6. Mar, 2015

Personal letter to a buyer of my new book


Dear Estrella,

It was great to hear from you. We are glad that you finally got to obtain a PAPER-BACK copy of my new book "Out of the Bottomless Pit". Have you, whilst waiting for the book, checked out my NEW website which has been built around the book at:- www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

 Well the book was originally launched on the 24th October as a paper-back on AMAZON and then I had it made into a KINDLE electronic copy on 25th November.

So far the sales have been rather slow, but I do expect the sales to start picking-up as I have just paid AMAZON to actually publicize the book.

 Amazon has outlets in 12 different countries. So far I have had some people buy the book from the outlets in USA, UK, FR, and AU. Now with YOU buying a book, I suppose I will have the first book stats from SPAIN, SO WELL DONE!

Please tell your friends and associates about my new book.

 I am working on a different kind of book right now. I have studied some of the APOCHRYPHA books, such as the books of ENOCH & 2ND EZDRAS and others and in also comparing these amazing ancient texts with the DEAD SEA SCROLLS found only in 1948 near Israel; and buried for nearly 2000 years. It has been absolutely stunning to see how ancient amazing and exciting stories are actually verified by yet other stories and texts, in such a way as to make formerly myth like stories totally both come alive and at the same time credible!

 I will keep people updated in the BLOG section of my new website.

 A DIRECT LINK to my book at AMAZON is:-


Alternatively at any AMAZON OUTLET:-ASIN NUMBER: B00Q7ARXW

 When you get the new book please look to chapter 42 as it is talking about the TETRAD of 4 blood moons and 2 Solar Eclipses all relating to Jewish HIGH HOLIDAYS throughout 2014-2015 & their possible significance.

There is actually supposed to be a total eclipse of the SUN on the 20th March 2015.

 Visibility is expected ..WHERE? Well It turns out that the MAX SOLAR ECLIPSE will be seen BETWEEN THE AREA to the NNW of SCOTLAND through to ICELAND

Here is a good projected SOLAR ECLIPSE MAP so see for yourself:-



I can always be contacted at:- strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

Best Wishes,