13. Dec, 2016

EXCITING TIMES. Time to stand up for the truth!

UPDATED 27/12/16

Dear friends,

Due to current events around the world, I sincerely  encourage as many people as possible, to get a copy of my book "OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" as many of the things mentioned in the book just 2 years ago, are now becoming much more apparent, and more difficult for the powers that be, or elite to conceal.

ADDED 27/12/16 You can read ALL of the CONCLUSIONS in chapter 46 of my book under the TOPIC TITLE of "HOLLOW EARTH" at the top of my website. Made available for the first time on 23/12/16.

I can honestly state, that in spite of some of the "strange truths" content of both my website and book, that to the best of my personal ability, I have tried to tell the TRUTH.

Many of the topics in my book such as "The Hollow Earth Theory" are currently being proved by many scientists and experts, although the MAIN MEDIA will continue their DENY & COVER-UP policy.

As George Bush once stated for the Elite, "The TRUTH is whatever I say it is!" What total arrogance, and disregard the "Elite ruling classes", have for all of us on this planet. It is time for a major change! It is certainly not the sample that Jesus set by his statement, "He that would be greatest among you must be your servant!" -(John 15.13)

The latest interesting story of "strange truths, is the  account by former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, twittering back to civilization from an ANTARTIC TRIP, which apparently was shortened due to some trouble, "Humanity is in great DANGER, as there is great EVIL down here". He then sent a photo of a massive pyramid in the Antarctic. It was soon thereafter deleted from TWITTER. What could he have been talking about?

Steve Quales book's "Empire beneath the ICE" is a real eye-opener, as he also talks about the HOLLOW EARTH, that it is real, no matter what the MAIN MEDIA tries to tell us. Read the details of this, and much more in the HOLLOW EARTH topic tab, at the top of my website. THE HOLLOW EARTH section of my website also has many convincing VIDEOS, which are well worth the time watching. I honestly don't think that so many people, from many races, could simply make up the "Hollow Earth theory". My conclusion is that is based on facts.

I also mention how I am in the process of writing other books, which will be made available in the not too distant future.

We live in very exciting, and extraordinary times.I believe that the more people both investigate, and see for themselves & then stand up for what they know is the TRUTH, the quicker we can break out of the make-believe MATRIX of the ELITE'S MAIN MEDIA, PHONY POLITICS, INACCURATE and INCOMPLETE SCIENCE, and FALSE EVOLUTIONARY EDUCATION, all of which are slowly but surely destroying all decent moral values on our planet, deliberately!

ADDED 11/01/17 

THE GLOBALIST PLAN FOR SERFDOM:-  (http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/412590896)



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