16. Jun, 2018


Dear friends,

My 3rd book which is called 'EZDRAS INSIGHTS-Inner World' has just gone to the publisher.

It should be on the market in about 6 weeks time.

I would kindly ask for people to please BUY MY BOOKS and tell others about my books. I have had at least 15 excellent  '5-Star Ratings' for my new book 'ENOCH INSIGHTS', since it came out less than two months ago. 

Most of these 'Reviews' however, have been outside of the AMAZON RATING system, because AMAZON has now made it quite difficult for just anyone to give a RATING to any given book.

If you buy my books and like them, then I would kindly ask you to please take the time to put a good rating at AMAZON if at all possible. It helps me to write more books. I have two more books that I am still working on. It is not cheap to produce books.

I don't produce the books to make money, only to get the TRUTH out!

Any comments to: Steve: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk