4. Mar, 2015


Welcome to my book blog especially set-up for my new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT"

This Blog is part of my own website:- www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk which I would encourage potential readers to take a good look at.

Following is the very best REVIEW I have received for my book so far from readers on Amazon:-

"Out of the Bottomless Pit" is an AWESOME READ! I loved it. John Benjamin.(Author of the book Earthshaker 2013)

This book deals with more topics concerning the supernatural, the scientific, the political and world events, things spiritual, secret projects and experiments, and real "mysteries" than almost any other book I've read lately. It covers a very broad range of important information for those who have "an inquiring mind" and are interested in the secret things that are really going on behind scenes: hidden things which are creating the events that are happening in our modern world as well as shaping our modern world. It also delves into many mysteries of the past; secret experiments; the involvement of high up people in the paranormal; spiritual forces that have had a great impact on events which have occurred in our world in the physical realm over time; hidden history and the people, scientists, and powerful "movers and shakers" behind it all. Many of these things have captured the imagination and attention of those of us who seek for things deeper... things hidden... things mysterious, and which long to be able to "put it all together." It also gives us pause to think of what may be coming next and generates a great curiosity! If you are the type of person who is interested in these types of things then this book will be a great and fascinating read for you. -John Benjamin I rated it *****

You can read the many other REVIEWS in the REVIEW section of my webiste

I have had this website www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk open since September 2014. My new Book OUT of the BOTTOMLESS PIT has been available at AMAZON since 24th October as a paper-back book and on KINDLE since 25th November

Here is the direct LINK:- http://www.amazon.com/dp/BQ00Q7ARAXW

I hope that you find my new book very interesting & intriguing.

*****I am putting a special 49% discount on the KINDLE version of the book from the 6th March until the 15th of March.