“Out the Bottomless Pit”

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REVIEW: From Christian Zambrelli -FRANCE 23/07/17

I recently read your ad and I'm very thankful for the work and research you've been doing. GBY! I'm also thankful for your paperback copy of "Out of the bottomless pit", which, though I haven't yet completed the reading of it, I found very eye-opening. Regarding your offer for "the Book of Enoch" and "II Esdras", I'll gladly purchase the paperback copies when available, as well as the PDF. For reasons of visual comfort, I'd rather have a book to read.  Have a great Sunday. Take care. Christian Zambrelli

REVIEW: From  Joanna-USA 23/07/17

 Hi Stephen, just saw your AD. I wanted to send a little help, as I have your book and also have it on my kindle, which I pass around. 


 REVIEW: From Julie Milon-Denmark   13/07/17

Keep up the good work. I really like your website. You are doing great. I got a copy of your book some time ago, “Out the Bottomless Pit” Very heavy stuff in there. Didn't read the whole book yet, a lot to grasp. Some of it is probably conspiracy theories? Yet again some of it is true stuff, but never  heard of before. I would like to get copies of your two new books that are coming out, as soon as they are on the market: THE BOOK of ENOCH-interpretations & the book OF  2ND EZDRAS-interpretations.

ANSWER: From Author-Scotland 13/07/17:

Dear Julie, In answer to your question about conspiracy theories:  Who invented the actual term "conspiracy theories"? It was invented by the CIA Intelligence Agency, in the USA during the 1960's, to throw people off their trail on any given issue. The first line of DEFENSE used the by the MAIN MEDIA, and governments of this world is "DENIAL". In researching any given background topics, that is what one always finds, loads of denials. The Powers that be, believe that because they have so much power, money and influence, that they can simply brow-beat the masses into submission, by all their propaganda. If THEY tell you repeatedly, that the moon is made of cheese, they believe that eventually most people will simply believe it, as it takes too much effort for most to fight against the LIES. They have dumbed down the masses, as you know in many ways, so that many people are no longer capable of asking the right sort of questions.

As far as I know, all the things that I put in my book are all real, although of course some bits may be embellished somewhat. However just because things seem too fantastic to be possible, as you well know, does not necessarily mean that it isn't possible. We live on a very beautiful world, one of God's marvellous creations, where there are many strange realities. It is my belief that God Himself deliberately made us to be curious, and start asking lots of questions concerning our present reality, and beyond!

THE BOOK of ENOCH-interpretations & the book OF  2ND EZDRAS- interpretations.


APPEAL FOR FINANCIAL HELP by Author S.N.Strutt 24/07/17


Dear Readers and friends,
As my previous article on my BLOG mentioned, by the end of August, I will D.V. be coming out with two new books. My first book 'Out of the Bottomless Pit' was published in 2014, firstly as a paper-back, which was amazingly completely paid for by friends and readers, who were interested in the book. A VERY BIG THANK YOU, AGAIN! I then self-published another KINDLE version on AMAZON.

However with these two new books: 'THE BOOK of ENOCH interpretations' and '2ND EZDRAS interpretations', I was only considering making KINDLE and pdf copies, as I could self-publish them, and there would be no major expenses. However, I have recently been contacted by many of you, who bought my first book, and who stated that they would like to have a paper-back copy of the new books.
As there is a desire for PAPER-BACK copies, by friends & members of the public, I would again encourage any of you who would like to DONATE to help publish the above-mentioned books. The cost last time, was £350+. For the two new books, I reckon they will cost around £250/each to actually print & publish as a paper-back.

MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT is in the UK : stephen.strutt@btinternet.com

To contact me directly for any queries: strangetruths@outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk


THANKS for Listening


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Dr. James D. Whittaker


Reply 25.05.2015 21.48

Anne Geoffrey

In this time of mass information, misinformation and disinformation, as you say it so well in your new book "Out of the Bottomless Pit! God bless you for seeking the Truth -Anne, France

Reply 08.05.2015 11.58

Camilla Isabel Gudmundson

"OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT " REVIEW I am well and truly mind-boggled!!! I look forward to more such books 😉 Camilla Isabel Gudmundson, Reykjavik, Iceland

REVIEWS for new author S N Strutt new book have mostly been RATED as 5 STAR.
Get your copy of this UN-MISSABLE BOOK which will shake the foundations of what YOU have perceived as REALITY as it EXPOSES the LIES & CORRUPTION behind our physical DIMENSION.
AVAILABLE at AMAZON:- www.amazon.co.uk/B00Q7ARAXW

BOOK REVIEW for the paper-back:-  


 Most recent REVIEW for my new book:-

Customer Review at AMAZON.CO.UK



 25 Aug. 2015   “loved it…Just felt it was open and more informative than some other things I have read. But not judging.”


