3. May, 2015


(Added SATURDAY 09/05/15)

I have added a very interesting tragic story under CRAZY LAWS.

Also  I have written one of my commentries after a two part audio in the TAKE0VER USA topic tab.

I also recently put new reviews for my new book in RE-VIEWS.  Other Articles in POLITICS, MEDIA, HEALTH & FUKUSHIMA. Also STRANGE HAPPENINGS & TRUE HISTORY


WEDNESDAY 06/05/15


An absolute MUST to see the VIDEO by TOM HORN, Steve Quayle & Chris Putman on the HAGGMAN AND HAGGMAN SHOW under the PARANORMAL topic tab.

 I would also like to thank all of those who have recently bought a copy of my new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" over the Easter period, on either KINDLE or the paper-back version on AMAZON at:- http://www.amazon/dp/B00Q7ARAXW

In fact, just to let you all know, APRIL was the best month of sales on KINDLE so far, since the launching of the book on KINDLE in November 2014.

Many people have told me that they wanted to leave a good REVIEW on AMAZON, but were told by AMAZON, that one can only leave a REVIEW  1) If you actually bought the paper-back directly from AMAZON, and not just the KINDLE version, which I admit is very restrictive. 2) You have to have an account with AMAZON, which deters some people from leaving a REVIEW. However it is actually very easy to set-up an account with AMAZON.

It would also help the sales of my book, if those who have read my  book, could please send REACTIONS, REVIEWS directly to me at:- strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk & I will post them on this website.

If you have purchased a paper-back copy directly from AMAZON then please do leave a REVIEW on AMAZON.

Please see the REVIEW TOPIC tab on my website and the AMAZON tab to know more details.

If you have enjoyed using my simple website, which was originally set-up to encourage SALES of my new book, I am going to kindly encourage you to please DONATE to my website.

I have not yet set  up DONATING by cards, but for those who have PAYPAL and who would like to help in some way, I would encourage you to please contact me directly at:- strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk and I will give you my exact details for sending a DONATION through PAYPAL.

I am currently working on other books, including  audio books. I would urge that anyone who can buy my new book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" please do so  NOW.

Thanks for listening