7. Dec, 2014


Dear friends,

Today 7/12/14 we received an EXCELLENT REVIEW from SUSAN KINGSTON in the FUJI ISLANDS. You can see her extensive REVIEW in the REVIEW section of my website.

She also kindly mentioned the following information about AMAZON, & that it is DIFFICULT to place a REVIEW for a book on AMAZON unless you have an account with AMAZON, and have already bought something from them. Here is what she said:-

"I tried to post it & join Amazon & to first obtain a user name & password

I joined Amazon but then received the following message":-


"To submit a customer review: you need to use an Amazon account that has successfully been charged for a purchase. Free digital downloads don't qualify (including free Kindle books, apps, videos or MP3s) as well as any free promotional items received. You don't need to have purchased the product you're reviewing."


From the author of "Out of the Bottomless pit:-"

I would kindly ask more people to place good to excellent REVIEWS directly onto AMAZON.CO.UK or AMAZON.COM if at all possible, and especially if you already have an account with them and have already bought a product with them.

If it proves to be too difficult, then please send your BOOK REVIEWS directly to strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk & I will place them on this website.


Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS SEASON