Christine Dimon


 From Anne in France.


 Hi Steve, I hope and pray you are all well!

 Just a quick note to say that I am reading your book, and finding it very interesting and informative. (“OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT”) which is available at AMAZON as  a paper-back or on KINDLE:-


 I'll pray for you and your ministry of Truth, in this time of mass information, misinformation and disinformation, as you say it so well, and God bless you for wading and seeking the Truth in all that. I do think you are doing a wonderful job! God Bless You  and Keep Going For God!


Lots of love to all your beautiful family! xoxoxo Anne, FRANCE


BOOK REVIEW for the paper-back:-  


Camilla Isabel Gudmundson, Reykjavik, ICELAND 08/5/15

 Wow!... What a book!!! 😉 l LOVED it!.. It's both exiting, exhilarating, scary, shocking and absolutely AWESOME!!!

What an expose of the current world powers and the many secrets they are hiding!!! 😱 Who would have guessed things are this messed up on our planet!?

I am well and truly mind-boggled!!! I look forward to more such books 😉

Well done Stephen!... 😄 Sincerely Camilla Isabel Gudmundson  Reykjavik, ICELAND 08/5/15


 You are brave to have written this book!

 I know that you will get some heat for the truth therein.

 But l also know, that the ELITE are scared of the message you are sharing, and will try anything to stop people from buying a book that is so dangerous to them and their "secret plans"

 So keep up the fight! I am sure things will take off eventually 😃😉 

 Maybe you should find a chat room on line about supernatural phenomena and talk to the many people in it about your book to raise more interest!...

 The thing is I know that there is an audience out there that love books like yours 😉 and chat rooms are a live chat with lots of people worldwide!

 Have you ever tried that? There are all kinds of chat rooms on lots of subjects. So l know you can find the right group if you give it a shot!”

Arne & Camilla 8/5/15 😉


***** REVIEWS for "Out of the Bottomless Pit" at AMAZON.CO.UK

      March 23, 2015
Format: Paperback
This amazing book gives in depth explanations of many fascinating subjects about the paranormal and mysteries of all times, as well as insight concerning current matters. It will make you want to investigate for yourself and will give you a craving for more. Reading this will open your eyes to new ways of seeing things. I highly recommend it.


I’m so thankful for your research  as well as your new book  "Out of the Bottomless Pit" and the postings on your website. 

I’m going to write a recommendation for your book on the Amazon site.

From Estrella  23/3/15

   have found this book to be absolutely fascinating and have now read most of the book. It is a very deep book, and I think that it deserves to sell well, and I also believe that given time it will! -Camilla I Gudmundsson-  ICELAND 03/03/15
*****I found this a really fascinating, and a thought-provoking book!   L.Cagle


7/12/14   About the new book “Out of the Bottomless Pit”:-

 "It's fascinating, it's fantastic, its indescribable, it’s mysterious, it's beyond imagination, it's shocking with new concepts, its breathtaking, it's 'out of the box'"

I give it a 5 *****Rating

 (I recently fell & broke my radius bone. Being immobilized for a while, I thought of reading a book – Something that I nearly always postpone due to lack of time.

Finally, I had some time available! - Susan Kingston)

I didn't know what to expect, but after a few pages, I was like transported into another world & dimension.

Maybe the same feeling I had when I was 6-7 yrs old, when I was so fascinated by the book : “Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carol. I loved it! Why?

Like when you are in a dream, new things keep on coming up, and you do not want your dream to end...as you are really enjoying the ride. That's the way I felt with “Out of the Bottomless Pit”...I had to keep reading until I had to have a break...but it's an amazing book, a must be read!

