27. Jun, 2021

SUZANNA S. - Artwork: Title: An apple a day - 27/06/2021

Dear friends and new visitors welcome! Thanks for all the great comments and those who have shown their appreciation of the amazing artwork by my daughter Suzanne. Here is a brand new painting from her which is titled 'An apple a day.'

This digital painting focuses strongly on the split between the organic and bionic. It features a young girl (with a Snow White appearance), staring down suspiciously at an inconspicuous looking apple. A bionic hand gestures towards her as if to push the apple nearer. 

This painting highlights the polarity of both worlds and how they can be experienced on each side. 

Suzanne creates a lot of paintings with themes on awakenings, the deep state and the state of our planet.

If you would like to keep up to speed with her paintings as they are created and everything else she is working on, you can find her on instagram



or also her email: suzannestruttartist@gmail.com