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The following are some excerpts from different spiritual experiences that two different writers had concerning Hell. One of them in the seventies, and the other just after the turn of this 21st Century. They both claimed that their TRIPS TO HELL were both real and genuinely happened to them and their stories both back up "THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY":-

(Excerpt from "Journey to Gragau")

“The city you live in on Earth is not beautiful, but actually is descending into spiritual darkness." Parts of it are literally turning into a spiritual hell, a prison house for the spirits that lived their earthly lives there.

Some parts are deteriorating more quickly than others, depending upon the people who now live there. People have the power to lift or lower the spiritual level of a place. This is also true of parts of the nation you live in.”

Suddenly a shiny object streaked overhead.

It wasn’t like any airplane I was familiar with on Earth. “What was that thing?”

“You would call it a UFO,” Elatia replied with a twinkle in her eyes. “Only they are not so ‘unidentified’ here. It’s probably involved in reconnaissance, or troop movement, or flying in some big wig ‘up topper’, or it may be just keeping an eye on us. Something must be going on.”

“Spacecraft?” Here? But why use horses, when they have technology like that?”

“There are big class differences down here.

The principalities and powers that rule here, like to show how superior and advanced they are, to give the impression that they are invulnerable, all-powerful, and godlike.

They use equipment like that for all sorts of things. Often they use them for transporting vulnerables like you to and from Hell and farther up in the spirit world.”

“Can they fly those things right into my world’s dimension?”

“If conditions are right, sometimes aircraft and other objects from your world get caught in the inter-dimensional voids that form in the passageways between the two dimensions.(See chapter 3 about the Bermuda Triangle)

Passing from a deeply physical dimension into a more spiritual one is something like what a fish experiences when coming out of water.”



“I still don't know how we got down there, but it was all UNDERGROUND!"

It was all underground with all these brightly lighted passageways. Only this time, instead of like caves or catacombs, it was almost like a hospital, because it had very nice polished floors, and we were wandering along hand-in-hand looking at things, trying to peek in the different rooms to see what was in them, like Alice in Wonderland. She did that, didn’t she? Going along corridors and different rooms, peeking in, and in each room there were different people doing different things, all very busy.

It seemed like everything everybody was doing was totally futile and useless and just a waste of time! They were all very, very busy accomplishing nothing! The scientist was conducting endless experiments that never bore any results, and they were shooting rockets and more rockets into space that either never got off the ground or that never went anywhere! The soldier was on the battlefield and bombers were zooming overhead and shells screaming and landing all around him, and he just seemed to be going through the endless hell of war just like he had been on earth.” Everything was not only endless and fruitless and futile, but sort of backwards! I had a feeling things were either inside out or upside down, so peculiar! It was all like as though if you just turned your head at the right angle or moved around these people at a different angle, you’d sort of move out of their dimension and they’d all vanish like one of those three-dimensional postcard pictures! You know, if you tilt it a little bit one image vanishes and the other appears, if you tilt it just so. We would move or I moved around the end of the desk and looked at them edge on, and they just vanished!

7. After going down all these halls looking at all these rooms, all these people so busy doing nothing, accomplishing nothing, and getting nowhere, uselessly, endlessly, fruitlessly, futilely working but getting nowhere, what else can I say? It’s like they’re all just going through the motions, an endless waste of time, all busy and working hard but accomplishing nothing; and I had this terrible apprehensive feeling all the time: “How horrible! How terrifying!” It didn’t have at all the spirit of the catacombs, the caverns. It had an awful, foreboding spirit, terrible!

8. I thought to myself, “Wow! This must be hell!” I thought, what could be worse than that for the wicked--an extension of life after death for the wicked would be just a hellish extension of the same meaningless, purposeless, fruitless existence, painful existence, sorrowful existence, sad existence! The longer they live the more useless they are and the more they keep doing the same things and getting nowhere and accomplishing nothing except going through all that agony and suffering and pain, just like on earth, but now without any end, without any hope of being able to die!--It was terrible! They’re still at it, the same things--working, but not really progressing--endless, endless labour, but all of no avail, fruitless, hopeless, useless!

