24. Jul, 2017


APPEAL FOR FINANCIAL HELP by Author S.N.Strutt          24/07/17

 Dear Readers and friends,
As my previous article on my BLOG mentioned, by the end of August, I will D.V. be coming out with two new books. My first book 'Out of the Bottomless Pit' was published in 2014, firstly as a paper-back, which was amazingly completely paid for by friends and readers, who were interested in the book. I then self-published another KINDLE version on AMAZON.

However, with these two new books: 'THE BOOK of ENOCH interpretations' and '2ND EZDRAS interpretations', I was only considering making KINDLE and pdf copies, as I could self-publish them, and there would be no major expenses.

However, I have recently been contacted by many of you, who bought my first book, and who stated that they would like to have a paper-back copy of the new books.
As there is a desire for PAPER-BACK copies, by both friends & members of the public, I would again encourage any of you who would like to DONATE to help publish the above-mentioned books. The cost last time, was £350+. For the two new books, this time, I reckon they will cost around £250/each to actually print & publish as paper-backs.

MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT is in the UK : stephen.strutt@btinternet.com

To contact me directly for any queries: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk


THANKS for Listening,

Stephen N. Strutt