18. Feb, 2015

World Politics FALSE East-West Paradigm

Dear friends,

Today I have put around 5 articles under the POLITICS section.

After reading all this you might want to also read chapter 44 of my new book, "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" titled the "Coming New World Order" where you will see their tricks of smoke and mirrors and clever slight of hand as in fact, inspite of the seeming EAST-WEST conflict, both sides are in fact working for the same masters of the whole crazy NEW WORLD ORDER game.

In the one case you have a non-chalent  OBAMA ,  who is now very unpopular, and on the other end of the spectrum PUTIN the tough guy, who is very popular in Russia, and is seen by many  all over the world, as a big hero standing up to the  crazed USA. But is this really the whole picture? To find out what is really going on, read the INSIDE INFO in my book in chapter 44.

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