6. Oct, 2014

Latest about "Out of the Bottomless" Pit Book

Dear friends,

I apologize for not putting anything new on this site for 5 days. I will explain what has been happening. I have had to totally re-do the 17 page VOCABALUARY INDEX to my new book. It has been tough, and I have had to work on it around 4 hours each day for the past 5 days. Now some might correctly ask, "why even bother to make an extensive VOCABULARY INDEX to a book?"

Well as it turns out, I believe that this new book when it is finally available, will be useful also as a REFERENCE book to anyone doing research on "Strange Happenings". Now with the extensive INDEX, it is my hope that it will make those people's job much easier.

I believe today marked the very last touches to the new book by myself, and I think the publisher will work with it ,and thus the final product will be soon available.

As one can plainly see, I have zero knowledge about how to set-up a website, and this one was originally set-up just in order to advertise the new book.

However,I will be sprucing the site up now that my work on the actual book is completely finished.

I am intending to eventually follow-up all the topics of the book with up-to date info on each relevant topic. So visit again as this site will very soon become much more active, DV.

You will be able to buy the book directly from this site, and there will be links to KINDLE once it has been all set-up.

I have ALSO set-up this website to create an interest in PARANORMAL SUBJECTS, but with a difference. A much more POSITIVE out-look about the PARANORMAL and UNEXPLAINABLE!

We all know that there are many unexplainable things going on all of the time all around us, and some of us notice these strange happenings much more often than others do. 

If you start with the reference point of being open-minded and flexible, and not either overly religious or totally rejecting that which your mind cannot explain, then I think you could be a likely candidate for seeing things or even experience things beyond this dimension.

We do not have to be afraid of things that we can't necessarily explain. I think it makes life more interesting when  one has the challenge of having to ask the right questions...

I look forward to the day when we wont see WARS any more and when there will be true justice for all mankind. That's what our hope is! But for now our job is to find truth and proclaim it, as well as to expose the LIES of the MEDIA  and the ELITE, and try to encourage others who are also on the very difficult & challenging path of life, in a world that is fast becoming infernally dark.  So we all need a good search-light with us at all times.

The written word is indeed much more powerful than the sword.

I like the following famous saying which I will parphrase here:

Don't worry about the TRUTH! The TRUTH is like a LION. Just release it, and it will more than take care of itself!

Please dont' be afraid to tell others the TRUTHS that YOU KNOW.  They might HELP someone else to be happier and more fulfilled in life.

There is a great sense of FREEDOM is proclaiming the TRUTH about any giving topic.

Sometimes it can be painful and even cause personal sorrow, but many out there really need to know the TRUTH in every topic. 

In general those who run this world are LYING to everybody about almost everything.

As I said in my book, we live in a sort of MATRIX.


For God's sake,don't live your life for either money or fleeting fame,which cannot save your soul, but realize that contrary to the ELITE'S doctrine of "Might is Right" and the "dog eat dog" culture of today, that in fact in the eyes of God Himself, each and every person on this planet is very valuable; and as quoted in the book "Journey to Gragau", each of our souls are part of the very breath of God.

We are all different colours of the same light. God loves each one of us intensely and sadly most won't realize it until they return to the spirit world.

Another quote I liked so much from the brilliant new book "Journey to Gragau" by Alan Trenholm which was a personal spirit trip. He was told by his lovely companion in the spirit world that we have got RELIGION all WRONG down here!

She said that God does NOT see whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim or any other religion or whether you are a communist or atheist.

"All he sees is whether you are RECEPTIVE to HIS SPIRIT or whether you reject it ,by how you actually LIVE your life!?"

The whole point of being on this earth as far as God is concerned is to be curious enough to LOOK for the TRUTH and NOT accept the LIE of the MATRIX which has been hoisted over us all.

I can only talk from my own personal experience.  My own father was an atheist until the day he died, and yet I know that God had mercy on him, and that he got saved and received Jesus after he died. Maybe I will write about how I know that some time later.

God wants our communication with Him to be easy enough so that a small child can understand HIM as the bible says, "God is love!"

God is certainly not some horrible religious monster going around killing people such as ISIS in Iraq, and I assure  you that HE really cares about each one🙂 of you personally. Just give Him a chance.


Hopefully I can give you some more specific news about the "Out of the Bottomless Pit " book within days now!



PS. You can contact me directly at :- strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk