24. Oct, 2014

Where to buy the book "Out of the Bottomless"

Where to buy "Out of the Bottomless Pit" book?


Here is the LINK:-


Dear friends,

I am told it will take yet 3 days for AMAZON.COM to put in all of the details concerning the new book, and for it to be available to the public; but the above address LINK is where you will find it.

The hardback/softback book is priced at £14.99

I will also put it on KINDLE electronicbooks on AMAZON.COM,  at £5.99 very soon.

I added several interesting topics to my site over the past few days, and will be adding many more over the weeks to come.

Thanks for your interest.

Best Wishes,

Have a great weekend!


(Author: Stephen Nigel Strutt)