22. Oct, 2020


Dear friends, my new book 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS' will be available at AMAZON from some time next week - official launching date is 30th October both as a paperback and also on KINDLE. The following comments from readers are on the back page of 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS':

Thanks for 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS' as this was insightful! What I personally love about your take is the direct references from the Bible and your research links. Just purchased a few of your books! – Su­jeth, INDIA

I want to thank you! for all your work on this these books, I have two books ENOCH INSIGHTS and JASHER INSIGHTS, just totally into them, so looking forward to Jubilees insights too! – Peter, Germany.

Mind blowing reading. One day we will get all the answers – Rachel, Brazil

Fantastic reading  chapter 10 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS' You have a great gift. – David Aerlig USA

I read the chapter that you so graciously shared: CHAPTER 10 from your soon to be released book 'Jubilees Insights' Intriguing - thanks! - Paul, UK

'I've been reading the Ch 10 sample from 'Jubilees Insights''. It is sooo interesting! Thanks for all the effort your are putting into the making of this new book'. – Estrella -SPAIN

Congratulations with your excellent new book 'JUBILEES INSIGHTS'! Thelma C.  UK