7. Apr, 2015


An amazing new article or pt 6 of the "Immortals", in the new PARANORMAL topic tab by TOM HORN & CHRIS PUTMAN from their latest book coming out in MAY "On the path of the IMMORTALS" A very convincing argument indeed!

Under the GMO topic tab, there is an excellent article about the depths to which MONSANTO is willing to sink in order to protect its interests.

Please also see the topic tab CHEMTRAILS as there is an article there explaining the connection between CHEMTRIALS & GMO'S.

My wife and I are sick and tired of seeing as many as 20 CHEMTRAILS DAY flying over our house or around the visible sky near to where we live.Strange how most people seem totally oblivious to the CHEMTRAILS. I suppose it is like the famous song "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.." by SIMON &GARFUNKEL (1970's)

It makes us feel like "lab-rats" in some fumigation "horror experiment" & with seemingly nothing that we can do about it!  It would be good to hear from others, if YOU also observe many CHEMTRAILS in your areas? 

You can always e-mail me at:- strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

Write to us if you can about these things as it is very serious, and dangerous to everyone's health. We tend to stay indoors while THEY are "FUMIGATING the COCKROACHES" as the ILLUMINATI call us (the masses).

My wife is always faithfully praying against the CHEMTRAILS may God bless her for that!

You can buy my new book which talks about some of these TOPICS and many more. But even more importantly, WHY are so many things going terribly wrong on this planet, and why is the planet very quickly descending into DARKNESS?

You can find my new book "Out of the Bottomless Pit" which is 400 pages long at:-


Added 8th April: I just added  another article to the FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR DISASTER topic TAB on my website, which is very serious indeed as many of the creatures in the PACIFIC OCEAN seem to have been destroyed by atomic radiation from FUKUSHIMA since 2011, but the authorities simple don't want to admit it because of the dire ramifications!

There is a new BIBLE STUDY under bible studies by John Benjamin called THE RUSSIA STUDY.

I have just placed all three parts of THE RUSSIA STUDY together for a total of around 140 pages long. I still have to paintakingly put in all of the colour pictures, which will take time, but all of the text is now there already.

I have personally read the RUSSIA study and I think it is a great  and very informative bible study indeed! 

For those interested in bible studies, I hope you will also like John Benjamin's RUSSIA STUDY.