29. May, 2018



PRO.21:13 Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

By S.N.Strutt    29/05/18

I apologize first of all, because as an investigator of ‘TRUE NEWS’ and in exposing the many LIES festering on this planet today, one has to be both sharp and quick—witted, just as in the case of a good photographer.  It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. All that to say that believe it or not, one of our local newspapers actually admitted that 2-3 children go missing every day in the small county that I live in. However I only glanced at the statistics without actually bothering to buy the newspaper. That was my mistake!

If it was true what the local newpaper was stating, and if it represents just the tip of the ICE-BERG of a major problem worldwide, then that small piece of information that I gleaned from the newspaper, was worth it all after all.

Consider the following: The area of this county in which I live is only 600 sq miles. I live in the UK and when we find out the total area of the UK and do a little maths, we get that on average 365,000 children go missing in the UK alone every year!!!! Apparently other articles tell me that that figure is on the low or conservative side, because the county I live in does not have any major cities. Since down South in England, it is full of mega-cities, I am told by different sources that the numbers end up being around 800,000 children who disappear each year in the UK alone!!!!.

On a worldwide scale, doing some more maths, the number is between 36 and 88 MILLION children, who disappear each year.

I have to admit that when our own children were small and even up to 16 years of age, my wife and I watched them carefully and protected them as best as we could and we prayed for their protection daily. We are sure that it was God Himself that protected our many children from harm.

I remember even when I was little myself some 60+ years ago, that my mother would constantly warn me to ‘Watch out for the Boogie-man’, when I used to go out for walks by myself or even with my sister or older brother.

If it is true that so many children disappear every year, why isn’t there a huge public outcry about this monstrosity?

Look at the outcry we had about the very young Scottish child ‘Madeleine McCann’ who disappeared many years ago in Portugal. We all heard plenty about that one child, but where is the outcry of millions of people being answered, who have had their children stolen from them on a world scale? It does not make any sense at all!

How is it generally possible to hide this information from the public, or numb down the masses to either not care or react, or doggedly and determinedly look for answers.

Why do the authorities, including the police and military, not get involved in finding all of the missing children? That’s what I would like to know.

I know that we all have our suspicions as to WHO would kidnap children? Slave gangs comes to mind. Sex trafficking for all of the very sick paedophiles is another possibility. Satanic rituals is yet another. Human Organ trafficking, which is very lucrative apparently. Apparently, all of the above-mentioned are very big businesses that trade on the DARK NET.


The internet to which we have access is only the tip of the ice-berg of the DARK NET which lurks right below THE INTERNET that we all know, or the world-wide web, but is secretly totally connected to it.

The Dark Net apparently can observe any given point on the PUBLIC INTERNET through hidden doorways on the world-wide web, without us even knowing about it. We saw instances of this recently with FACE-BOOK’S intrusions into millions of its customers computers without being given permission.

Hardly surprising as FACE-BOOK was started by the CIA and Darpa.

The internet was deliberately created to gain information from the PUBLIC to use for the advantage of the Elite and was also started by the CIA.

AGAINST HUMAN NATURE: What does not make any sense is, that if any one of us that has children were present when one of them was being ‘abducted’ we would for sure either stop it from happening, even if we risked our own lives to save our children or we would get others to help us to protect our children.

Most of the time all of the above mentioned ‘Dark Trades’ in human trafficking are kept secret from the public somehow! But how is it HIDDEN?

It would appear that the problem has been getting much worse over the past 30 years, but why?

JER.2:34 'Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these'.(Editor:This verse is obviously talking about ABORTION but can also be applied to the DISAPPEARANCE OF CHILDREN WORLDWIDE!


Today well-meaning reporters are hassled & even arrested and thrown into jail without a trial, just for telling the TRUTH about child rapists. Some powerful people are obviously protecting the PAEDOPHILES & Human TRAFFICKING!

Look at the following story from the UK, and the misuse of force by the British police in Leeds/ England last Friday 25/5/18:

THE CASE OF REPORTER TOMMY ROBINSON: On Friday, as reported yesterday, the saga of Tommy Robinson entered a new chapter. British police officers pulled him off a street in Leeds, where, in his role as a citizen journalist, he was livestreaming a Facebook video from outside a courthouse. Inside that building, several defendants were on trial for allegedly being part of a so-called "grooming gang" -- a group of men, almost all Muslim, who systematically rape non-Muslim children, in some cases hundreds of them, over a period of years or decades. Some ten thousand Facebook viewers around the world witnessed Robinson's arrest live.



Paul Weston - The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson: 


Tommy Robinson This guy should be knighted (Andrew Norfolk (Times) https://youtu.be/D7xhNYJV430?t=374

Amazon Purge NOW Underway—Tommy Robinson’s Only The Beginning—Millions Oblivious To What’s Happening https://youtu.be/G8NTH0saGy0?t=133


Western Europe has already lost the freedom of speech in favor of Sharia Law, according to Dutch politician and fierce border control advocate Geert Wilders: https://www.infowars.com/geert-wilders-tommy-robinson-a-victim-of-sharia-law/

“All that we call human history–money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery–is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.  C.S. Lewis