22. Mar, 2015


I have recently placed a NEW TOPIC TAB called “SIGNS IN THE SKY” & today another “SIGNS IN THE SKY II”

The first article in that Ist new tab was about the TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN on the 20th March 2015, and what was its possible meaning, which is continued in the 2nd new tab.

The other article about the CERN COLLIDER re-starting on the 23rd March 2015 was placed in the “SCIENCE” TOPIC TAB in the form of a VIDEO done by another Christian, who is also very concerned for the welfare of our planet and what on earth those scientists in CERN are really up  to with all of their veiled as well as secret experiments.

As I have received a lot of visits to these above mentioned  topic tabs, I have decided to open yet a NEW TOPIC TAB called “NEW WRITINGS” where from now onwards, I will expand  upon a particular subject matter much more extensively than allowed on my BLOG PAGE

I sincerely hope that the “NEW WRITINGS” will be of help.

My first article for the “NEW WRITINGS” will be an assessment about the CERN COLLIDER and what on earth does it mean for the whole planet and its population? I hope to post that new article by tomorrow, DV.

Have a great week to come,

Best Wishes,