24. Jul, 2015


Dear friends,

People have been asking me when my book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" will be available again, and I just found out from a person called Joanna, that she managed to buy a copy of my BOOK at AMAZON in the UK, just yesterday 23/7/15, which very much surprised me, as  I had been told weeks ago by  my publisher that he had removed my book from AMAZON for the time being!

  Here is the DIRECT LINK to what is probably one of the last copies of my paper-back book until SEPT 2015:-


I will try to have the book available again on KINDLE ASAP.

I am currently very busy preparing for the wedding of one of my daughters in August at present.

I will post here on my blog any new developments concerning my book


I have also just added some new articles in different TOPIC TABS, and even some brand new topics to my website, such as "SEXUALITY" The first article in this TOPIC TAB is a scientific look at human sexuality, and will be of particular interest to women.

The article was written by a very brave woman, and published originally by the BBC recently.

"MEDIA" also has a very good commentary, and two videos send to me by my good friend Dave.

"SCIENCE" has some scary stuff about CYBORGS, actually already walking around, but can you recognise them as HYBRIDS?

"RED FLAG EVENTS" is a "must see" and is largely a VIDEO with Alex Jones interviewing Steve Quayle about JADE HELM, and orchestrated RED FLAG EVENTS yet to come in the near future! We all know that the USA is going DOWN, but exactly WHEN? Very interesting VIDEO indeed! 

Thanks for Listening,

Have a great Weekend,