28. Sep, 2014

Update Sunday 28th Sept

Dear friends new and old,today, Sunday the 28th Sept I have added a very interesting pre-view of NEPHILIM II by L A Marzulli, which he just sent to me. He would like everyone to pass on the info, so please do visit his website which is mentioned at the end of his pre-view chapter 1.

Since he is talking about the NEPHILIM (GIANTS),I decided to also show chapter 8 of my new book "Out of the Bottomless Pit", which the publisher told me yesterday should be available within days.

I hope you find the topic of Giants interesting because if there were indeed giants from 8 feet up to 45 feet high then we must totally change our science as to what really happened in the past, and that in fact we might be DEVOLVING in size and perhaps also genetically and not EVOLVING, as taught by EVOLUTION. I myself went to two different universities in the one studying scence, electronics, and mathmatics, but most of what I was taught in science was incomplete and flawed, because most of modern science is based on EVOLUTION.  When one seriously investigates, the THEORY simply does NOT make any sense at all, and is mere GUESSWORK & is contrary to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which we can prove to be correct, and thus true science.

After all of this time of fossil hunting there is still no concrete EVIDENCE for EVOLUTION. We need to re-think what really happened in are PAST! For me in the Beginning God created.. and not Evolution but that is up to you to decide...