2. Jun, 2015

Scary Articles & ARCHIVES

Dear friends,

I have just ADDED 101 ARTICLES AND 3 BOOKS, which I either wrote or compiled prior to opening this new website on 25/9/14 , with DIRECT LINKS to my OLD BLOG in TOPIC TAB "ARCHIVES" or DIRECT LINK:- http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/412321107.

I used to have the PEN NAME of Peter Brave-heart, & I suppose because I do live in Scotland.

I have also recently placed new articles in the following TOPIC TABS:-GEO-ENGINEERING, NEW WRITINGS, UFO'S, RICH V POOR, CLIMATE CHANGE, ICE-AGE, PLANET NIBIRU

Disclaimer:- The article in NEW WRITINGS on 2.6.15 is VERY EXTREME, and I personally do not ENDORSE the very NEGATIVE CONCLUSIONS, nevertheless I think it has enough merit through its substance of FACTS minus the obvious ranting and bad language. Even if it LOOKS like the END there is always HOPE in GOD to PREVENT THE WORST OF ALL NIGHTMARES from even happening, at least... YET! That is the advantage of having FAITH in God. Please see the TOPIC TAB "ABOUT THE AUTHOR" on this website to know more.

You can find many very interesting TOPICS like the above mentioned ones in my NEW BOOK. I also see a good side to the picture, as it cannot all be DOOM and GLOOM!  My NEW BOOK:-

 “OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT” which is available at AMAZON as  a paper-back or on KINDLE:-