23. Feb, 2015


I would like to welcome all of  the new visitors to my site this weekend.

Today I have put some very interesting articles about the "NEW WORLD ORDER" on my site and also other articles about the very recent hushed-up crash-landing of a UFO in Canada.

What I find very encouraging at present, is that more and more people are AWARE of  "STRANGE GOINGS ON" on this planet, than say just 2 years ago; and many R curious to find out what on earth is happening to LIFE on our planet. Who is it who is really messing up and poisoning our atmosphere with CHEMTRAILS etc, & who was really responsible for the NIGHTMARES of 9/11 as well as  so many other absolute HORRORS on this planet  such as FUKUSHIMA RADIATION & many other terrible happenings ever since that fateful day in 2001? Many are starting to ask these right kind of questions, which is very encouraging.

The worst and most annoying thing of all about the EVIL on this planet however, is that the hidden ELITE (ILLUMINATI)(those who purportrate such horrors on our planet), simply don't seem to have any CONSCIENCE at all, and absolutely no respect for human life. The masses are mere cockroaches to THEM to be used and abused! (Their saying!)

I have recently talked with a lot of people from different countries, and people from diverse backgrounds & many different creeds; and we all agree that someone is deliberately stirring up trouble right now on a world scale, as well as festering DIVISIONS between peoples, just in order to orchestrate CHAOS.

I suppose that very soon THEY will get their damned dream of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

May God help us all, and I am sure that He will!

The big question on many people's minds today, is not IF it will happen, but simply WHEN?

Please tell others the TRUTH of what YOU KNOW, while we yet have the freedom to do so!

Don't be one of the SILENT MAJORITY.

Please do your own homework into all the material on this site, or indeed in the more concentrated INSIDE INFO in my new book:-

"OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT", which you can find at this direct LINK on AMAZON.COM so that you have a complete picture. You can find my new book at:-


Best Wishes,