6. Sep, 2015




I wrote extensively  in my book (Oct 2014), about the distinct probability that the earth is actually HOLLOW, and not solid at its core, as we were originally taught at both school, and in science at university.

If this HOLLOW EARTH theory is indeed true, then it also follows  that both the moon, sun and the stars, as well as other celestial bodies, are probably all hollow. 

This was actually common knowledge up until around 150 years ago. 

The hollow Earth theory has been confirmed  by top scientists, mathematicians,  physicists, top exprorers and military personel, even in modern times.

My book "Out of the Bottomless Pit" will soon be available in the "updated version" later in September 2015, & will  be available on KINDLE  as well as in paper-book form. 

I have recently been doing more research, and for the record, I can state that I am finding more and more evidence, to prove that the earth is indeed hollow, and worse yet, that "the  powers that be", also know that the earth is hollow, including the "MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX", but they deliberately withhold this information from the general public, for whatever nefarious reason, one can only imagine why?

The first LINK is about the Hollow Earth from my book and the 2nd LINK is a new article about:-

 Modern scientific findings on the subject of the HOLLOW EARTH:- http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/411702511



Added Sunday 06/08/15 by S N Strutt, author of this website:-

Dear friends, 

Please read the article in "TAKEOVER USA" on this website, as it is very powerful and both compelling and convicting. I think we should all get PREPARED with SURVIVAL FOOD and supplies and bottled water for the inevitability of shortages in the near future.  

Please also let others know about it, as it could concern all nations eventually:-




It would appear that the USA is indeed in very serious trouble, and could be about to collapse economically and politically. If the USA goes DOWN to socialism or communism, then like dominoes the REST of the Western world would soon follow, and World Socialism and eventual Communism would follow.

May God Help us all! Lets pray and hope that we actually have a bit more time before the "mud of the Elite Anti-christs" "hits the fan", and the Elite's plan for a "NEW WORLD ORDER" comes about, through one of their mottos: "OUT OF CHAOS" WE WILL BRING ORDER.

I have a daughter in the USA & two granddaughters, so what's happening affects me directly. 

Will the FINANCIAL CRASH happen in September or October 2015 or NOT?

This is not the most important issue. As many have already said. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN? Having said that all the conditions are already in place for a World Wide financial collapse, and it is just a miracle of God that it has not yet transpired!

Here is one of the LATEST REVIEWS OF MY BOOK  "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" in paperback form on AMAZON.CO.UK

25 Aug. 2015 "4 STAR REVIEW":-  “loved it…Just felt it was open and more informative than some other things I have read. But not judging.” 

 By Christine Dimon