29. Apr, 2015


Dear friends,

Unfortunately my website was DOWN yesterday, just when I really wanted to report on the BALTIMORE riots.

So finally here are some pictures, and the original story in TAKEOVER USA TOPIC TAB

My new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" mentions the coming GREAT CONFUSION and the eventual resultant NEW WORLD ORDER, emerging from the orchestrated CHAOS!

The $64,000 question is: Has it already begun? It is just absolutely amazing to me, how that ONE unfortunate DEATH can result in a whole CITY erupting into such extreme disorder? One match, and literally the whole city is on fire!


We had riots like this around 4 years ago in the UK, which were never really fully explained, and were probably also orchestrated, just to test the waters, as to what the ELITE can get away with, so that when they are ready, CHAOS can easily be orchestrated on a worldwide scale. Then the ELITE will be able to bring on their total  "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!"


Here is some inside information concerning former RIOTS in the UK:-

As a missionary I met a guy on the street around 6 years ago, who was a young NAZI at the time, and of Polish German descent. I managed to witness  to him about Jesus  and to also persuade him not to keep beating up "foreigners" in the UK.

At the time I mentioned the ILLUMINATI to him. He told me that the ILLUMINATI think that THEY are using the "extreme elements of society" to do their bidding; ie CREATE CHAOS, but that eventaully the EXTREME elements will actually turn on the ELITE.

He accurately predicted the FIERY RIOTS that did occur in the UK a few years after I spoke with him.

He told me that the leaders such as himself,would instigate the riots, by hiring THUGS to start it all, and that they the actual perpertrators, would move quickly out of the picture, while the thugs would get arrested and put in jail. That is exactly what happened during the FIERY RIOTS in the UK several years ago. So I guess the former NAZI  knew what he was talking about, at least to some degree...

I also mention about the NAZI's in my new book, as well as ADOLF HITLER. I also talk about the COMMUNISTS, and how the coming NEW WORLD ORDER will eventually install first of all a Socialist  One World Government, which will evolve into a Communist one World  Government, which in turn will eventually turn into Despotism under the leader of all leaders THE ANTI-CHRIST.(2 Thessalonians chapter 2)

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