11. Nov, 2014

Conflicting Information?

Dear friends,

I have placed what I consider to be a very important article which is very long (25 pages) under the CHEMTRAILS page, but reveals what used to be classified as "Top Secret" and shows how HAARP and weather altering machines are completely real and not so-called "conspiracy theories" The article mentions TESLA Technology  and the real goals of the Global Warming now Climate Change AGENDA.

It is also very shocking to see that they have allegedly exploded many atomic bombs over the ARCTIC during the 1950's, in the hope of getting rid ofthe ICE as the ELITE oil companies wanted to harvest new oil and gas fields. What insane monsters! No regards for the after-effects on both the wild-life & on human-beings!

However if you read the other side of the coin, on the articles on ICE-AGE on this site, it would seem that inspite of man's weather machines that instead ofthe planet warming up to see an ice-free ARCTIC, the exact opposite is in fact happening, as the planet has been coolling for the past 17 years.

I have also put a very interesting article about possible RAPID Global COOLING.

Another very interesting article about the behaviour of those who have had LIFE after Death experiences from a scientific and electromagnetic standpoint. Quite Amazing!

There is a video about a SCARY BOOM SOUND in the OCEANS under the MONSTERS section.

I hope you find some of the articles useful, as you discover how things are NOT what they are made out to be in our MATRIX world.

One must dig deeper to find out the very truth & that takes a lot of work!

Best Wishes,