17. Mar, 2022


APPEAL 17/03/22 [APPEAL to last one week only]

Dear friends,

I would kindly ask my public, that if you would like to DONATE to please help my website, as well as all the 'related activities' such as production of books, videos, audios, articles written and much more.

I have had this website open and run it with no expense to the public since 2014, when I wrote my first book called 'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT':

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This website is very extensive, and has over 200 Blogs on it with topics from A to Z

There are 'no ads' on my website, so as not to be a distraction to the reader.

If you would like to help us, then the easiest way to help at present is by PAYPAL. with e-mail address: stephen.strutt@btinternet.com


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