9. Feb, 2015

Monday 09/02/15

Dear friends, I have placed 4 very powerful articles today in the sections of ECONOMICS,CHEMTRAILS,MEDIA & HEALTH. See for yourselves how crazy things are getting!Some are saying we have around 9 months until the WHOLE WORLD WILL COLLAPSE ECONOMICALLY and bring  WORLD CHAOS, followed by the emerging NWO.

On the CHEMTRAIL SCORE, where we live, we are getting tired of being bombarded by CHEMTRAILS right over our house almost daily,which leave a chemical smell in their wake, and I believe are causing me, and other members of my family, to get frequent migraine head-aches! Two days ago I counted over 20 CHEMTRAILS criss-crossing right over our area. The question is WHY RIGHT NOW? We did not see all of these CHEMTRAILS even 2 years ago. So what on earth is the real AGENDA behind the CHEMTRAILS? It is certainly not  to stop GLOBAL WARMING, as according to scientific experts, there has been no Global Warming for the last 19 years! So what are they really doing with the CHEMTRAILS. That is just one topic!

I hope that these articles are a HELP to you. Please  tell others what you KNOW and LEARN, so that THEY can also be WARNED, while we still have the freedom to Warn!

Have a  great Weekend

Best wishes,