11. Oct, 2014


Dear friends,

It is not yet possible to buy my new book as it is not yet on the market. I will soon give you all of the different LINKS to the Paperback which is £14.99 & £4.99 on KINDLE. Dimensions 9 x 6 inches and 370 pages long. so it is a big book.

It is exciting as I haven't even gotten the book out in English yet, and people are asking me to publish it in INDIA and JAPAN and in Spanish speaking countries. We are truely looking forward to the soon launch of this book, which we hope will be a very interesting READ for all!

Thanks for Listening.

Once I get professional help to set-up this new website, then I will start to make LINKS to every one of the 37 chapters of my new book, with continuing up-to date information on each topic and I will also add more interesting topics.

I will also promote all of the books mentioned in my book including and in particular "Journey to Tricon" at amazon.com and "Journey to Gragau" at amazon.com by Alan Trenholm, as well as "Earthshaker" by John Benjamin at amazon.com

Thanks for coming on this site.

Have a great week-end,