19. Apr, 2015

THE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY Excerpt of Chapter 3

Sunday 19th April

Dear friends,

Today, I have have placed quite a section of Chapter 3, from my new book,


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This chapter is quite amazing in itself, and is both facinating as well as very revealing.

If it is proven to be more than a theory, and actually true, then we will have to seriously re-think our sciences and so-called knowledge of both the earth, the moon as well as the sun and stars.

Some of the most famous scientists in the fields of physics, mathematics and gravity, have stated that the earth is simply not solid but hollow, and it is apparently provable. 

See for yourselves, and please do some research, to see if such a strange conclusion is actually feasable, and in fact has genuine merit?

I know that it is very difficult to have our pre-conceived ideas, and some of our science education put to the test, but it can be also rewarding in the end, when one persists to search for the truth in each subject matter & one finds new surprising answers.

Have a wonderful week and please buy my book so that I can write a sequel to this book, which I already have in the works.

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There is an amazing VIDEO "CORRUPTION EXPOSE" under the TOPIC tab RED FLAG. (Author of this website:- Disclaimer:- pt I & II of the VIDEO are exellent, but pt III unfortunately is slanted both to being both anti-Israel and in particular anti-bible, which I personally do not agree with.)

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Many of the things mentioned in his new book "ON THE PATH OF THE IMMORTALS" I have also talked about to some degree in my new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" but from a slightly different angle.

So if you like the subject matter under the PARANORMAL TAB then I believe that you will also like my book as that is certainly one of the many interesting topics.

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ADDED 23.4.15

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