16. Feb, 2021


DAY 304 WEDNESDAY 17/02/2021

STEVE: TRANSHUMANISM:  I have discovered something very interesting concerning the story of Adam and Eve and the present modern times in which we live today and the emerging 'TRANSHUMAN GENERATION' in the not to distant future.

The new book that I am working on or my 7th book called 'EDEN INSIGHTS' about what it really was like for Adam and Eve in the original Garden of Eden and how they were altered in 'physical nature' when being kicked out of the Garden. All because of disobedience!

They lost so much according to the LOST BOOKS of Adam and Eve and yet other ancient apocryphal books which mention Adam and Eve - mostly originally in the Hebrew language.

There are many secrets to bring out about the original Garden of Eden and about the beginning of God's marvellous original creation which by the way do not take anything away from the importance of the Bible's account of Adam and Eve - but merely augment the biblical story and fill in the colourful details.

Here is an interesting LINK that connects the Adam and Eve story to the coming 'Mark of the Beast' through DNA tampering and the restoring of the TRIPLE HELIX as Adam and Eve are said to have had. We humans today only have the 'double helix' according to modern science. Satan in the form of the coming ANTI-CHRIST will be promising the transhuman generation the ability to be able to get back to the amazing powers that apparently humans used to have before the Great Flood when their bodies yet had the TRIPLE HELIX in their DNA. I will explain more about this fascinating transhumanism topic and also most importantly  the fact that people are already being prepared for the 'Mark of the Beast'. Is it just possible that with the new DNA 'operating system' that is being included in the latest Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, that we de-facto have the very beginnings of humans being controlled by computers in the not-to-distant future?. It is confessed by the vaccine companies themselves such as Moderna that they have put an 'operating system' into the vaccines' - I will also talk about this topic in detail over the next few days. Think for a moment about a modern computer and its 'operating systems' which are 'kept up to date' by an 'upgrade' through the internet. Once people have had the first vaccine for COVID-19 then the 'basic operating programming' will already be in their bodies. Later it will have to be upgraded by yet another 'covid vaccine' or perhaps damage could happen to the internal organs of the person who received the vaccine. People could become addicted to getting the latest UPGRADE in order to stay healthy in the future. Eventually though, the 'Powers that be' - will through the Anti-Christ bring on the long-awaited 'Mark of the Beast' implant- (See Revelations chapter 13) Once that happens people will be 'upgraded' by the internet through the implants in the foreheads or right hands according to the Bible. It would seem that the fulfilment of the 'Mark of the Beast' is not so far in the distant future any more afterall!  The following book also looks very interesting and covers some of the above-mentioned topics:

A Beautiful Delusion- (The Coming Anti-Christ) by William Kinney

Summarized here for you in Bold Type. Please read this, just one of many other Christian sources, for foresight & insight on the enemy's devices and his end-time goal.   https://williamfkinney.com/a-beautiful-delusion

I doubt you will want a jab after reading that: UK Government shocking report on COVID-19 vaccine side effects: UK Government shocking report on COVID-19 vaccine side effects - Strange Sounds