These eerie cloud formations are

signs of weather modification



Look at these eerie cloud formations.

And then don’t tell me they are natural. Geoengineering is real and modify our weather.

cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

Iridescence on cirrus clouds in Australia on August 9, 2016. By Michael Thompson


cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

What the heck is that? Wind brushed clouds over Bellingham, Washington on August 1, 2016. via VK

cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

Anvil mammatus clouds engulf Groningen, Netherlands on August 10, 2016. via VK

cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

Colorado thunderstorms at sunset on August 9, 2016. By Majesty Photo

cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineeringGhostly lenticular cloud near Etna, Sicily. By Alessandro Lo Piccolo cloud, cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

Noctilucent clouds over Umeå, Sweden. August 7, 2016 by Ruslan Merzlyakov

 cloud formation, weather modification, geoengineering

Beautiful lightning strike over the airport Pyrzowice, Polan by Przemek Rodzik

Or is it the nature going crazy?





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Are Super Typhoons Created By

Secret Climate Weapons? 

Hacking the Climate-Winners and Losers

Investigator dutchsinse received significant media attention when he showed evidence that Super Typhoon Yolanda intensified following a screen anomaly that he calls a “microwave pulse”.

The theory of microwave pulsing is supported by a proposal by Bernard Eastlund that claims microwaves can alter the atmosphere. “ATMOSPHERIC HEATING AS A RESEARCH TOOL”


Although Dutch presents strong evidence,  that an anomaly appeared on a graphic screen during Yolanda and several other storms, his evidence does not (yet) rise to the level of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt”.


Satellite images reveals that tropical cyclones in the Pacific are almost always accompanied by massive aerosol seeding by jet aircraft.

In 2009, HAMP investigators (Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program) established that tropical cyclones can be intensified by aircraft deployment of black carbon aerosols without the need for an exotic “microwave pulse”.


Complete Article:


11/8/2013 — Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  Typhoon Haiyan, known as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was one of the strongest tropical cyclones to hit a land mass, ever recorded

dutchsinse Here is my response to the “expert”, Project NOAH Executive Director Doctor Mahar Lagmay, who came out in the Philippines National News to issue a response to this video.

“Weather Modification 101” = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News (ANC)



Winter Storms With Record Heat, What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Dane Wigington

As strong plumes of moisture flow in off of the record warm Pacific ocean, heavy aerosol spraying of chemical ice nucleating materials begin the cool-down that is paving the way for "winter storm Ferus", the latest creation from the climate engineering cabal. The combination satellite radar image below reveals the flow of Pacific moisture over the Western US. It also reveals the extremely long plume of moisture and aerosolized cloud cover spanning from far out into the Eastern Pacific, all the way to Greenland. The brighter the white of the cloud cover, the more aerosolized it is. 


The composition of the ever expanding aerosolized cloud canopies are very different than natural cloud formations. Some "streaking" can be seen on the image above from the constant aerosol dispersions.

The aerosolization/chemical nucleation process (causing an endothermic reaction) dries up much of the moisture and scatters it over a much broader area. What is the result? A "winter snow storm" from a flow of moisture that originated over record warm ocean temperatures of the Pacific. The climate engineers are looking for "winter" headlines to counter the current record warmth in the Eastern US,  down under in Australia, and even unprecedented winter forest fires in places like Spain.


Record forest fires are now occurring during all seasons and all over the planet. Click HERE for a photo gallery of the fires in Spain.

In spite of all the global hot spots, (and the increasingly rapid overall planetary warming), the climate engineers are throwing everything they can at "winter storm Ferus".


Naming the engineered "winter storms" dramatizes the headlines, the desired effect for the geoengineers and the power structure controlled Weather Channel.

Does the scenario in the NOAA map below look in any way "normal"? The current scenario is the exact antithesis of the previous three winters in the US, it is completely engineered.


The geoengineers are becoming increasingly blatant and desperate as the unraveling of the climate system continues to pick up momentum.

A record warm Christmas is likely in the very locations that had record cold and record snow only last year. How warm will it likely be in the Eastern US? The air temperature map below should be a wake up call.