9. Each one was continuing in his own little private hell of his former existence without any relief, no surcease, no hope of it ever ending, and yet absolutely all useless--just about like what millions are doing here now! They get up, they go to work, they do the same things every day, they come home, they go to bed.--What do they accomplish? The world’s getting worse, people are getting worse, and they’re not making any progress! What they’re doing is not profitable. It is not making any progress or getting anywhere.

10. I thought, well!--if this is hell, I never thought of hell being like this! This is about the worst possible thing I can imagine!--Not just burning up with literal flames, but constantly burning with that fruitless fire of endless, useless endeavour, ceaseless struggle, pointless pain, and seemingly endless sorrow and suffering! It was just like a continuation of the hell on earth--only it was Hell hereafter, and seemingly forever, with no escape and no way out!--Not even death!--The same old endless jobs, the same old endless treadmill, the same old endless, useless existence, never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything worthwhile, never really...never, never, never!

11. We were just running up and down these halls, and it was so pitiful! If this is hell, wow, it is terrible! What greater hell could there be than for the world, the sinners, the wicked, the evil to endeavour just to continue their same wicked, useless, evil, fruitless existence, and their same futile, worthless work forever! To live the same lives they’ve been living, without ever any hope of it ending or ever being able to get out of it, and no hope of ever any change, just the same thing over and over and over again!

13. I turned to you and said, “let’s get out of here fast! I don’t want to be registered here! I don’t want to stay here! I’m not staying! I’m going, leaving!” We started running and walking real fast down the hall, when suddenly we came to this big foyer, like a huge hotel lobby or hospital lobby with this big front desk like a hotel or hospital desk, or reception desk. Just then the little desk clerk saw us and said, Oh, there they go! There they go!” And we began to run!--The desk clerk shouted, “Stop them! Stop them! They’re not registered! They’re not supposed to be here! Stop them!”

15. Here in this place they were all so hopeless and useless! There was total despair! Nothing would ever change, nothing would ever be any different! It would always be the same monotony, the same grinding, gruelling grind, the same old thing day in and day out, like there was no night and day, just all these endlessly lighted corridors and rooms! Even as we ran, and we ran outside for a while, even out there was nothing but battlefields and hellish wars and all kinds of funny mechanical noises like machinery and factories and industries and refineries and endless conveyor belts and assembly lines and that horrible acrid, burning sulphuric smell, those choking foul fumes!

16. It’s funny because part of the time it seemed like the hospital was one huge gigantic ship, because I remember going out to the stern and looking out and it was all dark and night, and the huge ship was moving slowly down this big black river, a very ominous scary kind of river, deep dark water! I thought to myself at the time, “It looks like the River Styx, River of Death!” Along the sides here and there were ships that had already arrived and were anchored or moored. They were very, very ancient ships. Some looked like old Egyptian barges and old Roman galleys and Grecian vessels, very, very old and very ancient. I thought, “Wow! Those are thousands of years old! I wonder when they got here, I wonder when they moored here?--They must have come a long time ago to be so old! What a dark, terrifying, mysterious place! How frightening this place is, so dark!”

17. The river (Stix) seemed to move on relentlessly, slowly. everything kept moving at a very slow pace, but no stopping. You never stopped work, you never stopped fighting on the battlefield, you never stopped experimenting, you never stopped sewing, and you never stopped writing. Whatever you were doing you just never stopped! You were just doing it all the time continuously, and yet never seemed to accomplish anything or get anywhere. I thought, “Wow! If this is Hell, it sure is some hell, because it’s like the wicked’s life on earth, just an extension of it!”

20. Hell is the extension, multiplication, amplification, continuation, endless continuation of the same monotonous, humdrum drudgery and awful lives that the wicked people of the world lead even now! Useless existences, fruitless, absolutely purposeless existences, never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything, never improving anything or making any progress or helping anybody, just totally useless, only endless, non-stop, even when you’re weary you couldn’t quit!

