16. Feb, 2015


Dear friends,

One of the topics of my new book, "Out of the bottomless Pit" was about the possiblility of an ALIEN DISCLOSURE  and what ramifications that would mean for all of mankind.

Please read the UFO section in particular from yesterday's post, because when the PRIME MINISTER of RUSSIA is now threatening to REVEAL what the USA GOVERNMENT has been HIDING  for the past 60+ years concerning ALIENS, then it is very obvious that the powers that be, (or ELITE or emerging NEW WORLD ORDER), are ready  to reveal hidden secrets.

Another serious threat  for the continued HEGEMONY of USA dominance is another threat  made by RUSSIA  to expose the USA, as the REAL culprit  for the RED FLAG EVENT of 9/11.

I also talked about this other topic in the APPENDIX of my book.

The above topics used to be dismissed by all of the main media, until very recently, as merely "conspiracy theories"; but now things are drastically changing when top world leaders are saying exactly the same thing, that many of us have been proclaiming for many years.

The only problem is that once the world's leaders talk about these things openly, then it is also likely that DISCLOSURE is indeed very close.

It will all depend on your personal VIEW-POINT, as to how you will react when the time of DISCLOSURE actually occurs. Many will embrace it, and others will be terrified.

If you read my book you will see lots of evidence about these "Alien Beings" having been here visiting for thousands of years, at different times, and who they really are.

The big question is, if what the Prime Minister of Russia claims is TRUE, is in fact TRUE, then why tell the world exactly NOW? 

What is really going on behind the scenes. Well maybe we are soon to find out!

***You can find out a lot more in my book in chapters 11,15,21,22,26,and especially chapter 32 which is actually called "DISCLOSURE" 

Yesterday, I also placed yet another very important article in the BIG BROTHER section of my site, talking directly about how close we are to en-forced MICRO-CHIP implants, for ALL HUMANS, otherwise known to many as the futuristic "MARK OF THE BEAST". I talk about this topic at length in my book and in particular chapter 40  called simple, "THE MARK OF THE BEAST" with further detials as to "why now" in chapter 46.

Finally today I have just added in the SCIENCE SECTION about THE CERN ATOM-SMASHER COLLIDER re-opening next month in March 2015 with twice the power, as at the last time used just a few years ago.

Is it safe or is it potentially very dangerous.

Professor Stephen Hawking today's Einstein states that he does not think that it is a good idea, see WHY?

Please do look under the section  "SIGNS of the TIMES" on my website, as I just found  an excellent bible study about PERSECUTION& how 100 million Christians are being persecuted every year. Wow, now that's a lot!  It will apparently only get much worse during the GREAT TRIBULATION  as mentioned in the bible in many places.

Many of the topics mentioned in the class are also in my new book, "OUT of the BOTTOMLESS PIT" in chapters 40 & 41.


Here is a direct link to my new book on AMAZON.COM :- http//www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q7ARAXW

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