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1) Hank Jenkins - USA - 22/08/19

Along these lines - (the fact that you have also recently discovered some ancient fortresses in the mountains of Scotland), I think you've been wise Stephen, to take your time with your books and your websites.  If God wants to give you a bigger voice and a bigger audience, He'll open the doors for you.

AUTHOR: 2) Today 16/08/19 I wrote to the RADIO SHOW HOST Simon Peterson in Uganda and he has agreed to interview me about my two new books fo the public in Africa. He is the letter that I sent today and his almost immediate response:

Dear Mr Simon Peterson, my two new books of 'Jasher Insights' books  I & II were launched on AMAZON as paperbacks and also on KINDLE on the 6th August. Could it be possible for you to interview me to do a Radio station interview sometime soon after the holidays? - Here was his very quick response:

RESPONSE: 'Yes, would love to! The Book of Jasher is amazing and I am very much looking forward to recording an audio book of it.'

Steve: I will post the RADIO INTERVIEW once we have done it -it will be around 1 hour long.

3) Good for you to bring to light again those writings that are backed up by the Bible itself in Joshua 10:13 and 1 Samuel 1:18. In other words, this book is certified by the Bible itself! God bless you -Andre Nueva Vida - Columbia - S.A - 11/08/1

4) Hi, GBY I just ordered your two books of Jasher Insights I & II. Can't wait to get the PAPERBACK VERSIONS! Anyway, I can't wait to receive these books. I'm almost finished reading the first one. What strength Jacob's sons had! (supernatural! It reminds me that in the End Time, the stronger the enemy forces are, the stronger we will be, using the 'Word of God' and all the weapons of the Spirit.) - Estrella -Spain -16/08/19 LINK - WORD WARRIORS:

5) Thanks! I look forward to delving into those xxx -Claire Wilkinson - UK -12/08/19

6) Hi, I will wait 'til my daughter comes back from her vacation in a few days to order since the books will be delivered to the place of her work. It looks like you made two separate books instead of one. I'm a I am so glad to have this to read and study.- Estrella - Spain - 13/08/19

7) Will you make your books available to deliver from At any rate, I will order these books soon. GBY! – Estrella 13/08/19

8) Thanks for sharing! - Daniel Wordsmith P. -13/08/19-

9) Christian Zambrelli - 15/08/19  - I'll get these books 'JASHER INSIGHTS' BOOK I & BOOK II ASAP!  - Thanks Stephen