21. Wouldn’t that be a hell! Goodnight, it seems to me like living in some kind of a hot place with just literal flames would be almost a rest and a relief considering what they were going through! Maybe flames are symbolic of the torture and endless torment of the damned. It’s just like endless dissatisfaction, endless unsatisfied desire, always going, never arriving, always working and never finishing, always desiring and never getting, it’s horrible!

We came up this little short flight of old, old basement stone steps and found we were coming back up to the surface of the earth. I don’t understand that, because it seemed like where we were had been far underneath the surface of the Earth. Yet to get out we had to go down this long spiral corridor and out this little door and a simple short climb up and there we are on the Earth’s surface!

It must be that down was up! Oh, I don’t know where the spirit world is! It’s like another dimension somewhere!

25. As we came up this little short flight of old stone steps and stepped out on the surface of the earth, we both experienced a peculiar feeling like a thrilling sort of ripple that went through our whole bodies from head to toe, like we were miraculously transformed back into our earthly bodies! I remember that when we were in that hospital, or that polished hell or whatever it was, we were in what seemed like our bodies, and we walked and we ran, and yet it seemed like we could also fly part of the time. Like it was spiritual, and yet partly physical, I don’t understand it. As we came up out of this little short cellar stairway of steps we both suddenly felt this little electrical wave or this magical ripple that transformed us, and we were back in our dimension!

26. I looked around and the little short cellar stairwell we’d just come up was a very dark hole, like a dark green grave about 3’ by 6’, all covered with evil-looking dark green weeds and vines. It was just about the size of a grave! Exactly, just like a grave! That cellar steps stairway hole made of old cold stones now was all covered with this thick mound of dark evil green weeds and vines, just the shape of a grave! I thought, “My, how like a grave that is, all covered with those evil dark green weeds and vines!”

32. There were these keepers, these overseers.--Oh, I forgot to tell you about him! After we came out of Mr. Coosa’s office without ever getting to see him, and we decided we were going to make a run for it and get out of there, about that time one of the keepers, a very handsome grey-haired gentleman (who later turned out to be Mr. Coosa himself) began following us down the hall. They all wore these tight-fitting tunics almost like a wetsuit or a ballet suit, skin-tight. Everybody wore these skin-tight things, the keepers, not the people. The people seemed like they just wore the same old stuff.

37. So anyhow, the next thing I remember we were being questioned by this group of scientists on earth. They were asking us all about our experience how it happened, and how we got there, and so on. The main thing they seemed to be interested in was where this hole was that we had gone through, this grave, this stairway, cellar stairway like a grave, the “Green Door”, and what it was like, and had us describe it, and the end of this road, this graveyard and so on.

38. The last thing I recalled, one of the scientists said, “you know, I was working on a project during the war, on something to do with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and time lapse or time warp, sort of like a `déjà vu’ thing, where two strata of time had developed a crack and one sort of slipped a little over the other one.

39. The theory that he had was that if you could find such a crack in the dimension of time, it would be possible to slip out of time and out of this dimension into another one. So he was saying, “Well, I think it’s possible. You could possibly have had such an experience, that you’ve managed to find the crack or the overlap.” He called it overlap, “This slippage which you found, that place where you got through into another world of time or space or timelessnessor some other dimension.”

End of Excerpt (Comments from Author: If the earth is indeed hollow, and the crust is around 300 miles thick, then the centre of gravity would be in the dead centre of the crust, or around 150 miles down in the earth. So it is possible to pass a place of zero gravity at the epicentre of the earth’s crust, and reverse what is perceived as up and what is down, just as in this story.  Quite remarkable!)-(Author: D.B.Berg 1973)

 SOURCE:-1) Journey to Gragau by Alan Trenholm

               2)THE GREEN DOOR


Finally, I challenge you, that if you have not already prayed to receive Jesus into your heart, so that you can have eternal life, & be guaranteed a an eternal place in Heaven, then please do so immediately, to keep you safe from what is soon coming upon the earth!

