28. Dec, 2014


Dear friends,

Today the 28th December saw the TRAGIC LOSS OF A THIRD MALAYSIAN AIRLINE  this year & the possible loss of 166 souls on board. We can only pray that the plane will yet be found safe with all of its people on board!

See full article in new TAB simply listed DISAPPEARANCES

You will find the first two missing MALAYSIAN FLIGHTS MH 370 AND MH17 mentioned in great detail in my  new book "Out of the Bottomless Pit", both in the 2nd chapter about the BERMUDA TRIANGLE (on page 15), and in the APPENDIX I  at the back of the book (pg 294).

Now with a third Malaysian plane gone down again with NO DISTRESS SIGNAL, that is now 3 Malaysian planes which have DISAPPEARED in 2014, with 2 "gone missing without a trace". I will write more about this 3rd Malaysian flight soon.

Please also look in the CHEMTRAILS tab as my wife and I saw a lot of them today whilst walking in our local mountains i.e 8 CHEMTRAILS within one hour. The strange thing was that 3 of them were PARELLEL to each other and flying at the same time, showing that they could not possibly be regular airlines!

See CHEMTRAILS Tab for more information.