20. Mar, 2015





(For those caught under cloudy skies, the internet was a good option to see the eclipse. However, Lindsey Strachan from Edinburgh, Scotland, managed to take advantage of a break in the cloud cover to take this shot.) I took some photos but I must admit Lindsey’s is better!

Yes, I, Steve must admit that I was also there, at the exact same location in Edinburgh, at the time, to see hundreds of  people taking photographs of the amazing, almost total eclipse of the sun, between 8.30-10.30am.

I wish however that I had thought to take a jacket, as the temperature actually dropped quite a bit during the  almost total eclipse leaving me feeling  cold.

I had talking with many people the last couple of days in Edinburgh as well as passing out hundreds of brochures announcing my new book “Out of the Bottomless Pit” which you can find at AMAZON both as a paper-back book and on KINDLE.  DIRECT LINK:-  http://amazon.co.uk/B00Q7ARAXW

I had great fun meeting people from all walks of life, including Scottish ladies and gentlemen, many young students, as well as many other interesting people from both Scotland and from all over the world.

Most people seemed fascinated about the subject of the ECLIPSE. I was surprised:- Hundreds of people “stopped dead in their tracks”, as it got darker, including the shopkeepers of large reputable stores, & I even saw otherwise very busy managers and employers, in the shop door-ways taking photos of the almost completely dark & covered sun.

It was both amazing and thrilling to watch it all unfold, with a maximum darkness around 9.30 am with an almost spooky and ominous atmosphere.

My book has a whole chapter 42 talking about this eclipse & the next eclipse of the sun on sept 13th as well as the now  famous “4 blood moons” during 2014-2015.

A big thank you to all of the nice people that I met in Edinburgh  the last couple of days. (19th and 20th March)