6. Nov, 2014

More New Topics

Dear friends,

Last night I added a few more Subject Topics to my SITE. One of first two articles under MILITARY is very serious as to how many HIGH RANKING Military personal in the USA, have been deliberately FIRED just for voicing an opinion different than the robotic ESTABLISHMENT.

The other two articles under PLAGUES show the very serious consequences of FUKUSHIMA, in dangerously POSIONING both the sea-life in the oceans and the people in the USA.

These articles show a very tragic turn of events in the Pacific region and BEYOND!

For those still waiting for my book, I apologize with the DELAY. You can buy the book on Amazon.com for £14.99 but not yet the KINDLE which will be £5.99.I had to correct some minor typing errors to the published book. As soon as the publisher gets back to me with reassurances that the book is now in perfect condition for the  public, then I personally will quickly put the book on KINDLE on Amazon.com. KINDLE is where I expect to sell the most books.

Hang in there, and I will have the KINDLE out very soon.

Thanks for listening.