on Tibet, Alexandra David-Neel. The folk traditions of Afghanistan say that after the Muslim conquest, Balkh was called  Shams-i-Bala (Candle High)  which seems a transformation from the Sanskrit Shambhala into Persian. 

Watch a video about rumors and mysteries surrounding the Hollow Earth theory:

Featured image: Stone door at an entrance to the Özkonak Underground City, Turkey. (Bernard Gagnon/Wikimedia Commons)

This article was first published in Spanish at and has been translated with permission.

By Mariló TA


The mystery of Agartha and the Hollow Earth.

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