Jesus stated in Revelations 3.20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and live with him and him with me”.

 “He who believes on the Son of God has eternal life.” John 3.36. That means right now!

 Once saved, you are eternally saved, and here is a very simple prayer to help you to get saved:-

 “Dear Jesus,

 Please come into my heart, forgive me all of my sins,  give me eternal life, and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Please help me to love others and to read the Word of God in Jesus name, Amen. 

Once you’ve prayed that little prayer sincerely, then you are guaranteed a wonderful future in Heaven for eternity with your creator, and loved ones."For God is Love" (1 John 4.16)

As I mentioned earlier in this book, your Salvation does not depend on you going to church, and your good works. Titus 3.5 states “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy he saved us”.

 Your salvation only depends on receiving Christ as your saviour, not on church or religion!

 (If I could get saved having been an atheist and an evolutionist whilst at university, then anyone can get saved! Just challenge God to prove He exists, & ask Him into your heart! He will show up in your life & teach you the truth!) (John 14.6)


 "He that comes unto Me I will in no wise cast out"- Jesus

 Jesus explained that unless you become as a child you won't even understand the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. (John 3.3)

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Tens of thousands of secret CIA files were made public after years of wrangling. These include more than 12,000 documents about the Stargate program, a research into remote viewing, which the intelligence service secretly conducted.

In the early seventies, the CIA supported a program to examine a form of extrasensory perception called remote viewing utility could be useful for intelligence gathering.

US military intelligence service DIA labeled this program the Stargate. They tried to figure out what other countries did on clairvoyance. In addition, research was done to clairvoyance and psychics were used by the government.
Clairvoyance Clearly Demonstrated

The Psychics were educated on remote viewing, precognition (seeing the future) and telepathy. They had to include information on targets that could not be approached in a conventional manner.

Para Psychologist and Professor Jessica Utts of the University of California – Irvine concluded after her review of the project that clairvoyance was clearly demonstrated.

The study suggested according to her clairvoyance works just like our other five senses, namely by observing change. It is possible that clairvoyance is a sort of sensing the future to find significant changes, much like our eyes scan the area for visual change, says Utts.
“It makes little sense to continue with experiments designed to provide evidence, as there is little more can be offered to anyone who refuses to accept the current data,” the professor further said
You can download the files about the secret program Stargate here or view them here.

There are also many thousands of documents released on MK-ULTRA. In the fifties, the CIA secretly experimented on unwitting subjects with the aim of finding a way to brainwash people.

In 1974, the New York Times reported that the CIA between 1953 and 1963, and possibly longer, conducted under the headings Artichoke and MK-ULTRA had experimented on unsuspecting people. The newspaper discovered that the CIA developed brainwashing methods.

The then head of the CIA, Richard Helms, had the scandal already provided in 1973 and then burned all the evidence. A stack of documents, however, was misfiled and was found intact.

MK-ULTRA had branches in more than 150 sub-projects with experiments in more than 80 hospitals and universities. The documents on this secret program can be downloaded here or if you want to view them piece by piece click here. All together is about 90,000 documents.

On crowdfunding site Kickstarter there is launched a project to get the nearly 13 million pages of CIA documents public, that are currently still secret.

View: Stargate Documents
View: MK-ULTRA Documents

October 10, 2015

Scientist's Shocking Armageddon Sign Discovery

A scientist's new report this week shows that the second of two greatest tell-tale natural indicators of human mass extinction exists. The first had already been proven. The new findings published Wednesday are a clarion call to humanity.

Frogs are bio-indicators, meaning they indicate the ecosystems's health. Because frogs are most often the first animals to react to biological hazards, they are a helpful warning to humans, for humans to take positive action. The Australian scientist's recent discovery about frogs is alarming, to say the least.

“About 200 frog extinctions have occurred and hundreds more will be lost over the next century, so we are on pace to create a mass extinction,” according to the study report by scientist John Alroy.

Alroy, the research paper author and associate professor at Macquarie University's Department of Biological Sciences, analyzed international data on declining frog populations in a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA on Tuesday.


