3. Jan, 2015


Dear friends,

I have placed 6 significant articles on the site today especially about ECONOMICS and a possible ECONOMIC CRASH in the USA in 2015.

Putin of RUSSIA is currently acting as the NICE GUY, but is his stand part of a bigger ILLUMINATI plot for a an NWO? You decide.

Strange creatures have been seen around the world as re-emerging after a long time of absence. Why are they re-appearing right now?

We are told that the planet is heating up and now NASA itself tells us that actually we are heading for a mini ice-age. Who is right?

And many other interesting articles have been placed on my site over the past few days. Happy reading.

I do hope that you have had a chance to read my new book "Out of the Bottomless pit" on KINDLE at amazon.co.uk or amazon.com for around £3 or to get the paperback version for £14.99 or equivalent.

Here is one of the excellent REVIEWS by one who has had the time to read the book thoroughly:-


7/12/14   About the new book “Out of the Bottomless Pit”:-

 "It's fascinating, it's fantastic, its indescribable, it’s mysterious, it's beyond imagination, it's shocking with new concepts, its breathtaking, it's 'out of the box'"

 (I recently fell & broke my radius bone. Being immobilized for a while, I thought of reading a book – Something that I nearly always postpone due to lack of time.

Finally, I had some time available! - Susan Kingston)

I didn't know what to expect, but after a few pages, I was like transported into another world & dimension.

Maybe the same feeling I had when I was 6-7 yrs old, when I was so fascinated by the book : “Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carol. I loved it! Why?

Like when you are in a dream, new things keep on coming up, and you do not want your dream to end...as you are really enjoying the ride. That's the way I felt with “Out of the Bottomless Pit”...I had to keep reading until I had to have a break...but it's an amazing book, a must be read!

 I always have been fascinated with some of the topics of this book, but the more I read it, it's like " I thought I knew a bit ...but now I know that I didn’t  know" Ah!

 It's scientific, it's spiritual, it's Biblical, it's down to Earth, it's highly educated, full of knowledge, recent news media headlines & it's a positive warning with a happy end. It’s like living in another world but in same time it can be completely true, like living in a matrix & discovering the real truth! It's a dream becoming reality...

 This book really "rocks your boat " Ah!...you have to be flexible & have an open mind to read it...you can learn a lot throughout that book even if you do not believe in everything or have a hard time to believe it...

Powerful thoughts there! Lot to digest & study for yourself ...it'll surely arouse curiosity about these strange mysterious matters... I guess it's intent is just to wet your appetite.

 Inspiring & a worthy spiritual trip that will leave you with the feeling that you do not want to end the "dream" Open your mind to the many endless questions or further dreams... & to find out the real Truth.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

 Sit down, relax & enjoy the ride! You won't regret it.

 I myself found it quite believable though & accurate.

 Congratulations to the author!

 Susan Kingston  www.pacificoutreach.com


Steve 03/01/14

The book itself does provide some INSIDE information and addresses the MYSTERY behind many of the articles on this site. So it is a MUST to read if you really want a FULLER picture of what is really going on BEHIND the SCENES of this physical world and who is really pulling the strings of both the politicians and banksters.

The big question to ask oneself is "who is pulling my strings?" Is it the forces of good or the forces of corruption, deception and evil?

Let's hold on to God's Word this year of 2014, as it will be in all likelihood a very ROUGH RIDE.

Psalm 91PSA.91:1.1,7 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.PSA.91:7 A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you.