The actual temperatures are likely to be even higher than the "official" forecasts and the "official" daily high readings reported. Underreporting of temperature readings is now becoming the norm as the power structure desperately tries to hide the full gravity of what is unfolding around us all (while making the situation even worse at the same time).

What are the long term global temperature trends?  Multiple record graphing sources and an endless flow of frontline data paint a clear picture. Though the flow of disinformation in regard to the true state of the climate is epidemic, people must learn to look behind the headlines and the sources used to make them. Frontline data is the bottom line, those who truly want to get at the truth will take the time to examine such data.


The rate of planetary warming is beyond dire, geoengineering is making the situation far worse, not better. Thousands of high temperature records have been set in the US during the last two weeks, many more will fall before the end of 2015. This will be the warmest year on record with temperatures shattering the former record set only last year. 2016 will likely break the record yet again. Even the world's lakes are heating and dying.

Massive methane releases may have already pushed the planet into a runaway greenhouse event, climate engineering has also exacerbated the overall methane scenario.


It is imperative for populations to wake up and realize the immediacy of the challenge we face. The equation could not be more "non-linear".

Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic activity decimating the planet and the climate system, global geoengineering is at the top of the list. The extreme temperature imbalances and climate engineering contamination fallout are wreaking havoc on the biosphere and all life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 2.08.19 PM

The temperature extremes reflected in the map above are unprecedented. 

The extreme heating of ever larger regions is beyond alarming. Many areas of Eastern North America are likely to be as much as 30 degrees above normal by Christmas eve. The planet's ability to support life is rapidly slipping away, what will you do? What will all of us do? Our challenges are many, but exposing and halting climate engineering should be, must be, our top priority. Make your voice heard by passing on credible information to all those around you, to all those that will listen. It is up to all of us to make every day count in this most critical battle.

US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare “Training” Video Is Beyond Shocking

By Dane Wigington  21/10/15
Those that doubt the twisted and psychotic nature of our own military need to consider long and hard the contents of the newly declassified 14 minute video at the link below. The entire composition of this military "training" film is far beyond disturbing and alarming. The criminal cabal that currently rules the world are well aware of the fact that populations are beginning to wake up to their ongoing global atmospheric spraying programs of total decimation and omnicide. After viewing the attached video, would any sane person doubt the fact that those in power would not hesitate to use such weapons against their own populations in order to retain their grip on power? It is not just a possibility, but has long been a lethal reality that is clearly visible to any who bother to look up, do some objective research, and then put their sense of deductive reasoning to use. Climate engineering is weather warfare and biological warfare. There is no separating these components, they are all one and the same. We are all under direct assault, as is the entire biosphere. This is not alarmism, theory, conjecture, or speculation, it is verifiable fact. Check your priorities, if you are not focused on the critical battle to expose and halt the toxic spraying of our skies being carried out under the global climate modification/solar radiation management umbrella, then you are missing the point. These programs of aerosol spraying are the most immediate threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm. Make your voice heard in the fight for the common good while there is yet something worth fighting for.
This video (the Navy one) really underlines the idiocy and horrors of warfare of any kind–but of course it's doubly horrific looking at how bioweapons and chemicals have been developed as war weapons from way back. Now of course, as we know, from the daily raining down on us, it's gotten both subtler and worse.

Something I've been meaning to research further may be of note here too: the Air Force and maybe DoD and Navy too have contracts out where they are dropping virus aerosols into the atmosphere and hitting them with EMFs to study the effects of non-ionizing radiation on biological material.

Also, you may know the work of Kevin Galalae–whom I have just learned about. He is a Canadian activist and historian who has been exposing how the global chem trails–along with a whole bunch of other stuff: vaccines, GMOs, food additives, flouride in water, aspartame–are a deliberate part of a covert global depopulation agenda that apparently the UN has been following for decades!

They are all part of a reducing-fertility and increasing-morbidity agenda that all UN countries are following, using endocrine disruptors in food and water, and that they are bound in secrecy to keep from revealing to their citizens and to the world body via non-disclosure agreements; the carefully innocuous name for this incredibly genocidal program is "Demographic Transition".

He sounds like a UN insider. I am still exploring his findings–he has a couple books out and speaks widely on the subject–but I made a beginning post, linking to a few very illuminating videos and talks yesterday: