1. Oct, 2020



Dear friends,

The good news is that my '5 books' so far have been selling better this past September thanks to some of you - than in the previous months - both as a paperback and on KINDLE.

If you like HALLOWEEN, then  I suggest that you get a copy of my very first book 'Out of the Bottomless Pit' and you will find out where the ghouls and scary stuff comes from - as experienced in military experiments and by many of you and of course by me personally.

I hope to write a sequel to 'Out of the Bottomles Pit' in the months to come, as the paranormal is becoming very interesting to an 'ever increasing size' audience.

PARANORMAL: To me that includes any 'strange goings on', that we as humans simply can't readily explain. I find it fascinating. There is so much that I and my wife have personally seen both good and bad and we want people NOT to be afraid of the paranormal as the LIGHT is much more powerful than the DARKNESS, and that is clearly the KEY.

In my opinion,today there is far too much scare-mongering instead of talking about the wonderful happenings all around us and trying to explain some of the mysteries. Personally speaking: 'Just because the paranormal is mostly invisible for most of the time, does not mean that it is  not there! Tapping in to the spirit world is a lot of fun and both exciting and thrilling'.

Please get my books - if you want a book with a difference, and where I have honestly tried to be as open and truthful as possible. Read for yourselves and I believe that the books will inspire you and thrill you.

You can either buy my 5 (soon 6) books through AMAZON OR directly from me in the UK

My e-mail is: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk

Depending where you live - some of my books get put on discount by AMAZON some of the time, and at other AMAZON outlets the price is too high, so if you want the books for a reasonable price contact me directly, stating where your closest AMAZON outlet is, and I will tell you if me sending the books to you would be cheaper for you or not (You would also need to pay for the postage)


FACEBOOK: I am also developing a BLOG on FACE-BOOK with all my books and other 'INSIGHTS' writings, which currently is called: NEW BOOK 'ENOCH INSIGHTS' by S.N.Strutt. You can ask to join the blog group, and I will invite you to readily join.

Best Wishes,