11. Sep, 2020



Dear friends,  I will resume using this main BLOG on my website, starting today (11/09/2020). The fact is, I have over 180 subject TOPIC - links on this large website.

This website is more like a rough encyclopedia of TRUTH put together over the past 6 years. You can glean a lot of very useful information from this website, and I hope to tidy it up and make it more user friendly..

I am interested in the TRUTH in all TOPICS from health to the paranormal to science and military experiments gone wrong and the truth of what is going on 'behind the scenes' - as portrayed in my first book 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT', which you can find at Amazon.co.uk.  - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Out-Bottomless-Pit-S-Strutt/dp/1782223258


I hope to write a sequel to 'Out of the Bottomless Pit' which came out on 2014. Things have really 'hot' up considerably since then, and I hope to publish my 7th book of  'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT II' later in the year. It will also have personal experiences with the paranormal both good and bad.

The last 5 books that I have written were basically comments and biblical cross-references to the amazing pseudo-graphic books of ENOCH, apocryphal book of 2ND EZDRAS, not to mention the ancient Jewish books of both JASHER & JUBILEES all of which talk about both supernatural happenings and beings and the paranormal. All these books would also imply that the earth is actually 'hollow' and not solid as we were taught at university. 

You can find my 5-6 books, if you are interested in amazing 'strange truths', at AMAZON.co.uk or AMAZON.com and are called: 1) 'Out of the Bottomless Pit' 2) 'Enoch Insights', which has an amazing new edition and cover 3) 'Ezdras Insights' 4) 'Jasher Insights' books I and II and 6) 'Jubilees Insights'

'Jubilees Insights' which is currently at the publisher and hopefully will be ready by next month. You really don't want to miss getting a copy of all these books as they have a wealth of amazing TRUTHS in them which link true histroy as well as science from the beginning  until 1000 years from now and then on into eternity.

What does the future hold for each of us? Is there a God in the universe? I certainly think so from personal experience of  knowing the TRUTH. - See Salvation on my website: http://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/418605189


MY WEBSITE: I will let you know which topics on this website are the most read,  & I will try to connect you with the most current news and happenings that seem 'out of place'.

Due to health issues, I will not be posting as often as I  would like, but I will try to post as often as I can. - Best Wishes,


PS. Feel free to write to me and even send links to articles that you think could be relevant to this particular website.

My e-mail is to: Steve: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk


A BIG THANK YOU! I appreciate all of you who have sent in very valuable and truthful (to the best of our understanding) information over the past 6 years, including many links to videos - to put on this website