22. Feb, 2016


As you well know, much of what is put on  websites these days, can be seen by many, as of a rather speculative, theoristic nature concerning current and future events at best, seen from the perspective of those who would prefer not to really know the nitty-gritty of what is really going on behind the scenes of this MATRIX in which we all currently live, as it might just rock their boat !  

Once in a while, I come across an  article that PROVES that many of our “conspiracy theories” are actually spot on!

In the case of the following article, which is about EUGENICS, & AGENDA 21, and how policies started by the NAZIS’S in WW II, are now being continued in the USA by deliberately putting cancer-causing agents into the vaccines and giving them to children in Florida and possibly  it is also  happening in other States.

We have a daughter, and 2 grand-children living in Florida, so of course we are very concerned about the following article, and video which we ask that you please  pass on to as many people as possible ASAP, to warn them against the EXTREME DANGERS of VACCINES, before it is taken of the net.


The article and video are on my website at:- http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/413438756