17. Oct, 2014

About 1 week until launch of the book

Dear friends,

Yesterday, the publisher told me that he had been delayed this week due to unforseen circumstances, and that the book would now be on the market next Thursday 23rd October.

Yesterday, in-between working, I was going around talking with members of the public including 2 ex-soldiers, a Palestianian shop-keeper and a security guard. What I was impressed with was that all of them had something in common: they were not blind to the fact that our world has become totally corrupted by the Elite.(They knew about the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and that our world is fast descending into darkness.)

Meeting people makes my job as a missionary very interesting, as my main job is to encourage people that we do not have to accept what we see around us, but that we can all do something to make this world a better place and help where we can in our communities.

It is very important for people to see that we care about them. After all God loves everyone very much, and it must make him very sad to see what has become of the beautiful world that HE originally created as a PARADISE.

I firmly believe that in spite of all ofthe EVIL in this world that we can all make a difference for good like Jacki in Jordan. Please see "Worthy Causes" about what she has been up to in helping the Palestinians.

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful day.🙂