Dr Alroy found 200 of the world's 6355 known frog species became extinct within 30 years, from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Everything is getting worse for frogs," he said, and the reason is not the usually blamed culprit, global warming, according to Alroy. While global warming might be contributing to the declining frog populations, Dr Alroy said most of the species losses were due to other factors.

"The losses are coming from the introduction of invasive species, the spread of a fungus called BD (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), habitat destruction and, potentially, pollution," he said.

The largest species loss has been in Central America and Brazil, where populations have been devastated by the BD fungus, according to the Canberra Times.

How do frogs demonstrate human extinction? Frog skin is very porous and permeable. This allows environmental toxins to be absorbed within frogs' fatty tissues. These poisons bioaccumulate – becoming concentrated and stored in the frogs' fat cells. As tadpoles, frogs spend part of their lives in water. Frogs' soft, jellylike eggs readily absorb pollutants along with moisture during development. Pesticides cause thyroid gland problems and mutations, such as extra limbs. Because these amphibians live terrestrially and aquatically, they indicate contamination dilemmas for land and water habitats.

Frogs are extremely sensitive to chemical pollution. Tadpoles metabolize chemicals from the water and release them in their urine. The chemicals are then reabsorbed from the same water, much like a human fetus reabsorbs wastes. Scientists study environmental effects on frogs to understand how the environment affects humans. Chemical contamination causes mutations and cancers in frogs. 

Endocrine disrupting toxic chemicals have been found to feminize male frogs and cause homosexual behavior.

“From the carpets in our living rooms to the liners of our canned goods we’re exposed to manmade chemicals every day,” Steve Curwood commented in a 2011 It’s Living on Earth program ( ) conducted by Ashley Ahearn. “We use synthetic chemicals for everything, from plastics to pesticides. They eventually make their way from our farms, households or industry into the environment – and into our bodies. And they may be affecting our reproductive health – indeed, even our sexual preferences.”

Dr. Tyrone Hayes’, a biologist and University of California professor of Integrative Biology at  known for research findings concluding the herbicide atrazine is an  that de-masculinizes and feminizes male frogs, advocates for critical review and regulation of pesticides and other chemicals possibly causing adverse health effects. One of Dr. Hayes’ PhD students noticed male-on-male copulation in a tank treated with atrazine – America's second most commonly used herbicide. Hayes began collecting data and exposed frogs to the same level of atrazine that the Environmental Protection Agency says is safe for drinking water, and he kept other frogs atrazine-free. His research showed atrazine exposure made frogs 7 times more prone to homosexual behavior and 10 percent actually feminized.

Hays showed to Curwood s frog that looked like a female on the outside, but on the inside, it had large testes - equivalent of a man with a uterus. The male frogs were producing eggs and having babies. And there are consequences. Dr. Laurence Baskin is a pediatric urologist with the University of California, San Francisco and practices part-time at the Oakland Children’s Hospital. He’s performing back-to-back surgeries to correct hypospadias – the second most common birth defect in the country behind heart disease. About one in 125 to one in 250 newborn males has a genitalia abnormality that can be described as hypospadias – penile curvature, abnormal urethra and abnormal foreskin.

It is not, however, only reproductive health impaired by endocrine disrupters, not are endocrine disrupting chemicals only showing up in feminized frogs. Almost 100 percent of the human population has endocrine disrupters today, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

With loss of habitats to development, weather changes, logging and pollution, the entire ecosystem is impacted. Frog research tells humans when waters are polluted and warn how environmental changes affect cell development.

Though not as effective as the other top health indicator of our planet, bats, also facing extinction, frogs help insect control. They are a food source to many carnivorous species. They are, therefore, essential for maintaining balanced ecosystems.

“Frogs have survived in more or less their current form for 250 million years, having survived countless ice ages, asteroid crashes, and other environmental disturbances, yet now one-third of amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. (

“This should serve as an alarm call to humans that something is drastically wrong in the environment.”