9. Oct, 2020


OCTOBER  09/10/2020

Why I highly suggest everyone gets ahold of my 'INSIGHTS' books as well as my very first book about the paranormal - called 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT'- which reveals the 'Controllers' behind the physical realm in great detail.

When we consider all the EVIL that is happening in the world today and that obviously the 'ENDTIME GAME' and SIGNS of the TIMES as mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24 has been upped considerably in this current year of 2020, especially with the constant DECEPTION of the budding 'New World Order' with their COVID-19 exaggerations which are holding the whole of world society to ransom, then it is too easy to get very frustrated in feeling 'Well what is the point?' What difference can I as an individual make?  Well you can make a big difference & stand up and tell the TRUTH to others and not be intimidated by the EVIL.

These ILLUMINATI - ELITE call them what you wish - now control everything of importance in the physical world including the banks, the media and most businesses of great power and wealth and influence.

The big mistake of the very rich is their arrogance and feeling so aloof and in particular NOT caring for others, which I predict will be their DOWNFALL.

The truth be said - each person is very important, because you were created by a loving God who has given you the majesty of CHOICE. You are not supposed to be a controlled  zombie like those who blindly follow Satan and his stooges the 'so called' 'Elite'. 

SALVATION: If you would like to know about Salvation here is the link on my website: https://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/418605189

The evil which now seems to rule the physical realm is only going to last for a certain length of time until God Himself steps in and overcomes ALL THE EVIL.

The Book of Revelations though scary to many - shows that EVIL will be DESTROYED and that a good 'NEW WORLD ORDER of RIGHTEOUSNESS, KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE AND FAIRNESS FOR ALL' will replace the DARK EVIL that is currently trying to take over the world and the world will be ruled one day by the Son of God -Jesus Christ the true MESSIAH.

According to the Bible we will see a 7 year reign of the INFAMOUS Anti-christ,who is supposed to be ushered into power of the whole world to supposedly save it out of GREAT CONFUSION!

Are we seeing GREAT CONFUSION in 2020? It would certainly seem so, or at least the beginning of it?

With all that has happened in 2020 many of you are probably wondering 'Is the Anti-Christ already here and pulling the strings from behind the scenes?

That is a very important and timely question which we would all like to know the answer to!

The Bible clearly predicts that there will be 3 and a half years of Great Tribulation and then Jesus returns to rescue His own and to destroy the truly incalitrant evil merchants of this world or the satanists who defy Him.

You will find that if you read my books which tell the biblical story from Creation to the End of time, but also fill in many other exciting and interesting details as gleaned from the Bible and the incredible ancient Books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees all originally in Hebrew and the Apocryphal Book of 2nd Ezdras. NB. All these books were originally in Hebrew and have been part of the Jewish or Christian or Catholic canon at some stage or other - until very recently. 

My books mention the biblical Anti-christ and what to expect during the years to come.

Reading these exciting books will both increase your faith and also encourage you personally that you really matter and that each one of us can make a big difference by knowing the Word of God really well.

The Bible itself is wonderful and I have quoted the Bible hundreds of times in my books as well as trying to give 'meaningful' insight into those things which are not always so clear.

My hope is simply that many more people will come to like the books as those who have taken the time to read these study books have all made very good comments about them -which you can read on this website under the title of each of the books.

The names of all my 6 books:

1) Out of the Bottomless Pit 

2) Enoch Insights

3) Ezras Insights

4) Jasher Insights Book I 

5) Jasher Insights Book II

6) Jubilees Insights (Available late October 2020)

All these books can be found at AMAZON or bought directly from us in the UK.

Best wishes,

S.N.Strutt (The author)