18. Nov, 2014

Book available to READ ELECTRONICALLY on Amazon today!

Today Amazon finally made my book readable for the public! 

So if you go to either AMAZON.COM or AMAZON.CO.UK  under the BOOK SECTION you can actually read the book IN ELECTRONIC FORM at least for a limited time period, and flip through the different topics of the book to see which ones appeal to you. Some chapters are about very advanced or FUTURISTIC TESLA/Einstein INVENTIONS. Yet other Chapters are about HEAVEN & yet another about HELL. Some chapters are VERY Dark chapters with a lot of OCCULT information..  Some chapters are about POLITICS  & ECONOMICS. Other chapters about OBAMA and PUTIN...and the intriguing world of HIGH FINAANCE.A chapter about the REAL shady PEOPLE who PULL THE STRINGS on this PLANET such as the ILLUMINATI. Yet another chapter about HITLER and his belief in the HOLLOW EARTH theory;Yet other chapters about the DEMONIC POWERS behind this World masquerading as benign ALIENS. Another is about UFO'S in detail. There is a whole chapter about my own personal life. Another about TRUE SALVATION and how easy it is to be part of the  spirit world.

I would kindly ask my readers to post some REVIEWS on AMAZON.COM or AMAZON.CO.UK after reading through the book. At present I only have 2 REVIEWS and I think for the book to really roll 30 good REVIEWS would make a big difference.

I am currently working on finalizing the ELECTRONIC KINDLE version of the book which I hope will be fully posted on AMAZON within a week.

Thanks for listening

A big thank you to all of my readers.