 I always have been fascinated with some of the topics of this book, but the more I read it, it's like " I thought I knew a bit ...but now I know that I didn’t  know" Ah!

 It's scientific, it's spiritual, it's Biblical, it's down to Earth, it's highly educated, full of knowledge, recent news media headlines & it's a positive warning with a happy end. It’s like living in another world but in same time it can be completely true, like living in a matrix & discovering the real truth! It's a dream becoming reality...

 This book really "rocks your boat " Ah!...you have to be flexible & have an open mind to read it...you can learn a lot throughout that book even if you do not believe in everything or have a hard time to believe it...

Powerful thoughts there! Lot to digest & study for yourself ...it'll surely arouse curiosity about these strange mysterious matters... I guess it's intent is just to wet your appetite.

 Inspiring & a worthy spiritual trip that will leave you with the feeling that you do not want to end the "dream" Open your mind to the many endless questions or further dreams... & to find out the real Truth.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

 Sit down, relax & enjoy the ride! You won't regret it.

 I myself found it quite believable though & accurate.

 Congratulations to the author!

 Susan Kingston  www.pacificoutreach.com

From John Benjamin on AMAZON.COM


(Paperback) Out of the Bottomless Pit is an AWESOME READ! I loved it. This book deals with more topics concerning the supernatural, the scientific, the political and world events, things spiritual, secret projects and experiments, and real "mysteries" than almost any other book I've read lately. It covers a very broad range of important information for those who have "an inquiring mind" and are interested in the secret things that are really going on behind scenes: hidden things which are creating the events that are happening in our modern world as well as shaping our modern world. It also delves into many mysteries of the past; secret experiments; the involvement of high up people in the paranormal; spiritual forces that have had a great impact on events which have occurred in our world in the physical realm over time; hidden history and the people, scientists, and powerful "movers and shakers" behind it all. Many of these things have captured the imagination and attention of those of us who seek for things deeper... things hidden... things mysterious, and which long to be able to "put it all together." It also gives us pause to think of what may be coming next and generates a great curiosity! If you are the type of person who is interested in these types of things then this book will be a great and fascinating read for you. -John Benjamin I rated it *****




This book is better then science fiction

 By Michael Strutt on 18 Nov 2014 Published on Amazon.co.uk

 I found that this book is better than science-fiction. It gives you a new insight about a lot of different topics. (From lies we have been led to believe - to large scale cover up's)... If truth is stranger than fiction, then this is the book for you.




Paranormal with a twist

Rating *****

 By BraveHeart   3 Nov 2014 -  Published on Amazon.co.uk

I read an advanced rough copy of this book some time ago, and it is absolutely staggering, & probably the only one like it on the market. It is a very brave book, and pulls no punches.
I agree with all of the write-ups on the back page of the book.
I thoroughly recommend this book for those investigating the TRUTH about our world and beyond!

 Paranormal with a twist 5 Nov 2014

By Brave-Heart - Published on Amazon.com

 I read a rough copy of this book about the paranormal a few months ago.

It is very intriguing and at times scary, but has a lot of answers. An excellent and unusual combination of subjects. It is one of a kind, and I agree with both the FORWARD & all of the write-ups on the back-cover of the book. I certainly enjoyed reading it, and am much more knowledgeable because of it.
I certainly recommend others to read it, as it has a lot of truth in it as well as exposing many of the villainous lies that run our world today.


 This book will give you good arguments and will satisfy your curiosity

19 Nov 2014  

By Héctor Medina - Published on Amazon.com

Rating *****

 If you want to find out some of the causes of some worldwide mysteries, this book will give you good arguments and will satisfy your curiosity. Congratulations dear S.N. for researching and giving new lights about them. These are very uplifting besides.




From one of my daughters

I read the first few chapters and it is very interesting. 

Claire Landoni   19.11.14

Dear Dad.
I hope you all are doing great!
We just got your book today in the mail. It looks really good! The cover
looks nicely printed...I'm very happy that it all worked out.. Now I can
read it on the train to work in the mornings .I read the first few chapters and it is very interesting.

From: Claire Landoni

By Marie on November 19, 2014  at AMAZON.COM under BOOKS


Brilliant book! I found it intriguing with great concepts.
- Interesting - Creative - Out of the box - Thrilling - Motivating