19. Jan, 2015

Strange Phenomena/ Weather and much more

Dear friends,

As you will see from some of the VIDEOS under TITLE TOPICS on my website:- UFO'S, SIGNS of the TIMES, SINK HOLES etc, that many strange phenomena such as dangerously  large and bottomless SINK holes are INCREASING in frequency all over the world.

Why are they happening and in particular WHY just right NOW?

Very STRANGE TYPES of weather such as we have never seen before are happening all over the world! What is going on?! There  is a VIDEO under UFO'S apparently from NASA footage showing two people walking on MARS and examining what appears to be a crashed flying vehicle of some sort (UFO?) 

There is also a very serious article about the serious dangers of a ECONOMIC CRASH in the USA and the potential for World War III to possibly erupt in 2015; that article gives excellent background for what is really going on behind the scenes in order to PROVOKE WWIII

I also wrote about this topic in Chapter 41 of my new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT". In that chapter I explain that YES, there will be an eventual WWIII but not quite YET, according to Bible prophecy.

I have also added many other articles during the past couple of days.

The latest articles are always at the top of the list of TITLE TOPICS.

Have a wonderful week


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