11. Sep, 2015


My book "Out of the Bottomless Pit" is currently at the PUBLISHERS & will soon be available in the "updated version" later in September 2015, & will  be also again be available on KINDLE  as well as in paper-book form.

There is a lot happening around the world , and it is very difficult to keep abreast of the hundreds of important events going on each week, so I tend to stick to what I consider the most shocking and important "A MUST KNOW"  articles and videos.

I would especially encourage everyone this week to watch the videos and read the many articles concerning REFUGEES  in the "TROJAN HORSE" topic tab as the  TRUTH behind it all, is totally shocking and mind-numbing. Direct link:- http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/418830578

It reminds me of some of the prophecies of NOSTRADAMUS, how that in the LAST DAYS there would come a "RISING of the ANCIENT KINDGOM OF THE FEZ", WHICH WOULD CAUSE PANDEMONIUM IN WESTERN EUROPE.

I won't mention right this minute the absolute HORRORS that NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED OVER 500 YEARS AGO, and although NOSTRADAMUS has proven to have been CORRECT concerning many of his "QUATRAINS" or prophecies, in this particular case, I hope and pray that he will be wrong about the "King of Terror" and the listed horrors that  would be commited in WESTERN EUROPE in the LAST DAYS of man's history on Earth. Could ISIS be part of all THAT? Check out TROJAN HORSE for yourselves. If you feel like writing to me or leaving a comment please do so and I will post it. -Steve