4. Mar, 2018


UPDATE 04/03/18  My NEW BOOK 'ENOCH INSIGHTS'  has, I believe one of the very best copies of the book of Enoch contained within it, which I myself have very slightly modernized, to make for easier reading, for those who perhaps don't read 'King James English' so well.

My new book has the original book of Enoch contained within it, plus equivalent bible verses where appropriate, and also other equivalent revelant apocryphal book references.
I also give many comments concerning the verses, which I hope will be very helpful to others who want to understand the very great importance of this book of Enoch, which was in fact deliberately 'hidden' by the Catholic church for over 1000 years. Why? Because it exposes the 'Fallen angels', and how Evil was drastically enhanced by them, some 500 years after the fall of Adam and Eve.
It is as if Enoch in writing the 'Book of Enoch' was the first of God's prophets, and yet he was given visions and dreams that covered the whole 7000 + years of World History in amazing & descriptive detail, by the Lord Himself, in many trips that Enoch took to heaven, until his final 'translation' at the young age (then, before the Great Flood)) of only 365 years old.
I hope that you will find my book absolutely fascinating.