5. May, 2017



Intro by Steve (author of this blog)

I am sure that many others have observed, how that the weather is not according to the official "GLOBAL WARMING" MANTRA.

What I have observed, here in Scotland personally, is a new phenomenon: sudden temperature drops or rises.

WHY? And why right now in particular?

What is going on with our weather, and more importantly our climate? Currently it has been reported that both in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, that there are large swings in temperature, much more than ever before.

Brazil is experiencing winter, two months early this year. Most of the Northern Hemisphere has suffered late frosts, and exceptionally deep, late snows, which have destroyed the crops from Russia,Scandinavia, Germany, Poland to Romania, Italy and  over to the USA and Canada.

The UK, who thought it was excluded, from severe weather damage, due to their "weather machine" control of the Jet-stream, has at last, also been damaged by the extremly low temperatures and late frosts.

If you watch the BBC weather, you will notice that they try and avoid mentioning "extreme cold temperatures" or "record cold temperatures" and always try to tell us, that inspite of a little "cold snap", that we have just experieced the hottest year on record.

They always come back to their MANTRA of GLOBAL WARMING, as do most of the newspapers as well, but not all. "Global Warming, or "Climate Change", as it now conveniently called, is not being borne out, in the real evidence of the weather patterns, that we all see happening right around us. Unfortunately I personally do believe, with many other scientists and academics, that we are already, heading into at least a MINI ICE-AGE; as clearly shown by all the evidence around the world. The Arctic ice and Antarcic ice-sheets, are growing. Glaciers around the world are growing, and yet there are famous well-known websites out there, which keep proclaiming that the planet is getting too hot! I am sorry, but I personally, do not see any evidence, of the planet heating up, and on the contrary, all evidence points to the fact that the earth has been cooling down for the past almost 20 years. Think about this for a moment:- How come Greenland is called Greenland, when it is covered in 3-5 miles of ICE and snow. 1400 years ago, the Vikings went there, and called it Greenland, because there was no ice there at that time! The same is true for the Artic and Antarctic. I have maps on this website showing the Antarctic mapped out, before there was even any ice there.

The map is thousands of years old, and I will put a link to it shortly.




I think, we need to all prepare for a much colder climate in the years to come.

Another fact: Edinburgh just had the driest month of April on record at only 4mm rain last month. It has actually been dry here in Scotland for the past 8-9 months, with much less rainfall than is normal.

I blame the exceptionally dry weather/cold weather, on the Chemtrails and weather altering machines. They are drying up our atmosphere, which will end up back-firing, and causing us even worse cold weather problems in the end.

Grow some food indoors, or in green-houses.- (S.N.Strutt 05/05/17)

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